Intimasea by Nathan Oldfield for Seea 2015 Collection

Intimasea, a Short Surf Film by Nathan Oldfield

Intimasea by Nathan Oldfield from The Seea on Vimeo.  
"A wave is a special gift from the earth and when we get to feel it expressed through our bodies, through our minds, and through our spirits in a very feminine way, it brightens the water and it brightens the lineup. It uplifts the whole community of surfing and reminds surfers--men and women alike, that women are different ...that we are the dancers of the ocean." - Leah Dawson
Description "Intimasea" is a short film by Australian photographer Nathan Oldfield that celebrates the beauty and grace of women's longboard surfing, and dreamy high of playing in the waves with your friends. Featuring Seeababe ambassadors: Leah Dawson, Lola Mignot, Hallie Rohr, Karina Rozunko, Mele Saili and Makala Smith wearing the Seea 2015 collection. To find out more about Seea, please visit   Film/Edit By Nathan Oldfield -   Surfers Leah Dawson - Lola Mignot - Hallie Rohr - Karina Rozunko - Mele Saili - Makala Smith   Music "Christmas Lights" - The Motifs "I Need All The Friends I Can Get" - Camera Obscura
  Frame grabs from Intimasea, a short surf film by Nathan Oldfield for Seea    
Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita - a film by Ed Fladung

Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita – Film by Ed Fladung


Lola Mignot Gypsy Princess of Sayulita from Ed Fladung on Vimeo.

"I felt like I was flying and I could see the whole sky feet, the water, the wave... it was amazing. I had never felt that way before. It made me so happy just to be able to fly on top of the wave." - Lola Mignot   Description A short documentary on Lola Mignot, a longboarder chick from the little bohemian surf village of Sayulita, Mexico. Lola is fastly becoming one of the best longboard riders in Mexico. This video was filmed over the course of a few weeks in February and shows a tiny peek into her surfing practice, family life and personal style. Lola rides for Kassia Surf, Bing Surfboards and Seea.   Film/Edit By Ed Fladung - Vimeo   Surfer Lola Mignot - @lolamignot   Music "Autochoral" - Benoit Pioulard "Train Song" - Feist & Ben Gibbard "Hiberner Toujours" - Stars of the Lid "Telescope" - Mountains
  Frame grabs from Ed Fladung's short film, Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita
Mexico Calling - Seea 2014 Collection - surf video clip on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine

Mexico Calling – Seea 2014 Collection

Since Seea launched their brand a few years back, their products and imagery has struck that difficult balance of being both cutting edge while at the same time reflecting on days gone by. In this clip covering their 2014 Collection, the Seeababes took a trip to Mexico and scored some amazing surf and lots of fun.
Film: Seea - @theseea Music: "Something's Rattling" by Benjamin Gibbard
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Help Make Seea Even Better! Take a Quick Survey & Be Entered to Win a Seea $150 Gift Card!

Take a survey and be entered to win a Seea $150 gift card! The good folks at Seea are conducting a brief survey that ends tomorrow. It only takes about two minutes to fill out and you'll be entered to win a possible $150 Seea gift card. Read on... Seea: "Your love is what makes Seea what it is! Your opinions mean a lot to us. We want to hear what you think about everything: how you discovered us, the Seea suits you love most, the stories and photos you’ve seen, and what you think we could do to make your Seea life better. As the deepest Thank You for taking the time, you will be entered to win a gift certificate to get whatever Seea suit you want!" The Seea Survey: *** Complete the Seea survey and be entered to win a $150 gift card! ***
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Board Shorts Surf Film Festival 2013. A Festival of Short Surf Films by International Artists, Inspired by Women. Call for Entries!!!

A Festival of Short Surf Films by International Artists, Inspired by Women 2nd Annual Board Shorts Surf Film Festival 2013 March 9th, 2013 – Bird’s Surf Shed, San Diego, CA Call for Entries! For Immediate Release Event Date: March 9th, 2013 Venue: Bird’s Surf Shed Film Submissions OPEN Film Submission Deadline: February 5th, 2013 In February of this year the San Diego Surf Ladies held the inaugural Board Shorts Film Festival to a sold out crowd and rave reviews. The film festival created a platform for emerging and established filmmakers and the female surfers featured as the only global surf film festival dedicated to featuring women on waves. Short films premiered at the festival went on to receive thousands of hits online, features in national surf media and invitations to attend other US Film Festivals! With a date set for the 2013 Board Shorts Surf Film Festival, the San Diego Surf Ladies invite filmmakers, male and female, around the world to submit their short film featuring female surf talent beginning October 25th. Entrants will be judged by a respected panel from the world of surf, art & film and screened in an evening celebration at Bird’s Surf Shed. Film Submissions 1. Film submissions should be over one (1) minute and under fifteen (15) minutes. 2. Film should be focused on surfing and/or surfing industry and feature women** 3. Entry Fee = $15 per film. 4. Deadline for submissions is February 5th, 2013 at 5pm PST **Please note: the definition of feature is women surfing and or working in the surfing industry e.g. photographer, board shaper etc. Token shots of women in bikinis lying on the beach don’t count! You would be better off saving your $15 for some wax!! For full guidelines and how to submit visit the submissions page on the website: About the San Diego Surf Ladies As a female surf club established in 2004 the San Diego Surf Ladies recognize and are inspired by the growing population of sisters in the surf industry doing it for themselves - winning world championships, shaping boards, making music & films and catching killer waves! With a growing membership base at over 250, surfers the San Diego Surf Ladies engage in regular surf sessions, volunteer events. In 2012 SDSL returned to contest participation with the Coalition of Surfing Clubs and a revival of our competitive team – Team SDSL! Board Shorts 2012 “I loved this film for its ability to reach right into my core-heart and remind me of why I surf.” – Cori Schumacher 3 x Women’s World Longboard Champion – State of Flux Blog on the short film Surf Jam “When Elizabeth Bradshaw from the San Diego Surf Ladies reached out to us to take part in the Board Shorts Surf Film Festival, the first film festival to feature all women surfers, we couldn't have been more excited! We loved the idea of mixing art, film, and fun, surf related products for women, and it all came together perfectly in La Jolla last Saturday night!” – Amanda Chinchelli – Seea - retro-modern surf apparel “You know I quit my job to follow my heart; to dream and create things like this film. I actually made this short during the first month I was unemployed and to see it on the screen made me feel like all I had done and worked for, had purpose.” - Devon Holloway DeMint – Film Maker/Surfer - The Mermaid Chronicles Contacts Media / Submissions/ Event Questions: Liz Bradshaw – Sponsorship: Michelle Ocampo – Website Board Shorts Film Festival: San Diego Surf Ladies: Bird’s Surf Shed: Social Media Facebook: Twitter: @sdsurfladies
Board Shorts Surf Film Festival  2013.

Seea Spring 2013 Video Filmed and Directed by Tiffany Campbell

Seea Spring 2013 from The Seea on Vimeo.

New Seea video filmed and directed by Tiffany Campbell. Hope you enjoy and smile a lot 😀 * We do not support smoking and no animals were harmed during the making of the film.
About Seea Welcome to Seea – A celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing. A distinctive brand, Seea is dedicated to the pioneering women who first braved the waves, and to every woman who has ever searched for a suit that is feminine, comfortable, and fun. An elegant mix of retro-modern shapes and contemporary colors and prints, Seea strikes the perfect balance between surf function and style. Committed to domestic production and sustainable design, Seea suits are a locally crafted, 100% Californian product, right down to the famous breaks they are named after. Even small details, like the hangtags, are vintage made and multi-use, printed by letterpress, and complete with a hair band for your next surf session. Each suit is unique and designed with comfort in mind, without sacrificing style or elegance. These suits are made for you ladies, so enjoy them and play often. We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea. Seea Spring 2013 video filmed and directed by Tiffany Campbell