TYLER WRIGHT AT EPIC P-PASS. My Mirage Bikini Surf Video Clip by Rip Curl.

My Mirage Bikini by Rip Curl: Tyler Wright | Epic P-Pass Description: On a trip to P-Pass with brother Owen and fellow Rip Curl riders, Matt Wilkinson and Luke Hynd, Tyler Wright scored the best barrels of her life. Grab some popcorn and kick back in a comfortable chair for the next three minutes as you watch Tyler Wright charging some epic pits. Worth a second and third viewing for sure... Video: Rip Curl Audio: "Fire" - Performed by The Foreign Objects - triplejunearthed.com.au/TheForeignObjects
Tyler Wright at epic P-Pass. Surf video clip for My Mirage Bikini by Rip Curl.
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“Want to see me fall really hard?” Anastasia Ashley surfing at P-Pass in Pohnpei.

"Want to see me fall really hard?" The question popped up early in the morning on Anastasia Ashley's Twitter and was followed up on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere as the day progressed. Our favorite part of the video is that Anastasia doesn't bail out at all but is 100% committed to making the drop. You surely remember a nasty wipeout like this one so we asked Anastasia if she got hurt in the process. "It knocked the wind out of me for sure." Anastasia explains, "When my face hit the water it felt like someone slapped me really hard. I got sucked under for a while but I was fine. I had a bit of a headache though, lol!" We'd probably be running for the hills after this back-twisting tumble but Anastasia wasn't fazed at all. "It definitely rattled me a little bit ...but it was the morning of the best day of the swell so I was pretty hyped to get some waves. I ended up getting some of the best barrels of my life." Given how great this wipeout is, we can't wait for the follow-up clip that Anastasia will be releasing soon of the ones she made out there. We'll keep you posted as soon as it's in our hands.
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