Board Shorts Surf Film Festival 2013. A Festival of Short Surf Films by International Artists, Inspired by Women. Call for Entries!!!

A Festival of Short Surf Films by International Artists, Inspired by Women 2nd Annual Board Shorts Surf Film Festival 2013 March 9th, 2013 – Bird’s Surf Shed, San Diego, CA Call for Entries! For Immediate Release Event Date: March 9th, 2013 Venue: Bird’s Surf Shed Film Submissions OPEN Film Submission Deadline: February 5th, 2013 In February of this year the San Diego Surf Ladies held the inaugural Board Shorts Film Festival to a sold out crowd and rave reviews. The film festival created a platform for emerging and established filmmakers and the female surfers featured as the only global surf film festival dedicated to featuring women on waves. Short films premiered at the festival went on to receive thousands of hits online, features in national surf media and invitations to attend other US Film Festivals! With a date set for the 2013 Board Shorts Surf Film Festival, the San Diego Surf Ladies invite filmmakers, male and female, around the world to submit their short film featuring female surf talent beginning October 25th. Entrants will be judged by a respected panel from the world of surf, art & film and screened in an evening celebration at Bird’s Surf Shed. Film Submissions 1. Film submissions should be over one (1) minute and under fifteen (15) minutes. 2. Film should be focused on surfing and/or surfing industry and feature women** 3. Entry Fee = $15 per film. 4. Deadline for submissions is February 5th, 2013 at 5pm PST **Please note: the definition of feature is women surfing and or working in the surfing industry e.g. photographer, board shaper etc. Token shots of women in bikinis lying on the beach don’t count! You would be better off saving your $15 for some wax!! For full guidelines and how to submit visit the submissions page on the website: About the San Diego Surf Ladies As a female surf club established in 2004 the San Diego Surf Ladies recognize and are inspired by the growing population of sisters in the surf industry doing it for themselves - winning world championships, shaping boards, making music & films and catching killer waves! With a growing membership base at over 250, surfers the San Diego Surf Ladies engage in regular surf sessions, volunteer events. In 2012 SDSL returned to contest participation with the Coalition of Surfing Clubs and a revival of our competitive team – Team SDSL! Board Shorts 2012 “I loved this film for its ability to reach right into my core-heart and remind me of why I surf.” – Cori Schumacher 3 x Women’s World Longboard Champion – State of Flux Blog on the short film Surf Jam “When Elizabeth Bradshaw from the San Diego Surf Ladies reached out to us to take part in the Board Shorts Surf Film Festival, the first film festival to feature all women surfers, we couldn't have been more excited! We loved the idea of mixing art, film, and fun, surf related products for women, and it all came together perfectly in La Jolla last Saturday night!” – Amanda Chinchelli – Seea - retro-modern surf apparel “You know I quit my job to follow my heart; to dream and create things like this film. I actually made this short during the first month I was unemployed and to see it on the screen made me feel like all I had done and worked for, had purpose.” - Devon Holloway DeMint – Film Maker/Surfer - The Mermaid Chronicles Contacts Media / Submissions/ Event Questions: Liz Bradshaw – Sponsorship: Michelle Ocampo – Website Board Shorts Film Festival: San Diego Surf Ladies: Bird’s Surf Shed: Social Media Facebook: Twitter: @sdsurfladies
Board Shorts Surf Film Festival  2013.

Five Minutes with Filmmaker Hayley Gordon of Watch BY THE WAY on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

Five Minutes with By The Way Filmmaker, Hayley Gordon
Presented by After giving a presentation at the San Diego Surf Ladies anniversary party about a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Hayley Gordon. We instantly got into an in-depth conversation about women's surfing, surf magazines, and films. After the party Hayley showed a small group of us a clip she had worked on while on a surf trip with her friends. Her creative editing immediately caught my eye and I asked her if we could run Adventures in Puerto Rico on Jettygirl. Since that first meeting, Hayley and I have surfed, shot photos, and discussed surf media on a number of occasions and it's been great getting to know her. As you all are aware by now, her most recent release, By The Way, is a smash hit and it is currently making its way around the surf film festival circuit. We caught up with Hayley the other day and asked her if she would mind doing a brief interview with Jettygirl. If you haven't had a chance to check out By The Way for yourself, click the play button above and enjoy! --Chris Jettygirl: According to Vimeo, By The Way has scored over 35,000 viewings and more are added every day. Did it surprise you how far and wide your film spread in such a short amount of time? Hayley Gordon: Yes, it was pretty surprising. I only posted it on Facebook and sent it to two blogs, and it went viral after that. I guess it shows that people want to see more girls surfing. It surprised me also since I kind of lose perspective after I edit a video for hours and hours - I literally can't tell if it's any good or if people will like it. So it's nice to have it validated. Jettygirl: Of all the segments in your film, which is your favorite and why? Hayley: I like "Carrot to a knife fight" because it was the most fun to put together. I let myself get a bit more creative with it without worrying too much about whether it was perfect or not. Plus it was just my friends having fun. It's funny because it has the least surfing in it, and the surfing is more fun oriented than performance oriented. It was the first time I was able to work with a lot of my "B Roll" footage and it was a nice change of pace. Hayley Gordon banks a nice turn in Oceanside, California. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Jettygirl: With the release of By The Way, you’ve surely inspired other women to pick up a camera and make a short film. Is there any advice you could give them? Hayley: Just go for it and have patience. It takes a lot of patience to make a good edit I think, especially with surfing and the fickle conditions of weather and the ocean. Also, watch as many surf movies as you can so you can see what you like and don't like about how they are put together and edited. Jettygirl: Of all the surf movies you’ve ever seen, what are your three favorites and why? Hayley: Shelter. It was the first surf video I had ever seen, and it has this nostalgic quality for me. Plus I just really liked it. I like Thicker Than Water for the relaxed vibe it had, and the great music. And I love Modern Collective for the really creative filming, music, and editing. Jettygirl: By The Way will be screening at the San Diego Surf Film Festival in less than two weeks? What are your plans for the film after that? Hayley: The film is also going to show at the Honolulu surf film festival, and a few others are in the works but not confirmed. I'm just going to submit it to as many festivals as I can. Jettygirl: If money were no object and you could make a movie anywhere in the world, where would you like to go and which six or so surfers would you bring with you? Hayley: I have to pick just one place? I'd do a road trip to Scorpion Bay, a boat trip in the Maldives, and then bring everyone to my home breaks on Eastern Long Island, NY to surf a hurricane swell. I hate picking people in public because someone might feel left out, but I'd bring my friends who were featured in By The Way since they rip and the video wouldn't exist without them. Hayley Gordon, Filmmaker. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl: Comments and reviews about By The Way range from the typical “these chicks rip!” to deeper themes of female empowerment. Was there any particular message you were trying to get across with the film? What is the best comment you’ve seen so far? Hayley: Haha, I think the best comment was some random comment I found in a Facebook group about keeping girls away from prostitution by looking up to the girls in the film as role models. It was really funny. But actually the best comments I read were the ones that said the movie made people want to go surf, or that it made their day. That made me feel really good. I really wasn't trying to promote any deeper meanings. I just wanted to make a good surf video. I also wanted to help show that there's a ton of talent out there from some girls that you might not have heard of in the mainstream surf media. Jettygirl: Any parting shout-outs or thoughts you’d like to share? Hayley: Haha, well, if anyone wants to support any of the above mentioned dream surf trips, we are accepting all donations 🙂 Photos: Chris Grant / Additional Resources: - films and images by Hayley Gordon Follow Hayley Gordon on Twitter San Diego Surf Film Festival San Diego Surf Ladies

Surf Ladies Represent at San Diego Surf Film Festival

By Liz Bradshaw It’s a year of firsts for surf film festivals in San Diego, from San Diego Surf Ladies hosted Board Shorts: Short Films by SoCal artists, Inspired by Women to the inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival taking place this May at Bird’s Surf Shed. 13 feature films and 22 shorts will be screened over the weekend of May 11 – 13th and there are some familiar faces in the line up! San Diego Surf Lady, Hayley Gordon blew us all away with By The Way back in February! At just shy of fifteen minutes long her film is a refreshing look at a crop of talented women surfers with the right amount energy and fun that makes you immediately want to grab your board and run out of the door. Thoughtfully edited with an awesome soundtrack Hayley’s film has gained worldwide attention in the past couple of months with 33k+ views on Vimeo and posts on many a surf site including Surfer Magazine. By the Way is being screened as part of a triple dose of women’s surfing goodness in a 2 two hour block where you can also see Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham's latest piece So It Goes & much loved feature documentary The Women and the Waves. Australian filmmaker Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham's last piece LunchBreak won ‘best short’ at the New York Surf Film Festival and was featured as a guest ‘global short’ at the Board Shorts Festival. So it Goes contrasts the tongue in cheek high energy of LunchBreak and features 19 year old Billabong surfer Felicity Palmateer exploring her thoughts on life and the pressure she faces as a competitive surfer. First released in 2009 The Women and The Waves, a documentary by Heather Hudson and features a cast spanning multiple generations of female surfers including the pioneering Linda Benson and professional surfer, shaper & musician Ashley Lloyd. Uplifting interviews and inspiring surfing throughout the film provide a great commentary on what it means to be a wave-loving woman! Not to be missed over the weekend another film screened at the Board Shorts Festival and chosen by the San Diego Surf Film Festival as an automatic selection is Margaux. Shot and edited by Michael Weybret of Shaper Studios in San Diego Margaux takes us on a beautifully crafted four-minute journey as we watch French surfer Margaux Arramon-Tucoo shape and glide on a recent visit to California. You can catch Margaux on Saturday May 12th and So it Goes, By The Way and the Women and the Waves on Sunday May 13th, Mothers Day. Check out more information about the festival, schedule and tickets at

Call for Entries! Board Shorts Film Festival 2012. Surf Films by Socal Artists Inspired by Women. Presented by San Diego Surf Ladies & The Loft at UCSD.

Board Shorts 2012 Surf Films by Socal Artists Inspired by Women Calling all SoCal Surf filmmakers, established and emerging! San Diego Surf Ladies and The Loft at UC San Diego present: Board Shorts: a festival of short surf films by Socal artists, inspired by women. Date: Saturday, February 25th Venue: The Loft at UC San Diego Time: 7pm Afterparty: 9.30pm Media Contact: Liz Bradshaw – / 858.405.4589 Following the success of the Oceanides premiere last October the San Diego Surf Ladies have decided that more events are in order to celebrate the athlete’s and artists that make up the surf community in Southern California! On February 25th SDSL will be hosting it’s first annual short film festival at The Loft at UC San Diego and invite all filmmakers in the Southern Californian area to submit their short film to be screened at this special event that will also play host to surf inspired visual artists and musicians. As a female surf club the Surf Ladies recognize and are inspired by the growing population of sisters in the surf industry doing it for themselves! Winning world championships, shaping boards, making music and films all without the help from any major brands! Plus they love any opportunity to get together with the community and geek out on the sub-culture that inspires them. Seeking entries from seasoned and emerging filmmakers we invite all artists male and female (no gender discrimination here!) to send us their best!! Entries will be being collected by SDSL from now through Sunday February 5th when selections will be juried by a panel of industry professionals from the world of surfing, art and the media! Following the screening will be a Q&A with filmmakers, panel members and notable surfers then we’re on to a meet and greet whilst hip world beats get the dance party started! Dinner and drinks will be available all night from Zanzibar!
SUBMIT YOUR SHORTS - GUIDELINES We decided on some simple criteria aligning with the mission and goals of San Diego Surf Ladies. If your film matches the descriptions below, we'd love it see it! • Film should be over one (1) minute and under fifteen (15) minutes • Film should be focused on surfing and/or surfing industry, AND include some women in the film. • Artists should be based in or have association with Southern California. • Deadline for submission is Sunday, Feb 5, 2012 at 5:00 pm (PST). Once you're sure you meet all of above criteria, follow these two simple steps. 1. Read and agree to our full rules and guidelines here 2. Submit your video on our Submissions page A panel of industry professionals will review all submissions received by Feb 5, 2012 at 5:00 pm (PST). If your video is chosen, you will be contacted by email. Film finalists are invited to a private VIP Reception prior to the screening. We also ask film finalists to participate in a Q&A session. For more information or if you have any questions please contact Liz Bradshaw. Happy Film Making!
San Diego Surf Ladies

OCEANIDES Film Screening & Art Opening at The Loft at UCSD. October 15th, Doors Open at 6:30pm, Film Begins at 8pm.

[frame_right src="" href="a href=""] Date: October 15th Event: Oceanides, film screening and art opening Art by: Lorene Carpentier & Julie Goldstein Doors: 6.30pm (for art opening, dinner and drinks) Film: 8pm Details: The San Diego Surf Ladies have teamed up with The Loft on the UCSD campus for one of the very first screenings of new movie Oceanides. Oceanides: A surf movie about women and oceans was directed by Lorene Carpentier and made possible by the Keep a Breast Foundation. The Loft will be featuring this San Diego premiere of the film starring outstanding female surf talent from the likes of Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Julie Cox and Leah Dawson. In addition to the screening the evening will serve as an art opening for work by Lorene and Cardiff based surfer and artist Julie Goldstein. The doors open at 6.30 and The Loft also has an in house restaurant and wine bar so you can come get dinner, check out the artwork and see the movie!! Facebook event: Website: Film Trailer: