Karina Petroni, Windward, a Caribbean surf adventure film by Carl Rosen

Windward – Karina Petroni in a Film by Carl Rosen

Windward from Carl Rosen on Vimeo.  
All of our favorite surf videos make us want to jump from our chairs and book a flight somewhere. While we'd be trudging off to the nearest international airport, Karina Petroni's travel situation is a lot more romantic. When the mood strikes, a board is taken down from the rafters and loaded onto a plane piloted by her husband, David. Together, the two surfers travel throughout the Caribbean in search of crystal clear water and fun waves. We watched this clip over and over with equal measures of stoke and envy. Love this video!
Filmmaker's Description When adventure calls, someone must answer. Here's professional traveler, surfer and adventurer, Karina Petroni, answering the call by traversing to remote parts of the Caribbean, with her husband and pilot David, with the hopes of finding beauty in unknown places.
Film/Edit By Carl Rosen
Surfer Karina Petroni - @karina.petroni
Music "Beverly Hells" - SWIMM - swimmmusic.bandcamp.com
Karina Petroni - Windward
La Maestra, a surf film documentary about a young Mexican teacher by Elizabeth Pepin Silva and Paul Ferraris

La Maestra (The Teacher) – Surf Film Needs Your Help

Our friends, Elizabeth Pepin Silva and Paul Ferraris, need your help to complete "La Maestra," a wonderful surf documentary about a young Mexican teacher who is inspiring both her students and the local community.
Co-Producer/Director, Elizabeth Pepin Silva explains why this is not your typical surf documentary:
"Surf movies are filmed all over the world, but usually it’s Americans, Australians, and/or Europeans traveling to exotic locals and talking about what they are seeing, and it’s rare that the filmmakers bother to interview the local people who are born and raised in these locations or capture their daily experiences of living and surfing there year-round. La Maestra (The Teacher) is unique in that it’s a story about a local woman, told entirely in Spanish with English subtitles, through our character’s own voice, not the voices of outsiders. Our cameras follow Mayra throughout her day, giving viewers a rare glimpse into the life of this young Mexican teacher and surfer who was born and continues to live and work in her tiny, remote village. La Maestra (The Teacher) is an important film because it features a strong Latina woman role model that will appeal to everyone. There is no surf media hype, no surf company sponsors, and no surf industry to spoil the soul of this film, but it also means we have to raise the money entirely on our own. So please donate if you have not done so."
Please donate here. Amounts as small as one dollar will help this film get completed.


Jettygirl's "Say No More" Surf DVD Giveaway. A women's longboard surf film by Taylor Larison and Birdman Media.

“Say No More” Surf Movie DVD Giveaway. Enter today to win the new women’s longboard surf film by Birdman Media.

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Say No More from Bird Man Media on Vimeo.

About "Say No More" - A Women's Longboard Surf Film by Taylor Larison of Birdman Media Birdman Media presents, "Say No More," an all-women's longboard surf film showcasing some of Southern California's finest female wave riders gliding through their favorite breaks. Starring: Lindsay Steinriede-Engle, Makala Smith, Erin Ashley, Tory Gilkerson, Karina Rozunko, and Stephanie Vigiano. Jettygirl's take on the film... We met Taylor Larison on the beach months ago as he was filming early footage for Say No More and he was so amped on the project. Despite the huge population of women surfers that grace virtually every break on the planet nowadays, female-focused surf films are still pretty rare. Say No More premiered in Carlsbad on July 26 and it's easy to see why the theatre was packed. From Erin Ashley's timeless noserides to Lindsay Steinriede-Engle's powerful carves, we found every surfer's segment unique and entertaining. With a mixture of eclectic tunes and footage from some of Southern California's most famous surf spots, Say No More is a surf film well worth having in your DVD or digital collection. If you don't happen to win the Say No More DVD Giveaway, head over to Birdman Media and purchase a copy. At only $10 for a DVD (shipping included), it's an absolute steal! For digital downloads, head to TheSurfNetwork.com to rent or buy the film. www.birdmanmedia.com | instagram.com/birdmanmedia | www.facebook.com/BirdManMedia
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