The Other Side of Surfing – Panel Participants Include Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Tiffany Campbell, Bianca Valenti & Julie Cox – April 23, 2015 at the California Institute of Integral Studies

Inspirational stories from surf industry ladies about surfing big waves, making films, building surfboards, and riding professionally.
At a time when surfing is changing and some are fighting to maintain the status quo, we are shifting the spotlight onto the other side of surfing. Join us for a curated conversation with Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Tiffany Campbell, Bianca Valenti, and Julie Cox about international surf culture, the herstory of surfing, the industry, and more.
 Other Side of Surfing featuring Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Tiffany Campbell, Bianca Valenti and Julie Cox. Curated by Margaret Seelie.  
Ashley Lloyd Thompson is one of few women who are internationally recognized for her work as a surfboard shaper. She signs every board she shapes, "Made with love," which is an attitude that permeates all that she does. In the shaping bay she crafts with passion and purpose, and in the water her elegant yet playful style is contagious. Over the past twelve years she has been honing her craft and creating her own surfboard brand, Ashley Lloyd Thompson Surfboards. As a new mom, Ashley and her husband are navigating parenthood while maintaining her shaping business.
Tiffany Campbell is a filmmaker who focuses on surfing and skateboarding. Tiffany and Andria Lessler's debut film, Dear & Yonder: Daring Stories of Ladies United by the Sea, won SURFER Magazine's Breakthrough Filmmaker Award in 2009. For over a decade she has been involved with Villa Villa Cola, a collective of artists, filmmakers, skateboarders and photographers that produce videos and zines that encourage more girls to skate.
Bianca Valenti became the first female Big Wave World Tour Champion in 2014. Proof Lab, a surf shop in Marin, sponsors her. Currently, Bianca's big wave riding is being filmed for the documentary, It Ain't Pretty: A film about women who surf Ocean Beach in San Francisco, scheduled for release in 2015.
Julie Cox was a team rider for Roxy for eight years, during which time she competed around the world. In the Women's Longboard Tour, Julie placed fifth in the world three years running. She was the Director of the California Surf Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving surfing heritage. She also launched The Jule Collection, a line of women's surfboards, with shaper Jed Noll. Currently, she gives surf lessons locally and abroad.
Margaret Seelie is a native Ohioan who grew up with an obsession for surf culture. Since moving to California she has been learning to surf and build boards, freelance writing, letterpress printing, and teaching. She is always looking for new ways to share inspiration and stoke with those around her.
We will be hosting a raffle in conjunction with this event! Tickets will be available for $3 each or 2 for $5. Come early to buy tickets and we will announce the winners at the end! Must be present to win.
*100% of money raised from the raffle benefits CIIS Public Programs & Performances Workshops Scholarship! This scholarship will make CIIS workshops available to students and people in the community who may not be able to afford them.
Current Raffle Items:
- Carve Design $250 gift certificate - Surf Lesson with Julie Cox - 2 T-shirts with surf prints by Australian artist, Jonas Claesson - Stand up Paddle board lesson and rental for 4 people from 101 Surf - Limited edition signed letterpress poster for The Other Side of Surfing
Event Contact: Margaret Seelie (440)308-5576 Event Title: The Other Side of Surfing Event Host Name: California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Street Address of Event: 1453 Mission St Date of Event: Thursday, April 23, 2015 Start Time: 7:00PM End Time: 9:00PM Tickets: $10 presale / $12 day of event URL to buy tickets: Event link:
Other Side of Surfing featuring Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Tiffany Campbell, Bianca Valenti and Julie Cox. Curated by Margaret Seelie.  
Surf Photo Friday - A Special Surf Session with Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Julie Cox, Alex Thompson, Chris Cuevas and Sheri Crummer

Surf Photo Friday – A Special Surf Session with Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Julie Cox, Alex Thompson, Chris Cuevas & Sheri Crummer

Ashley Lloyd Thompson and Julie Cox head for an early morning surf. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Surf Photo Friday - A Special Surf Session with Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Julie Cox, Alex Thompson & Sheri Crummer Several months ago I received a call from my good friend, Julie Cox, that she was heading up to meet Ashley Lloyd for a surf. Caught by surprise that another one of my favorite human beings was in Southern California, I grabbed my camera gear and jumped on the northbound side of the 5 Freeway. Ashley was down here with her husband, Alex, visiting with some members of Alex's family. Legendary personality, Sheri Crummer, also dropped by for some waves and it was an honor to meet her for the first time. Not knowing how the surf was, we were pleasantly surprised to find fun, offshore conditions up and down the beach. It was a blessing to have such a diverse crew of styles ...Julie's timeless elegance, Ashley's switchstance cutbacks, Alex and Chris' classically drawn lines, and Sheri's youthful exuberance were on display for three hours of California wintertime goodness. Thank you for dropping by for another installment of Surf Photo Friday. Have a great weekend everyone ...and as always, thank you for your support of Jettygirl. Julie Cox drops into a nice right. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Ashley Lloyd Thompson bottom turn. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jule Cox knee paddles out into the lineup for some fun waves. Photo by Chris Grant, Julie Cox hangs five on her favorite Jule Collection surfboard. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Ashley Lloyd's backside slice on a clean right. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Crowd of surfers waiting for the next set of waves. Photo by Chris Grant, Sheri Crummer threads through the crowds. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Glassy, unridden wave. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Alex Thompson carves a cutback on a small inside wave. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Chris Cuevas and Alex Thompson switch surfboards. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Chris Cuevas leans into a peeling, little right. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Future waverider. Photo by Chris Grant. Alex Thompson, old-school style in the hook. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Ashley Lloyd Thompson hits the lip backside. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Sheri Crummer hangs five on a glassy inside right. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Shorebreak dredger. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Elegance in the shore break, Julie Cox. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine Good friends, Julie Cox and Ashley Lloyd Thompson, say goodbye after a fun surf session. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Photos: Chris Grant /
Previous Surf Photo Fridays | Kelly Nicely & the Pelican Session | Mary Osborne & Her Beloved 9'10" Cooperfish Single Fin | Kelia Moniz, Megan Godinez, Geodee Clark & Bruna Schmitz | Kamalehua Keohokapu | Claire Bevilacqua | Lulu Erkeneff | Alexa Frantz |Rebecca Woods | Silvana Lima | Alessa Quizon
Additional Resources: Ashley Lloyd Surfboards Ashley Lloyd Thompson on Facebook The Shapes - official band page featuring Alex Thompson, Ashley Lloyd and bandmates The Shapes on Facebook Ashley Lloyd on Instagram Julie Cox Surfing Julie Cox on Instagram Jule Collection Surfboards on Facebook Mollusk Surf Shop Sheri Crummer Photography on Facebook - photography by Sheri Crummer
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Julie Cox surfing at night at First Point Malibu. Surf photo by Chris Grant.

Throwback Thursday with Julie Cox and an Explosion of Light

Julie Cox surfing at night at First Point Malibu. Surf photo by Chris Grant. Rolling back seven years and as we were driving back down the coast from one of Julie's favorite secret spots, we passed Malibu and saw a few lines breaking on a glassy, moonless night. I had just picked up my first flash housing and unfortunately, my novice skills resulted in a backscatter of lights on all the photos. Mistakes aside, it's Throwback Thursday so here you go. Julie Cox, First Point Malibu. * Read comments from the original Jettygirl Facebook post here >> Additional Resources: Throwback Thursday with Alana Blanchard and a Baby Opossum Throwback Thursday with Summer Romero: Few long boarders I've ever met... Throwback Thursday with Alexa Frantz: Her eyes reflect... Throwback Thursday with Dimity Stoyle: Dear Surf Industry...
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OCEANIDES Film Screening & Art Opening at The Loft at UCSD. October 15th, Doors Open at 6:30pm, Film Begins at 8pm.

[frame_right src="" href="a href=""] Date: October 15th Event: Oceanides, film screening and art opening Art by: Lorene Carpentier & Julie Goldstein Doors: 6.30pm (for art opening, dinner and drinks) Film: 8pm Details: The San Diego Surf Ladies have teamed up with The Loft on the UCSD campus for one of the very first screenings of new movie Oceanides. Oceanides: A surf movie about women and oceans was directed by Lorene Carpentier and made possible by the Keep a Breast Foundation. The Loft will be featuring this San Diego premiere of the film starring outstanding female surf talent from the likes of Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Julie Cox and Leah Dawson. In addition to the screening the evening will serve as an art opening for work by Lorene and Cardiff based surfer and artist Julie Goldstein. The doors open at 6.30 and The Loft also has an in house restaurant and wine bar so you can come get dinner, check out the artwork and see the movie!! Facebook event: Website: Film Trailer:

Summer Time. A collection of surf photos from our favorite season at JettyGirl.

As we embark on another season of sunshine, we feel that there's no better way to celebrate summer than to showcase a few photos from our favorite time of year. Our goal here (more or less) is to post an image or two every few days so check back often to see what's new. We wish you all the best of times this summer and for those of you on the globe who are entering winter right now, I hope these will keep you stoked as you're pulling on your fullsuits. Enjoy! Leila Hurst, Newport Beach. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Leila Hurst - Photo: Chris Grant / August 9 - A clean turn on a glassy wave will always be a timeless move. Leila Hurst recently moved from the warmth of Hawaii to the every-once-in-a-while sunny skies of California. The highly ranked Pro Jr is a most welcome addition to our shores and I'm hopeful that you'll be seeing more of the stylish regularfoot in JettyGirl in coming weeks and months.
Claire Bevilacqua barreled in Newport Beach, surf photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua - Photo: Chris Grant / August 8 - This Western Australian loves to punt airs but even more, she relishes the chance to pull in. I wish I could she Claire in action at Backdoor this winter but for now, some thin-lipped Newport barrels need to suffice. A terror in the air and an absolute maestro in the green room, Claire Bevilacqua.
Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst in Newport Beach, photo by Chris Grant, Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst - Photo: Chris Grant / August 7 - Yes, this is summer. Our brief season of warm water arrived then disappeared before our June gloom fullsuits ever had a chance to completely dry out. This August morning was gray and drizzling but even the dullest of mornings brightens up when you're among friends. Longtime friends Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst run to greet each other in Newport Beach.
Jasset Umbel, late afternoon Lowers. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Jasset Umbel - Photo: Chris Grant / July 29 - The Trestles area responds differently to each swell. While Lowers can seem like top-to-bottom paradise, some swell directions call for a more lateral approach. Florida's Jasset Umbel spends quite a bit of time at the famous pointbreak and knows when to hit the gas pedal to get speed for the sections setting up down the line. Jasset takes the high line on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
Kelly Nicely with 4-Eyed Clyde...before Clyde's last ride. Photo by Chris Grant of Kelly Nicely - Photo: Chris Grant / July 22 - Four-Eyed Clyde's last ride. Tonight I met up with Kelly Nicely who had just returned from France after competing in the Roxy Pro. While she usually just sells her boards in Europe to save in airline fees, Four-Eyed Clyde was so special to her that she paid $300 to get the board back to California. Exactly one hour after this photo was taken, Four-Eyed Clyde was broken in two pieces by a shallow, double-up. Rest in Peace Clyde 🙁
Shea Hodges, evening surf. Surfing photo by Chris Grant of Shea Hodges - Photo: Chris Grant / July 14 - Tonight I had the opportunity to meet up with a good friend who happens to be one of the best surfers I've ever seen, Hawaii's Shea Hodges. We don't get to shoot as much as when she lived up here in Oceanside but I'm always stoked when we can meet up. Our evening session was small, really small, but as she always does, Shea took apart the mini-lefts running across the inside bank. Looking forward to many more sessions with the stylish Hawaiian throughout the summer...
Marissa Shaw rotating at Lowers. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Marissa Shaw - Photo: Chris Grant / July 13 - A few years ago I was shooting with Claire Bevilacqua at one of Southern California's busiest point breaks. On this particular day, many of America's top female amateur surfers were splitting peaks with Claire. When she exited the water she asked me the name of the young regularfoot who launched airs on every wave. It was none other than San Clemente's Marissa Shaw. Fast forward to last week at the same spot and there was Marissa, punting at every opportunity and even tweaking it into rotations when the opportunity presented itself. A shredding surfer, gnarly athlete, busy lifeguard and dedicated college student, there's pretty much nothing Marissa Shaw can't do.
Alexa Frantz surf photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Alexa Frantz - Photo: Chris Grant / July 12 - Summer is in full force but still some gray days remain. I don't know anybody that loves bikinis as much as Alexa Frantz. It could be freezing shown here by the dudes in the fullsuits ...and there will be Alexa, throwing buckets like it's the hottest day of summer. There's no doubt that Alexa turns heads as she walks down the beach carrying her hot pink boards but it's the manner in which she hucks spray that I appreciate. Her heart of gold? ...that's pretty cool too!
Ornella Pellizzari visiting San Diego from Argentina. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Ornella Pellizzari - Photo: Chris Grant / July 9 - Overhead, nasty onshores, and river-like currents...all part of Oceanside during a south swell. It was refreshing to see a pro surfer paddle out in WAY less than ideal conditions, all the while smiling and laughing while taking off on ugly bombs. There weren't many hittable sections but this right had one and Argentina's Ornella Pellizzari launched into a nice backside air. So stoked that Ornella will be in town for a while 🙂
Stephanie Schechter surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Surf Magazine. Stephanie Schechter - Photo: Chris Grant / July 5 - It's always interesting to meet new surfers and discover their unique personalities. My wife and I often joke that I have both the gift of perception and misperception in equal parts. I love guessing with each new person I meet how their on-land style will translate once they hit the water. Stephanie Schechter is a case in point. My assumption was that her larger than life, gregarious personality on land would translate into an energetic style of waveriding. In contrast, Stephanie's surfing style is about as calm, cool and collected as can be. Stephanie, relaxed on the nose in Oceanside.
Julie Cox, late afternoon surf session. Surfboard by Dane Perlee with artwork by Thomas Campbell. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Julie Cox - Photo: Chris Grant / July 3 - I've always loved this shot of Julie Cox...the late afternoon hues, the sunlight bouncing off her wetsuit and the beautiful surfboard shaped by Dane Perlee and painted by Thomas Campbell. As Julie dedicates more of her daylight hours to the California Surf Museum where she serves as Operations Manager, I'm sure she appreciates those extra hours of sunlight that each summer afternoon brings.
Heather Jordan. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Heather Jordan - Photo: Chris Grant / July 2 - While not a fan of the marine layer, I do like those mornings that are "bright" gray if that makes sense. In the half-dozen years I've known Heather Jordan, one thing's for certain, I have absolutely no idea when or where our paths will cross but I'm always stoked when they do. On this morning Heather ventured far from her homebreak and ended up getting some of the best waves of the day. Intelligent and hard-working, Heather will be making her way up to UCLA this fall...meeting up with fellow Bruins, Taylor Pitz and Chandler Parr in what looks to be a formidable surf team in the women's division.
Kyla Langen surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Surf Magazine. Kyla Langen - Photo: Chris Grant / July 1 - Brains, beauty, soul, and the versatility to charge barrels and draw flawless arcs, my friend Kyla Langen enjoying her favorite local spot. Preparation is key in early summer as the tricky and changing water temps could find you in a fullsuit in the morning and a bikini just a few hours later.
Jenna Balester at Huntington Beach Pier. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Jenna Balester - Photo: Chris Grant / June 29 - Intimate knowledge of your local break pays off when faced with summertime crowds. While the masses were being swept up the coast in Huntington Beach's Colorado River-like current, Jenna Balester out-positioned the pack and scored one of the better rights of the morning...delivering a beautiful backhand turn on a special quad shaped by her dad, Tom Balester.
Brittani Nicholl surf photo by Chris Grant, Brittani Nicholl - Photo: Chris Grant / June 22 - Even at California's most crowded summertime pointbreak there are occasional moments of solitude. Photo-friendly lighting is long gone by lunch hour but that doesn't mean the waves are done. Brittani Nicholl paddled out for some midday fun and I was lucky enough to join her and her mom for one last session before they left for home last summer. Unfortunately, Brittani like so many of my Australian friends, won't be coming to America this summer thanks to the ridiculous decision to "upgrade" the US Open to a World Tour event this year. Since the same family of companies basically controls both events, my vote is to return the US Open to its former WQS status and make real progress by adding a Women's World Tour event to the Hurley Pro at Lowers in September. Sadly though, I don't get a vote...
Claire Bevilacqua in color. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Claire Bevilacqua - Photo: Chris Grant / June 21 - In a world of desaturated images, cell phone one-click recipes, bogus light leaks and every other type of digital treatment (some of which were applied here), pure color sometimes takes a back seat to its trendy counterparts. Unlike photos though, colorful personalities like Claire's never fade into the background. Reaching out to feel the arc she's created, Claire paints another masterpiece.

Film Trailer for OCEANIDES. A Surf Movie About Women and Oceans.

[youtube width="608" height="371" video_id="bdMw9HwGehY"] Directed by Lorène Carpentier | Presented by The Keep A Breast Foundation OCEANIDES is a poetic vision of surfers, nymphs, along Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Caribbean, Coral, and Tasmanian Seas... these places become the theatre of marine and submarine visions of light and life. Surfers: Margaux Arramon-Tucco, Rochelle Ballard, Jodie Barsby, Claire Bevilacqua, Hélène Chabeaud, Melissa Combo, Julie Cox, Lee Ann Curren, Leah Dawson, Pandora Decoster, Charlotte Hand, Rosie Locke, Kassia Meador, Coline Ménard, Candice O'Donnell, Jen Smith and friends. Film Tour Dates: July: France | October: California | November: Mexico & Hawaii For more information, photos and tour dates, please visit

Groundbreaking “Women On Waves” Exhibit Closing in Two Weeks, Special Discount Offer for California Surf Museum Visitors

Patagonia - Try Swimwear that Stays PutPresented by "One of the most rewarding projects I've ever been involved in, the "Women On Waves" exhibit at the California Surf Museum is ending in less than one month. Come check it out if you haven't already. Men/women, surfers/non surfers alike, you'll enjoy it." -Julie Cox, Operations Manager, California Surf Museum, January 2011. When I read Julie's Facebook post above, it hit me like a ton of bricks that the Women On Waves exhibit would be closing down shortly. The California Surf Museum has put together one of the most extensive and significant collection of women's surf history ever housed under one roof. If you have not seen it yet, I encourage you to do so now because there is a very real possibility that nothing like Women On Waves will ever happen again in our lifetimes. You need to act quickly too because the exhibit will only be showing for a few more weeks. The California Surf Museum has offered up a generous discount to JettyGirl readers until the closing of Women On Waves. Simply mention "JETTYGIRL" at the admissions desk and you'll receive a 2-for-the-price-of-1 discount admission. For questions, directions and museum hours, please visit --Chris Grant
JettyGirl: At last year's ribbon-cutting for the Women On Waves exhibit, many of the most famous female surfers in history showed up for the grand opening. Does anything particularly special stick out in your mind from that night? Julie Cox: We had a ribbon cutting in March and a Gala in June. Each event was really really special... With the ribbon cutting we were working up to the wire, pulling 16 hour days to get everything installed, and hanging photos a few minutes before cutting the ribbon. Once the exhibit opened, everyone really liked it, so that was a relief. So many amazing women in the exhibit showed up to help cut the ribbon... Gidget, Linda Merrill, Linda Benson, Joyce Hoffman, Prue Jeffries, Kristy Murphy, Jennifer Smith, Jeannette Prince, Cori Schumacher, Debbie Beacham, Cher Pendarvis, Ashley Lloyd, Carla Rowland, Eve Fletcher, Donna Matson, just to name a few! It was fun watching the different generations talking, meeting each other, and taking photos together. Women featured in the exhibit brought family members along, it was a proud moment for many. My mom was there too, helping set-up, taking photos, etc. My co-worker, Sam played vintage vinyl on the turntables, the energy was amazing. Speaking with Joyce Hoffman that day was a highlight for me. Hearing about the first time she surfed Pipeline and hearing about her competitive side back then. Meeting her parents and seeing her smile when she saw her section of the exhibit was a great feeling. You could tell she was proud and had a good time seeing everyone. The 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala was awesome, again, because so many of the legends of today and yesterday were at the museum. I am here everyday, but to have all of the people I look up to and admire come to me, was killer! Lisa Andersen, Frieda Zamba, Maya Gabiera, Courtney Conlogue, Keala Kennelly, Kassia Meador along with many of the ladies who were at the ribbon cutting came for a night to re-celebrate the exhibit. Linda Merrill, Eve Fletcher, Donna Matson, Debbie Beacham and Courtney Conlogue. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.
Group photo of legendary female surfers. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.  Maya Gabeira, Courtney Conlogue, Gidget and Keala Kennelly. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. JG: There's an Ashley Lloyd-shaped board in the exhibit that's been signed by the best of the best in women's surf history. When the exhibit closes, what will happen to that board? JC: The California Surf Museum board of directors agreed to commission Ashley to shape a special Women On Waves exhibit surfboard to auction at our fundraising Gala, but once we began acquiring signatures, we decided it was too special to let go of. CSM will keep it for our permanent collection to display again in the future and continue getting autographs. JG: Since you've walked the halls of the exhibit virtually everyday for the past year, you surely must have a favorite item or two. What would the item(s) be and why? JC: First, the Mary Jane beaver tail wetsuit from the 1960s. The style is so cute, I wish someone would make something like that today. Second, there is a 1950's balsa board made custom for a woman named Donna Matson. I got to pick it up from her house in LA when we interviewed her and the board felt so at home under my arm. Finally, we have one of Rell Sunn's boards on display. She chose the cloth that is inlayed in the glass and had it made into a single fin after it was a 2+1. That board is very special and is one of my favorite things in the exhibit. There are many photos that I really like in the exhibit too. Bethany Hamilton exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.JG: When you overhear visitors talking as they walk about the exhibit, is there one particular item that visitors seem to gravitate towards? JC: When visitors first enter the exhibit, they gravitate toward the first swim suit examples on display. The first suit from the early 1900's is cumbersome, heavy, and looks very hard to surf or swim in. They love the cute suits from the 1930's and 1940's. But as soon as visitors see the shark bitten chunk out of Bethany Hamilton's board, they are drawn to that and can't believe they are looking at the actual board. JG: Which era represented in the exhibit was the most difficult to gather items for and why do you think that is? JC: We are lucky to have an enormous network of surfers and collectors who helped make the hunt for items go smoothly. But we really wanted to show the evolution of the women's swim suit fashion and our 1900's, 1930's and 1940's were weak. I just think we never came across the earlier suits and never expressed the need for them until this exhibit. Roxy helped us by allowing us to buy 5 vintage suits we found online. Once the exhibit is over, the suits will go into the Roxy archives. JG: If you could time travel to any era represented in the exhibit, which one would it be and why? JC: I'd like to have surfed in the late 1950's- 1960's. It would have been fun to be a part of the surfing boom when spots were being discovered, opportunities for surfers were just beginning, and boards were getting lighter and better. Surfing was still a rebel's sport and lifestyle and the culture was really being shaped. Linda Benson exhibit for Women On Waves. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Rell Sunn exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.Lisa Anderson exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Wahines. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. JG: It's quite possible that there will never be a collection of women's surf history in one place like this again. Do you have any plans for the exhibit to live on in some form? JC: We researched and thought hard about having the WOW exhibit travel, but decided against it because of the precious items we have on loan, the cost it would take to insure the items, and the time and cost in manpower to oversee the operation. We're going to make a book out of it instead. So much of the hard work is already done, it would be irresponsible of us to let it all disappear. JG: What's up next for the California Surf Museum? JC: The board of directors have at least 4 exhibits in the works which will be installed late February through May in different phases. We're working on a 25 years of the California Surf Museum exhibit which will showcase some of the items that have been donated over the past 25 years. We're going to do an exhibit about the transition years 1966-72 when longboards went short. We'll integrate politics, culture, music, etc from that time period. To compliment surfing's transition years, we'll do an exhibit about skateboarding's transition years which were the early 1970's to circa 1975. We'll include some clothing and shoes as well-it is always fun to include a bit of fashion and style. We're also installing a permanent exhibit which will showcase 100 years of surfing and include examples of the prominent boards, fashions, and figures of each era. I will help out where I can in all of this but the lead is really being taken by Larry Balma, Guy Motil, Dale Smith, Jim Kempton, Tara Torburn, Jane Schmauss, and Ric Riavic. Debbie Beacham, Jericho Poppler, Cher Pendarvis and Jane Schmauss. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Carla Rowland. Photo courtesy of California Surf Museum. Jane Schmauss and third grade class field trip. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Debbie Beacham, Frieda Zamba, Keala Kennelly, Jennifer Smith. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Linda Merrill. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Margo Oberg exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Lisa Anderson signs the Women On Waves exhibit surfboard. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Joyce Hoffman exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Frieda Zamba signing the Women On Waves exhibit board. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Early days. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Donna Matson. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Big wave exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Keala Kennelly signing the Women On Waves exhibit board. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum. Gidget and Linda Benson. Photo courtesy of the California Surf Museum.
Photo Credits: IMAGES COURTESY OF THE CALIFORNIA SURF MUSEUM Special Thanks: Props to Julie Cox for her assistance with this story and for her dedication to the promotion of women's surfing through her work at the California Surf Museum. For those of you who may not be aware of this, Julie has collaborated with talented shaper, Jed Noll, on a line of surfboards specifically designed for female surfers. Check out the Jule Collection of surfboards here!

Linda Benson Surf Video Clip

The legendary Linda Benson surfing in San Diego County. Also, short interview clips with Kassia Meador, Donald Takayama, Julie Cox, Prue Jeffries, Summer Romero, Mary Bagalso and Liz Motshagen. Linda Benson displays a genuine warmth I have seen in very few people during my lifetime. From obvious tourists to the world's best pro surfers, I've never once witnessed Linda walk by someone without giving them an enthusiastic "hi" and a friendly smile. It's been an honor and privilege to get to know one of surfing's royalty over the past couple of years. Yes, this clip is nearly five years old now but I couldn't think of anyone else who I'd rather highlight as we transition into the next phase of JettyGirl than Linda. She is a truly remarkable human being and I am blessed to call her a friend. -Chris Grant
[youtube width="608" height="366" video_id="jkiyk2xSZ4o"]
Music: "Moments" by Kym Campbell. Kym's website: Intro Music: "Excess Baggage" by Beth Preston. Video: Chris Grant /