Tia Blanco Changes Flags, Excited To Represent Puerto Rico In Surfing Competitions For The Rest Of Her Surf Career

The day before Tia Blanco left for Puerto Rico, we had the opportunity to shoot a few photos at Oceanside Harbor. As always, Tia's surfing was fast and clean with explosive punctuation marks whenever a section loomed up. When Sunday night rolled around, it wasn't a surprise at all to see an Instagram post of Tia holding a large, $5,000 winner's check above her head in front of scores of Puerto Rican surf fans. However, Tia's photo caption caught me off guard.
"I am very grateful to take the win here at the Corona Pro! I had a blast surfing in amazing conditions all weekend! Also, I am super excited to now be representing the Puerto Rican flag for the rest of my surfing career! This was the island I was born on and it is an honor to represent them! Much love."
While most Instagram captions seem to be little more than filler for the photos they are paired with, here was some real information to contemplate. After absorbing the news, a bunch of questions suddenly came to mind--topics that Tia generously answered while exploring the island with her family.   corona-extra-pro-32-tia-blanco-snap-osiris-torres-apsprTia Blanco in winning form last weekend at the 32nd Corona Extra Pro at Domes Beach, Puerto Rico. Photo: © APSPR / Osiris Torres - Read the press release here >>
JettyGirl: First off, Tia, congratulations on winning the Corona Extra Pro at Domes Beach. Tia Blanco: Thank you very much! The event was so much fun and the waves were unreal!
We were surprised to see “PR” next to your name on the heat sheets and then when you won the event, you announced that you would be representing the Puerto Rican flag for the rest of your surfing career. Was that a difficult decision since you've played such an integral part of USA surfing as a multiple ISA gold medalist over the years? How was the news received in the US and in PR? I remember about 5 years ago when I was at the ISA Junior event in Nicaragua representing USA, the PR team came up to me saying that PR is the team that I should be a part of! However, at the time it just seemed like a nice thought, not something that could be realistic. Then, after seeing other surfers change their representation recently, I reached out to ISA to see what their rules and regulations were. Once the ISA confirmed with me that if I was born in PR , then I could represent their flag, it was very exciting news for me! I have always had a sense of connection with Puerto Rico and it has always been a part of my background/story. PR is technically still a part of America and my dad served in the US military there, therefore, I still feel like I am representing both flags in a way. Puerto Rico is such an amazing place, filled with the most passionate and kind people. It is so honorable to now be flying their flag!
As a representative of Puerto Rico, will you be spending time on the island training with any of their other local athletes for upcoming international competitions? As part of the change of flags, will you be moving there? Definitely! I am so excited to spend more time in Puerto Rico and fully immerse myself in the culture. I am in love with the waves, food, and people in PR, so I definitely want to spend more time there.
What is your favorite break in PR (that’s not a secret spot)? I would say one of my favorite breaks was Domes in Rincon. I was telling my family that is has been a long time since I have surfed perfect waves and how much fun I had.
When we visited the island, the locals insisted that we try Mofongo—have you had the opportunity to try a vegan version? If not Mofongo, what is your favorite Puerto Rican dish? Mofongo!!! I love mofongo, tostones, and yuca so much, lol. I wish there was somewhere in California where I can eat those foods more.
After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico six months ago, it was really heart-warming to see how neighbor helped neighbor and how people bound together for the good of the community. Hurricane or not, it’s a trait we’ve witnessed over and over again with Puerto Rican friends. When you’re exiting the water in future events and they ask you about your birthplace, what is it about the island or its people that inspires you the most? During my last visit to Puerto Rico I heard some pretty unimaginable stories that were hard to comprehend. However, I did hear some amazing stories as well. For example, when the students went back to school they had no power. One of the teachers told me that the day the power switched on, all the kids erupted with joy! She said that they immediately started cheering, jumping, and hugging one another! When I heard that story I had chicken skin! I am inspired by the passion and good energy that Puerto Rican's have within them! Their passion for their island really gives me motivation to work hard and do my best to represent them well.  
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Tia Blanco backside snap. Photo: Chris Grant / JettyGirlTia Blanco, Oceanside, California. Photo: Chris Grant / JettyGirl

32nd Edition of Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series Crowns Brian Toth and Tiarah Blanco

32nd Edition of Corona Extra Pro - Brian Toth - Photo: Osiris Torres, APSPR©Brian Toth. Photo: © APSPR / Osiris Torres 32nd Edition of Corona Extra Pro - Tia Blanco - Photo: Osiris Torres, APSPR©Tiarah Blanco. Photo: © APSPR / Osiris Torres  
32nd Edition of Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series Crowns Brian Toth and Tiarah Blanco
Beautiful 4 to 6 foot conditions graced Domes Beach in the morning for the 32nd Edition of the Corona Extra Pro. The crowds were treated to professional surfing from the men and women. Up for grabs was the 32nd Edition of Corona Extra Title and the Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series. Surfers started off the day in clean conditions but as the West wind picked up throughout the day, conditions became more challenging. Briand Toth (PR) and Tiarah Blanco (PR) were able to come out on top with their champion performances. The Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series also crowned circuit champions, Brian Toth (PR) and Alexis Engstrom (PR).
32nd Edition of Corona Extra Pro - Beach Crowd - Photo: Osiris Torres, APSPR©Beach Crowds. Photo: © APSPR / Osiris Torres
Top men performers were Cory Lopez (FL), Tommy Bursian (PR), Ricardo Lucke (PR), Rob Kelly (US), Bryan Laide (PR), Mauricio Díaz (PR), and Gabriel Escudero (PR). Cory Lopez held down the highest wave of the day with a 9.23 followed closely behind by Tommy Bursian with a 9.17. The final heat between Nolan and Toth was an action packed final. Nolan got off to a quick start with a 7.27 and a 6.53 putting Toth playing catch up but Toth put up a good fight with a 7.07 and a 7.50 to take the lead over Nolan, a Corona Extra Pro veteran. Nolan was surfing injured from his back and neck, got injured two days prior to the event while surfing warming up for the event at Surfers Beach. The injury put Nolan out of the water for a day leading up to the event.
32nd Edition of Corona Extra Pro - Tia Blanco - Photo: Osiris Torres, APSPR©Tiara Blanco. Photo: © APSPR / Osiris Torres
On the women’s side of the action the day started off with Semifinal 1. Top performers for the women were semifinalists’ Idalis Alvarado (PR) and Molly Kirk (US). Champion Tiarah Blanco held down the top heat points of the event with a 9.33 on her 2nd wave and a 7.83 on her last wave for total of 17.16 points. Alexis Engstrom stayed busy trying to catch up with Tiara who utilized her priority to take the waves with the best score potential.
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