Frame grabs of Courtney Conlogue in "Courtney On Board" presented by Carver Skateboards

Courtney Conlogue in “Courtney On Board” – A Film by Guigo Foggiatto Presented by Carver Skateboards

Courtney On Board from Carver Skateboards on Vimeo.

From hitting the gym to wrapping turns on her Carver Skateboards model to transferring all her hard work to the water, Courtney On Board has something special for every fan of Courtney Conlogue. A highlight for us is how seamlessly Courtney transfers her concrete carves to the same type of turns in the surf.
"Once you get to a certain point, you need to inspire yourself somehow be the best you and to not follow others, but to create yourself."
Film Description
Courtney had been training on a Carver for several years before we sponsored her, so by the time we met about designing her model, she had plenty of ideas, from the shape and length to the graphic. Short and wide was her mantra, so she can practice maneuvers with great control and precision proportionate to her size. This premium skate features an eco-certified Walnut veneer bottom.
Presented By Carver Skateboards
Film/Edit By Guigo Foggiatto
Surfer Courtney Conlogue - @courtneyconlogue
Music "The Last Maverick" - Tommy Guerrero "Sun Medallion" - King Tuff
  Frame grabs of Courtney Conlogue in "Courtney On Board" presented by Carver Skateboards  
Courtney Conlogue in Billabong Women's Salt Water Sirens series

Courtney Conlogue in Billabong Women’s “Salt Water Sirens” Series

I've had the honor and privilege of photographing Courtney Conlogue at various times over the past eight years or so and the single greatest thing I've personally learned from her is the importance of discipline. From watching her approach to amateur contests as a young surfer to school to training to nutrition to the injuries and other obstacles she's faced and overcome on the World Tour--she has always been on top of things in a way that screams champion, not just in sport but in life in general.
"The discipline aspect is so natural for me now because it's been bred into every aspect of my life--from doing chores, to going to school, to doing my homework, to having a routine in the morning before I went to school ...trying to work on my pop-ups in surfing when I was a little grom to get my pop-ups faster and other little things like that just to create a habit."
In this episode of Billabong Women's "Salt Water Sirens" series, Courtney goes on to speak about her childhood, the importance of her family, and her general approach to life.
"I love to laugh and I love to explore. I love to just be. I'm not someone who tries to overly plan something. I do plan for the future, but I don't stress on it. I try to follow my instincts with whatever I do and back myself all the way."
The video touches on those excruciating moments at Honolua Bay last season when the World Title slipped away, but far from being permanently devastated by it, Courtney took a few days to deal with the situation, put it behind her, and got back to work for the year ahead.
This short film is amazing and for those who care to listen to Courtney's words, there are lessons here that could apply to any of us--parents, kids, athletes, and coaches. This being a surfing site, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her surfing and like always, Courtney delivers with true power and creativity. Congratulations to Courtney, her family, Billabong, Collective Digital Cinema, and everyone else who has a hand in the "Salt Water Sirens" series. Really solid effort by everyone involved. Five out of five stars!!
Film Description
Every athlete will face that moment before the action begins. It’s filled with quiet determination, sharp focus, the sound of blood pounding in her ears. It’s the culmination of years of training, resilience, defeat and success, the moment that defines a champion.
For the second installment of Billabong’s Salt Water Sirens series we take an intimate look into the mindset of Courtney Conlogue, who suffered a brutal surfing injury that forced her to the sidelines as she watched her world title hopes slip out of reach. After a year of mental and physical healing, Courtney fought her way back to her strongest year ever, propelled by three World Tour wins which landed her at the #2 spot in the world. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, can her unparalleled dedication to her sport take her from the peripherals of the world’s eye to the focus: the Women’s World Title?
From the experiences that shaped her to the drive that energizes her through the dynamic landscape of competitive surfing, Salt Water Sirens is a compelling look into the journey that has transformed Courtney from an athlete to an icon.
Film/Edit By Collective Digital Cinema
Surfer Courtney Conlogue - @courtneyconlogue
Music "Under Water Worlds" - Andrew Briton & David Goldsmith "Emerson" - Jeff Cormack "Weight of Water" - Anthony Philips "Brave Like A Lion" - Iluka
Presented By Billabong Womens
Courtney Conlogue in Billabong Women's Salt Water Sirens series  
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