Illegal Turns with Sara Taylor. Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine Video Clip.

Huntington Beach surfer Sara Taylor hooks up with Jettygirl for another short little surf video clip. Equally adept in tiny and overhead surf on her frontside and backside, Sara takes her whitewater disappearing acts to a couple of spots far away from her Huntington Beach home. Opening audio by fonogeno - Police sirens.wav Music: "Magic GB Jazz" by AjT. Provided by Mevio's Music Alley Video Footage: Chris Grant / Want to see more of Sara Taylor? Check out Circus Tricks with Sara Taylor

Surf Video: Circus Tricks with Sara Taylor

Come one, come all! Witness Sara Taylor's death defying 540 degree spinning jump off the back of the wave! Hahahaha!!! Sara Taylor is one of the best surfers we know...creative, fearless and always surfing with a smile on her face. While we've never posted a kickout before, this one was special. Check back soon for more Circus Tricks with Sara Taylor... [youtube width="608" height="371" video_id="2nXVcvkBnng"] Audio by murcielago123 Track: Cirque.wav Video: Chris Grant /