Zeufy Tuesdays - Part Two in a four-part series celebrating the life of Zeuf Hesson. Photos by Jeannette Prince.

Zeufy Tuesdays, Part Two – Zeuf Hesson & Friends in Mexico. Photos by Jeannette Prince.

Zeufy Tuesdays - Part Two in a four-part series celebrating the life of Zeuf Hesson. Photos by Jeannette Prince. Zeufy Tuesdays: Part Two in a Four-Part Series Each Tuesday Celebrating the Life of Zeuf Hesson Memories of Zeuf - by Jeannette Prince I think my first time surfing the Santa Cruz Longboard Union Contest was back in the late 80’s. There was a small group of us who surfed on Steve Walden’s longboards, and were given the opportunity to join the competition to surf against the clubs. Joel Tudor was a part of our group… I think it was his first contest. It was a packed event and the surf was about head high or so. How electrifying to be around so many great surfers from the gathered clubs from California. It was a very fresh and exciting time for longboarding. While walking around the contest site you couldn’t help but notice all the different assortment of surfboards along the rails outlining the cliffs. Surfers were clustered everywhere while hanging out and rooting for their teams. It was a wonderful melting pot of talent, surfboards, and perfect waves for a contest. There was one surfer who caught my eye, who really stood out in the crowd. She displayed an incredible head of long, tight, sun-bleached, curly ringlets that were hard to miss. I could hear someone address her as Zeuf. I found out later that she was a competitor in the event and I’m sure I surfed against her in a heat or two. I can’t remember… but I do remember seeing her and every year after that. I found myself looking for the local girls, like Jane McKenzie and Zeuf, to see who would show up for that year’s activities. They were gifted surfers and knew Steamer’s Lane so well. Zeuf always stood out… I was always curious about her, but never had the chance to really get to know her until twenty plus years later. Linda Benson decided to organize an annual surf trip that brought a seasoned group of surf women together that was an absolute dream. Never have I experienced surfing with and spending time with such elegant and talented women before. Zeuf was one of them… So many years have gone by since the first time I noticed that perfectly wild, sun-bleached hair of hers… little did I know Zeuf would become an important friend in my life. Who was she? A rare talented celebration of life who held a big heart for all… and was a caregiver to those she loved. A leader and true representative of women’s surfing. She is not gone… she is just away. She lives on in the lives of those she touched.
Zeuf Hesson & Friends in Mexico - All Photos © Jeannette Prince "The photos below are all from our trips to Mexico. Along with surfing and friendships, we also have another tradition... we create a beautiful natural collage on a specific table each year we go. It's a collection of treasures we find while on our walks." - Jeannette Zeuf Hesson and friends on a surf trip to Mexico. Photos © Jeannette Prince. Zeuf Hesson and friends on a surf trip to Mexico. Photos © Jeannette Prince. Zeuf Hesson and friends on a surf trip to Mexico. Linda Benson, Mary Bagalso, Ashley Lloyd, Heather Hudson, Kristy Murphy, Jeannette Prince, and Cat Slatinsky. Photos © Jeannette Prince. Zeuf Hesson and friends on a surf trip to Mexico. Linda Benson, Mary Bagalso, Heather Hudson, Kristy Murphy, Jeannette Prince, and Cat Slatinsky. Photos © Jeannette Prince.
Bonus Material: Zeuf and Heather Hudson Say Goodbye to Mexico - Filmed by Jeannette Prince

Zeuf and Heather from Jeannette Prince on Vimeo.

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Jeannette PrinceAbout the Photographer... In addition to surfing and photography, Jeannette Prince also designs and creates greeting cards under her label, Cardiff Town Cards. Printed on quality digital photo and archival fine art paper, each card features photographs and original artwork by Jeannette. For more information, please visit cardifftowncards.com. See more of Jeannette's artwork in Heather Hudson's films, "HOPE" and "HOPE MORE."
Thumbnail image for Heather Hudson's new short film, HopeAdditional Resources: Cardiff Town Cards by Jeannette Prince Heather Hudson on Vimeo Rail Grabber - an easy and comfortable way to carry your surfboard. Designed and created by Linda Benson. Making Mavericks: The Memoir of a Surfing Legend - by Frosty Hesson
8 Women, 8 Days. Take 2.Additional Graciegirl Films Featuring Zeuf: 8 Women, 8 Days. Take 2 8 Women, 8 Days. A Lifetime of Memories. The Slideshow. HOPE. A Short Film by Heather Hudson HOPE MORE. A Short Film by Heather Hudson
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Hope, a new short surf film by Heather Hudson of Graciegirl LLC

HOPE. A Short Film by Heather Hudson.

HOPE from Heather Hudson on Vimeo.

HOPE A Short Film by Heather Hudson Description: Sometimes we all need to get away to gain a little perspective... Join seven friends as they travel to Mexico for their annual surf trip of fun waves, great food, rest and relaxation. Along the way the surfers share deep and personal thoughts on the theme of "hope" for this year and the future. "My hope this year for myself is that I get to live for another year because unfortunately I have metastatic cancer. With that, every year is an unbelievable gift ...every day is a gift and for some reason I get to keep coming back." -Zeuf Surfers: Zeuf, Linda, Nancy, Jeannette, Lara, Brenda, and Heather Film/Edit: Heather Hudson, Graciegirl LLC Music: "Grab Your Board" - Written by Michael M. Lehman; Performed by Marshall Rhodes. Michael Lehman, guitar and vocals; Glenn Burke, guitar and vocals. Allan "JR" Fiedtkou, percussion. Artwork: Jeannette Prince, Cardiff Town Cards Frame grabs from Hope, a short film by Heather Hudson - Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine
Heather Hudson, film producer. Graciegirl LLCAbout the Filmmaker... Heather Hudson is a film producer living in Santa Barbara, California, where she is a community volunteer, a wife and mother of two sons. In 2007, she started her film production company, Graciegirl LLC, and created the groundbreaking documentary surf film, “The Women and the Waves,” with co-producer and mentor, Peck Euwer of Swell Pictures Inc., Santa Barbara. For 15 years Heather has supported and volunteered for "Heal the Ocean," a successful Santa Barbara-based non-profit citizen's action group committed to ending ocean pollution. In 2012, she was named to the Heal the Ocean Board of Directors where she heads up fundraising and events.
Thumbnail image for Heather Hudson's new short film, HopeAdditional Resources: Heather Hudson on Vimeo The Women and the Waves Cardiff Town Cards by Jeannette Prince Rail Grabber. Designed by Linda Benson.
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Donald Takayama Memorial. Remembering an Icon of Surfing. Saturday, November 10th at 10:00 am. Oceanside Pier, Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater.

Donald Takayama Memorial - Remembering an Icon of Surfing When: Saturday, November 10, at 10 a.m. Where: Oceanside Pier, Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater It’s time for the surfing community to get together and remember Donald Takayama—the Hawaiian born surfing legend and master surfboard shaper/designer that moved to California in the 1960s and became one of the world’s most celebrated surfboard builders. This memorial service is open to the public and will have a host of legendary surfers and speakers to share stories about Donald the surfer, the shaper, and friend of the surfing community. Following the speakers at the Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater, surfers will paddle out just beyond the surf line to say their final farewell to Donald. This will also be visible from the pier for those not able to paddle out on a board. Memorial Schedule: • 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. - Music by Takayama family at Amphitheater • 10:00 a.m. - Speaker ceremony begins at Amphitheater • 11:30 a.m. - Music and Hula Dancers by Momilani’s at Amphitheater • 12 p.m. - Paddleout Water Ceremony begins next to pier • 1:30 P.M. - Open mic begins at Amphitheater Speakers: Joel Tudor, Nat Young, Paul Strauch, Linda Benson, Skip Frye, Cori Schumacher, members of the Takayama family, as well as Devon Howard, Jeanette Schumacher and Brendan White on behalf of HPD. See www.hawaiianprodesigns.com for more info or updates, as well as on Facebook at Hawaiian Pro Designs Surfboards. Media with questions or needing assistance are welcome to contact Devon Howard at dhoward@spyoptic.com. Donald Takayama and Prue Jeffries. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl.com Donald Takayama and Kelly Sloan. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Left: Donald Takayama and Prue Jeffries. Right: Donald with Kelly Sloan.

8 Women, 8 Days. Take 2. A Graciegirl surf video clip featuring Jeannette, Robin, Linda, Mary, Brenda, Zeuf, Nancy & Heather.

8 Women, 8 Days, Take 2 An amazing group of women return to Mexico for rest, relaxation and friendship. Starring Jeannette Prince, Robin Hoyland, Linda Benson, Mary Bagalso, Brenda Friday, Zeuf Hesson, Nancy Steele and Heather Hudson. Video: © 2012 Graciegirl LLC 8 Women, 8 Days. Take 2.
Additional Resources: 8 Women, 8 Days. A Lifetime of Memories. - slideshow of the first Mexico trip Rail Grabber - carry your board the easy way with Linda Benson's clever invention Cardiff Town Cards - featuring photographs and original artwork by Jeannette Prince The Women and the Waves - Heather Hudson and Peck Euwer's film featuring Linda Benson, Ashley Lloyd, Zeuf, Kim Mearig, Heather Tiddens & more

Surf Ladies Represent at San Diego Surf Film Festival

By Liz Bradshaw It’s a year of firsts for surf film festivals in San Diego, from San Diego Surf Ladies hosted Board Shorts: Short Films by SoCal artists, Inspired by Women to the inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival taking place this May at Bird’s Surf Shed. 13 feature films and 22 shorts will be screened over the weekend of May 11 – 13th and there are some familiar faces in the line up! San Diego Surf Lady, Hayley Gordon blew us all away with By The Way back in February! At just shy of fifteen minutes long her film is a refreshing look at a crop of talented women surfers with the right amount energy and fun that makes you immediately want to grab your board and run out of the door. Thoughtfully edited with an awesome soundtrack Hayley’s film has gained worldwide attention in the past couple of months with 33k+ views on Vimeo and posts on many a surf site including Surfer Magazine. By the Way is being screened as part of a triple dose of women’s surfing goodness in a 2 two hour block where you can also see Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham's latest piece So It Goes & much loved feature documentary The Women and the Waves. Australian filmmaker Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham's last piece LunchBreak won ‘best short’ at the New York Surf Film Festival and was featured as a guest ‘global short’ at the Board Shorts Festival. So it Goes contrasts the tongue in cheek high energy of LunchBreak and features 19 year old Billabong surfer Felicity Palmateer exploring her thoughts on life and the pressure she faces as a competitive surfer. First released in 2009 The Women and The Waves, a documentary by Heather Hudson and features a cast spanning multiple generations of female surfers including the pioneering Linda Benson and professional surfer, shaper & musician Ashley Lloyd. Uplifting interviews and inspiring surfing throughout the film provide a great commentary on what it means to be a wave-loving woman! Not to be missed over the weekend another film screened at the Board Shorts Festival and chosen by the San Diego Surf Film Festival as an automatic selection is Margaux. Shot and edited by Michael Weybret of Shaper Studios in San Diego Margaux takes us on a beautifully crafted four-minute journey as we watch French surfer Margaux Arramon-Tucoo shape and glide on a recent visit to California. You can catch Margaux on Saturday May 12th and So it Goes, By The Way and the Women and the Waves on Sunday May 13th, Mothers Day. Check out more information about the festival, schedule and tickets at www.sandiegosurffilmfestival.com

Rail Grabber by Surf Legend Linda Benson Provides a Comfortable Way to Carry a Surfboard. Visit RailGrabber.com

Rail Grabber by surf legend Linda Benson provides a comfortable way to carry a surfboard FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
SURFERS GET A GRIP Rail Grabber™ by surf legend Linda Benson, provides a comfortable way to carry a surfboard Solana Beach, CA. September 8, 2011 -- International Surfing Hall of Fame member Linda Benson announced today the official launch of Rail Grabber™, a lightweight inconspicuous tool designed to solve the challenge of transporting wide and heavy surfboards to the beach. Rail Grabber solves the problem many men, women and children struggle with when trying to fit their arm around a wide, heavy surfboard. The product acts as an extension of the hand, giving surfers a secure grip on the rail. Rail Grabber puts any surf destination within reach, whether the hike is a block or a mile. Nominated for Connect’s 2011 Most Innovative Product Award in the action sports category, the convenience offered by the Rail Grabber is on par with the surfboard leash. Made of strong and durable UV resistant plastic attached to an easy-grip handle by a nylon cord, the Rail Grabber also features a pad to grip and cushion your surfboard. For surfers with the Rail Grabber, the company is inviting you to upload your pictures to the official Rail Grabber Facebook page, and post your feedback. One lucky winner of the photo contest will take home a Donald Takayama surfboard valued at over $1200. Complete contest details will be announced soon, in the meantime check out www.RailGrabber.com.
International Surfing Hall of Fame member, Linda Benson, using her Rail Grabber About Linda Benson and SurfHer International Surfing Hall of Fame, and Surfing Walk of Fame inductee, Linda Benson, won 5 U.S. titles from 1959 to 1969, including the Makaha International Championships at age 15. The first woman to surf the legendary big wave spot Waimea Bay, Benson also graced the silver screen as Annette Funicello's surfing double in the Beach Party films, and as Deborah Walley's double in Gidget Goes Hawaiian. From 2003 to 2007Benson ran the popular surfHER Surf School at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. Benson also served as the Contest Director for the Linda Benson Women’s World Longboard Pro at the Roxy Jam Cardiff 2006-2008. Rail Grabber (US Pat. D640052 other US Pat. Pending), designed by Linda Benson and produced by surfHer LLC, is a lightweight, inconspicuous tool designed so that anyone can carry a surfboard with ease.* Now available worldwide, the Rail Grabber provides a secure grip for safe and easy travel – the destinations are endless! Enjoy the journey ~ Love the ride. For more information please visit www.RailGrabber.com
Contact: Linda Benson surfHER LLC 858-345-1345 www.RailGrabber.com

8 Women, 8 Days. A Lifetime of Memories. The Slideshow.

Question: What happens when a group of surfers who range in age from 36 to 66 years old, descend for one week upon an incredible beach house that is disguised as an oversized palapa and located at a picturesque Mexican pointbreak? Answer: WISDOM, INSPIRATION, FUN, LAUGHTER, WAVES, and most of all really great MEMORIES!!!
“8 Women ~ 8 Days”
Something special happened last winter when a group of surfers experienced a Mexico trip to remember! Each day was filled with rest and relaxation, good food and surf! When you plan a surf trip, you hope for lots of waves. Fortunately, mother nature did cooperate and served up some fun surf days where love, laughter and friendship dominated the line-up. Click on the purple Play button below and see a bit of what we saw...
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Featured Surfers: Robin Hoyland, Zeuf Hesson, Heather Tiddens, Amy Mihal, Nell Newman, Heather Hudson, Jeannette Prince and Linda Benson. Photography by: Jeannette Prince, Robin Hoyland and Heather Hudson Words and Drawings by: Zeuf Hesson Music Performed by: Kathy Fry Slideshow Produced by: Graciegirl LLC 2011

Groundbreaking “Women On Waves” Exhibit Closing in Two Weeks, Special Discount Offer for California Surf Museum Visitors

Patagonia - Try Swimwear that Stays PutPresented by InsuranceSurfers.com "One of the most rewarding projects I've ever been involved in, the "Women On Waves" exhibit at the California Surf Museum is ending in less than one month. Come check it out if you haven't already. Men/women, surfers/non surfers alike, you'll enjoy it." -Julie Cox, Operations Manager, California Surf Museum, January 2011. When I read Julie's Facebook post above, it hit me like a ton of bricks that the Women On Waves exhibit would be closing down shortly. The California Surf Museum has put together one of the most extensive and significant collection of women's surf history ever housed under one roof. If you have not seen it yet, I encourage you to do so now because there is a very real possibility that nothing like Women On Waves will ever happen again in our lifetimes. You need to act quickly too because the exhibit will only be showing for a few more weeks. The California Surf Museum has offered up a generous discount to JettyGirl readers until the closing of Women On Waves. Simply mention "JETTYGIRL" at the admissions desk and you'll receive a 2-for-the-price-of-1 discount admission. For questions, directions and museum hours, please visit surfmuseum.org --Chris Grant
JettyGirl: At last year's ribbon-cutting for the Women On Waves exhibit, many of the most famous female surfers in history showed up for the grand opening. Does anything particularly special stick out in your mind from that night? Julie Cox: We had a ribbon cutting in March and a Gala in June. Each event was really really special... With the ribbon cutting we were working up to the wire, pulling 16 hour days to get everything installed, and hanging photos a few minutes before cutting the ribbon. Once the exhibit opened, everyone really liked it, so that was a relief. So many amazing women in the exhibit showed up to help cut the ribbon... Gidget, Linda Merrill, Linda Benson, Joyce Hoffman, Prue Jeffries, Kristy Murphy, Jennifer Smith, Jeannette Prince, Cori Schumacher, Debbie Beacham, Cher Pendarvis, Ashley Lloyd, Carla Rowland, Eve Fletcher, Donna Matson, just to name a few! It was fun watching the different generations talking, meeting each other, and taking photos together. Women featured in the exhibit brought family members along, it was a proud moment for many. My mom was there too, helping set-up, taking photos, etc. My co-worker, Sam played vintage vinyl on the turntables, the energy was amazing. Speaking with Joyce Hoffman that day was a highlight for me. Hearing about the first time she surfed Pipeline and hearing about her competitive side back then. Meeting her parents and seeing her smile when she saw her section of the exhibit was a great feeling. You could tell she was proud and had a good time seeing everyone. The 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala was awesome, again, because so many of the legends of today and yesterday were at the museum. I am here everyday, but to have all of the people I look up to and admire come to me, was killer! Lisa Andersen, Frieda Zamba, Maya Gabiera, Courtney Conlogue, Keala Kennelly, Kassia Meador along with many of the ladies who were at the ribbon cutting came for a night to re-celebrate the exhibit. Linda Merrill, Eve Fletcher, Donna Matson, Debbie Beacham and Courtney Conlogue. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.
Group photo of legendary female surfers. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.  Maya Gabeira, Courtney Conlogue, Gidget and Keala Kennelly. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. JG: There's an Ashley Lloyd-shaped board in the exhibit that's been signed by the best of the best in women's surf history. When the exhibit closes, what will happen to that board? JC: The California Surf Museum board of directors agreed to commission Ashley to shape a special Women On Waves exhibit surfboard to auction at our fundraising Gala, but once we began acquiring signatures, we decided it was too special to let go of. CSM will keep it for our permanent collection to display again in the future and continue getting autographs. JG: Since you've walked the halls of the exhibit virtually everyday for the past year, you surely must have a favorite item or two. What would the item(s) be and why? JC: First, the Mary Jane beaver tail wetsuit from the 1960s. The style is so cute, I wish someone would make something like that today. Second, there is a 1950's balsa board made custom for a woman named Donna Matson. I got to pick it up from her house in LA when we interviewed her and the board felt so at home under my arm. Finally, we have one of Rell Sunn's boards on display. She chose the cloth that is inlayed in the glass and had it made into a single fin after it was a 2+1. That board is very special and is one of my favorite things in the exhibit. There are many photos that I really like in the exhibit too. Bethany Hamilton exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.JG: When you overhear visitors talking as they walk about the exhibit, is there one particular item that visitors seem to gravitate towards? JC: When visitors first enter the exhibit, they gravitate toward the first swim suit examples on display. The first suit from the early 1900's is cumbersome, heavy, and looks very hard to surf or swim in. They love the cute suits from the 1930's and 1940's. But as soon as visitors see the shark bitten chunk out of Bethany Hamilton's board, they are drawn to that and can't believe they are looking at the actual board. JG: Which era represented in the exhibit was the most difficult to gather items for and why do you think that is? JC: We are lucky to have an enormous network of surfers and collectors who helped make the hunt for items go smoothly. But we really wanted to show the evolution of the women's swim suit fashion and our 1900's, 1930's and 1940's were weak. I just think we never came across the earlier suits and never expressed the need for them until this exhibit. Roxy helped us by allowing us to buy 5 vintage suits we found online. Once the exhibit is over, the suits will go into the Roxy archives. JG: If you could time travel to any era represented in the exhibit, which one would it be and why? JC: I'd like to have surfed in the late 1950's- 1960's. It would have been fun to be a part of the surfing boom when spots were being discovered, opportunities for surfers were just beginning, and boards were getting lighter and better. Surfing was still a rebel's sport and lifestyle and the culture was really being shaped. Linda Benson exhibit for Women On Waves. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Rell Sunn exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.Lisa Anderson exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Wahines. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. JG: It's quite possible that there will never be a collection of women's surf history in one place like this again. Do you have any plans for the exhibit to live on in some form? JC: We researched and thought hard about having the WOW exhibit travel, but decided against it because of the precious items we have on loan, the cost it would take to insure the items, and the time and cost in manpower to oversee the operation. We're going to make a book out of it instead. So much of the hard work is already done, it would be irresponsible of us to let it all disappear. JG: What's up next for the California Surf Museum? JC: The board of directors have at least 4 exhibits in the works which will be installed late February through May in different phases. We're working on a 25 years of the California Surf Museum exhibit which will showcase some of the items that have been donated over the past 25 years. We're going to do an exhibit about the transition years 1966-72 when longboards went short. We'll integrate politics, culture, music, etc from that time period. To compliment surfing's transition years, we'll do an exhibit about skateboarding's transition years which were the early 1970's to circa 1975. We'll include some clothing and shoes as well-it is always fun to include a bit of fashion and style. We're also installing a permanent exhibit which will showcase 100 years of surfing and include examples of the prominent boards, fashions, and figures of each era. I will help out where I can in all of this but the lead is really being taken by Larry Balma, Guy Motil, Dale Smith, Jim Kempton, Tara Torburn, Jane Schmauss, and Ric Riavic. Debbie Beacham, Jericho Poppler, Cher Pendarvis and Jane Schmauss. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Carla Rowland. Photo courtesy of California Surf Museum. Jane Schmauss and third grade class field trip. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Debbie Beacham, Frieda Zamba, Keala Kennelly, Jennifer Smith. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Linda Merrill. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Margo Oberg exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Lisa Anderson signs the Women On Waves exhibit surfboard. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Joyce Hoffman exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Frieda Zamba signing the Women On Waves exhibit board. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Early days. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Donna Matson. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Big wave exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Keala Kennelly signing the Women On Waves exhibit board. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Gidget and Linda Benson. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.
Photo Credits: IMAGES COURTESY OF THE CALIFORNIA SURF MUSEUM Special Thanks: Props to Julie Cox for her assistance with this story and for her dedication to the promotion of women's surfing through her work at the California Surf Museum. For those of you who may not be aware of this, Julie has collaborated with talented shaper, Jed Noll, on a line of surfboards specifically designed for female surfers. Check out the Jule Collection of surfboards here!

Linda Benson Surf Video Clip

The legendary Linda Benson surfing in San Diego County. Also, short interview clips with Kassia Meador, Donald Takayama, Julie Cox, Prue Jeffries, Summer Romero, Mary Bagalso and Liz Motshagen. Linda Benson displays a genuine warmth I have seen in very few people during my lifetime. From obvious tourists to the world's best pro surfers, I've never once witnessed Linda walk by someone without giving them an enthusiastic "hi" and a friendly smile. It's been an honor and privilege to get to know one of surfing's royalty over the past couple of years. Yes, this clip is nearly five years old now but I couldn't think of anyone else who I'd rather highlight as we transition into the next phase of JettyGirl than Linda. She is a truly remarkable human being and I am blessed to call her a friend. -Chris Grant
[youtube width="608" height="366" video_id="jkiyk2xSZ4o"]
Music: "Moments" by Kym Campbell. Kym's website: http://www.kymcampbell.com Intro Music: "Excess Baggage" by Beth Preston. Video: Chris Grant / JettyGirl.com