Luiza Campos, Malibu - Golden State Series by LF Productions

Luiza Campos Surfs Malibu in The Golden State Series

The Golden State Series: Malibu from L/F productions on Vimeo.  
Brazilian-born surfer, Luiza Campos, is one of our favorite photographers and while checking out some of her work online, we stumbled upon a surf session of hers in Malibu, California. This short film is part of Luiza and her husband, Stephan Figueiredo's Golden State Series and touches on what most of us know we'll be facing when we surf the iconic point break----fun, peeling waves but out-of-this-world crowds.
Film Description
Continuing our 'The Golden State Series', we capture Luiza Campos during a sunny California afternoon riding the wave that gave birth to surfing on the west coast - Malibu.
This wave has it's bittersweet moments. Flawless in every way, yet unbearably crowded. You can spend hours out there before you catch a one, and most likely you will be sharing it with five other people you have never seen before. But, there is always that one ride that makes it worth the effort.
As the world continues to get smaller and more people continue to flood to the same places, it's hard not to let your mind wander to somewhere far away, where maybe there is another undiscovered Malibu with no one around.
Within the chaos and with much patience, Luiza finds her space amongst a sea full of strangers.
Surfer Luiza Campos - @luizadmcampos
Film Stephan Figueiredo - @stephanfigueiredo
Edit Luiza Campos - @luizadmcampos
Production LF Productions
Music M83 - "Waves, Waves, Waves"
  Luiza Campos frame grabs from The Golden State Series - Malibu by L/F Productions  
Julie Cox surfing at night at First Point Malibu. Surf photo by Chris Grant.

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