Courtney Conlogue – Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing.

Single Wave Thursday featuring Courtney Conlogue. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing. Courtney Conlogue - Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing. There are only seventeen surfers on the prestigious ASP Women's World Tour and lucky for us, world ranked #4, Courtney Conlogue, lives only an hour up the road from the Jettygirl office. While we don't get up to Orange County all that much, Courtney enjoys surfing some of our local breaks as is the case in the video below. On a morning that was actually a bit onshore and bumpy, Courtney consistently picked out the glassier gems where she proceeded to throw multiple hooks down the line. On this particular wave, as whitewater explodes on the outermost jetty, Courtney rifles off a couple of clean snaps before winding up for a massive fan off the closeout. If you're like us and enjoy taking notes on how to improve your own surfing, one of the most important keys to Courtney's world class top turns is her commitment to the rail on her bottom turns. Leaning around sections will get you down the line but to throw eight feet of spray, it requires the type of leverage that results from deep, powerful arcs off the bottom. Try it next time you paddle out and see the difference a solid bottom turn will make. You may not be headed to the World Tour, but making it rain on your friends is pretty fun too! Thank you for the lessons, Courtney! Film: Chris Grant | Sound: Pacific Ocean and a trusty Canon camera * To change the resolution to HD, click the little icon to the right of the clock on the YouTube player (you must hit the play arrow first to see the icons). Previous Single Wave Thursdays: Justine Dupont | Silvana Lima | Courtney Conlogue | Erin Ashley | Brittani Nicholl | Alexa Frantz | Lindsay Steinriede
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