Bethany Hamilton & Erin Brooks Star in Rip Curl’s “Master and Apprentice”



As this disaster of a year has erased every major surf contest, we've been getting our competitive surfing fix by watching every new clip that gets dropped on social media. While no jerseys are being worn, it's been fun to see each surfer one-up each other, especially with regards to the surfing taking place at BSR in Waco, Texas. For us, one of the highlights of the past several months has been watching the aerial acrobatics of young Hawaiian surfer, Erin Brooks. The 13-year-old's clips have been shared all over the world and in Rip Curl's "Master & Apprentice", Erin is back at BSR pushing the limits once again.
If there was ever a person who could carry the mantle of being a mentor, the unstoppable Bethany Hamilton pulls the title off easily. By her words, actions, and her own continued quest for progression, Bethany both inspires and is inspired by Erin, and their comaraderie is evident both in and out of the water.
As Erin Brooks explains, "Bethany has taught me to never give up no matter what I'm facing in life. She also shows kindness to everyone she meets, and I try to do the same. Bethany never lets fear get in the way of accomplishing her goals."
For more information about Bethany and Erin's 3-day super session, check Rip Curl's story here.
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rip curl portrait of bethany hamilton at bsr bethany hamilton frontside air for rip curl  erin brooks and bethany hamilton walking with surfboards at bsr rip curl portrait of hawaiian surfer erin brooks rip curl surfer erin brooks barreled at bsr in waco texas
Photos courtesy of Rip Curl

Follow Pauline Ado, Episode 5, Biarritz. Surf video series presented by Rip Curl.

Follow Pauline Ado, Episode 5, Biarritz - Presented by Rip Curl After 4 months on the road, Pauline Ado was finally back at home for the 6th event of the ASP Women Tour. With her 9th place at the ASP ranking and only 10 girls keeping their spot on the tour, this event was a unique opportunity to secure her qualification for next season. Despite this real stressful situation, Pauline managed to get the best result of her young career on a WT event with an amazing 3rd place which almost assures her to be part of the WT in 2012. After defeating Lee-Ann Curren (FRA) in Round4 and Silvana Lima (BRA) in quarter-finals, Pauline couldn't stop Carissa Moore (HAW) on her way to her first ASP World Title. Surrounded by her family, her friends and her coaches, Pauline is about to be the first European women to be qualified on the WT two years in a row. A performance which is not official yet but Pauline's never been so close to her main objective. If one of those 2 scenarios happens in Huntington, Pauline Ado will be qualified for the WT 2012: • Pauline makes it through Round 3 • Laura Enever (AUS) and Paige Hareb (NZL) don't get qualified for the final Enjoy her performance on the 5th episode of "Follow Pauline" and see you in Huntington next month! Check out Pauline's adventures at * Video courtesy of Rip Curl Europe

First Love Surf Film Debuts in Australia. Future US Dates To Be Announced.

First Love is about love, friendship and following your dreams. This feature length film follows the lives of three passionate young girls from Phillip Island and documents their trip to Hawaii – the first step on their journey to making a career out of surfing. 17-year-old Jess Laing has grown up surfing with, and competing against, her two friends Nikki van Dijk and India Payne. They’re all sponsored, surf the same breaks and live within 10 minutes of each other. The girls are all different in their own ways, but one thing’s for sure, they all love the same thing. But when Jess is injured everything changes. Her trip to Hawaii is replaced with surgery, recovery and rehab. It’s only her love of surfing that pulls her through. Discover the trials and tribulations of training, competitions and injury whilst gaining an insight into life on the tour through the eyes of three girls. With magic footage and stellar photography, First Love will surprise, entertain and inspire a generation of female surfers.

First Love The Film - Trailer from First Love on Vimeo.

If you’re on the hunt for a Cinema to see First Love – it’s showing in the following Australian Cinemas, US and International showings are still to be announced… For more information, please visit
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A Year of Wonders in Store for the Rip Curl Women’s Team

February 2, 2011 - With three of the world’s top-ten surfers in the team, Rip Curl is a world leader of women’s surfing. From youngster, Tyler Wright, to glamour-icon, Alana Blanchard, via France’s talented Pauline Ado, the only European on the ASP World Tour, Rip Curl can pride itself on a team packed with character, style and professionalism. Also in the team, we have the incredible Bethany Hamilton, who after losing her arm in a shark-attack in 2003, made a legendary comeback to become a major contender among the elite of world surf. With Tyler, Alana, Pauline, and Bethany on board, 2011 is set to be Rip Curl’s year! Australia’s Tyler Wright’s 5-year contract extension with Rip Curl Rip Curl is proud to announce that the young and talented, 16-year-old Australian surfer, Tyler Wright has signed a 5-year extension to her Rip Curl contract. Tyler, the youngest sister of “Rookie Of The Year 2010” Owen Wright - also a member of the Rip Curl International team – had an excellent season in 2010, finishing 3rd on the WQS circuit of the ASP and qualifying for the 2011 Women’s World Tour. She is the youngest woman in the history of the sport to qualify for the elite competition and is 2 years younger than the second youngest on the Tour, the Hawaiian Carissa Moore (18). The “natural footed“ Tyler scored her second victory on the Tour, the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing, in December 2010 at Sunset Beach (Hawaii). At the tender age of 16, Tyler Wright has not only won 2 ASP competitions but also stacked up comfortable victories against the world’s most prestigious women’s surfers like Gilmore, Ho, Fitzgibbons, Lima or Mulanovich – the 2004 World Champ. For Rip Curl, these auspicious beginnings leave no doubt as to the teenager’s huge potential and the significant progression she is set to make. The young Tyler Wright will represent the brand’s surfwear, wetsuit, and watches, bags and accessories sectors throughout the year and throughout the world! The Hawaiian Alana Blanchard, a great start on the 2011 ASP WT Born in Kauai 20 years ago, Alana Blanchard is as comfortable before a camera lens as she is surfing a 12-foot pipeline. Alana has been Rip Curl’s figurehead ambassador for several years, and her feminine charms and raw talent make her as skilled on a board as she is before the cameras. Her angel-face and mermaid’s allure contrast starkly with her wicked cutting-edge, no-holds-barred surf style. Her entry on the WT circuit has been no surprise and Rip Curl will endeavour to make the most of her free-time to set up fresh photo-shoots and Search events so eagerly awaited by her many admirers. On the silver screen,she will also be playing herself alongside Bethany Hamilton in the Hollywood blockbuster, Soul Surfer, telling Bethany’s incredible story, set for release in the US in April 2011. France’s Pauline Ado: a dangerous outsider with a cool-head Pauline does not come from a surfing family. It was by sheer chance that she started surfing at the age of eight when she signed up for a free learner’s course in her hometown Hendaye on the south-west coast of France. Pauline instantly fell in love with the sport and the ease with which she took to it and her love of competition did not escape Rip Curl’s attention and we’ve been sponsoring her since the age of 10. Ever since, success has never stopped coming and she has scored major victories at the European and world levels. A 2006 ISA World Championship at the age of 15 sent her soaring into the big-time. Cool-natured Pauline is a modest soul with a great strategic vision and she has proved more than once that still waters run deep. Today her ASP Pro Tour rivals are only too alive to the very huge threat she poses. Bethany Hamilton: A true story When Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack in 2003 while surfing with her talented neighbour Alana Blanchard, she shot to world stardom. The courage and determination that not only put her back on the board but also sent her battling for her place among the world elite have been extensively documented in print and on the screen. The Hollywood blockbuster recounting this incredible story, Soul Surfer, is set for release in the USA in April and stars Anna Sophia Robb in the role of Bethany, in a cast that includes Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and Carrie Underwood. All surf scenes, meanwhile, will be played by Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard themselves. The European release dates have not yet been confirmed.