Surf Photo Friday featuring Mary Bagalso, Claire Bevilacqua, Crystal da Silva, Malia Fuertes, Prue Jeffries, Kyla Langen, Kim Mayer, Kassia Meador and Summer Romero on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

Surf Photo Friday – The Session That Changed Everything

Surf Photo Friday featuring Mary Bagalso, Claire Bevilacqua, Crystal da Silva, Malia Fuertes, Prue Jeffries, Kyla Langen, Kim Mayer, Kassia Meador and Summer Romero on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Surf Photo Friday - The Session That Changed Everything Truth be told these photos are from two days, July 21 and 22, 2005, yet in my memory they've become one and the same surf session. A month or so earlier I had picked up my first SLR camera since owning an old Canon AE-1 back in high school. A good friend of mine and great surfer in his own rite, Shane Sebastian, met me down at Oceanside Harbor for a quick photo shoot before the wind picked up. Between his waves I noticed an entire crew of female surfers, some I recognized from the magazines, others unknown to me---riding the nose, hitting the lip, and basically dominating the lineup. My friend had long since gone home, but I stayed behind to document every turn I could of quite a diverse group of individuals---Mary Bagalso, Claire Bevilacqua, Crystal "CJ" da Silva, Malia Fuertes, Prue Jeffries, Kyla Langen, Kim Mayer, Kassia Meador, and Summer Romero. In the days following this session, strangers became friends and we met up as often as possible to shoot photos, trade waves, and talk about the state of women's surfing. Later that year both US-based surf magazines, Surf Life for Women and SG Magazine closed their doors at seemingly the same time which came as a horrible blow to the surf community. You can read about it more in depth here, but the magazine closures led directly to the creation of Jettygirl, the very site you're visiting today. When I'm old and gray and looking out over the lineup at Oceanside Harbor one day, I'll always have great memories of this spot, these surfers, and the session that changed everything. Thank you for dropping by for another installment of Surf Photo Friday. Have a great weekend everyone ...and as always, thank you for your support of Jettygirl.
Mary Bagalso, Oceanside cutback, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua, layback snap in Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Crystal da Silva backside bank in Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Malia Fuertes, Oceanside floater, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Prue Jeffries, Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Kyla Langen off the lip in Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Kim Mayer, frontside snap in Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Kassia Meador drives off the bottom in Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Summer Romero, Oceanside, July 2005. Chris Grant photo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.
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Additional Resources: Claire Bevilacqua on Instagram Crystal "CJ" da Silva on Instagram Kyla Langen on Instagram Kassia Meador on Instagram Summer Romero on Instagram
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Single Wave Thursday featuring Claire Bevilacqua. One ride, no music, just surfing. Bevo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

Claire Bevilacqua – Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing.

Single Wave Thursday featuring Claire Bevilacqua. One ride, no music, just surfing. Bevo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua - Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing. If there is one surfer who we've covered a bunch over the years, it's Western Australia's Claire Bevilacqua. The clean-eating, earth-loving, barrel-charging regularfoot is gifted with extraordinary amounts of pure energy. While she's still driven to pull into freakishly shallow barrels at home and to loft ever higher airs, Claire has now dedicated herself to training the next generation of Western Australia's competitive surfers through The Claire Bevilacqua Surf Academy. On this particular day during one of her annual trips to California back in 2009, Claire makes sense of a crowded Lowers lineup with a clean right that she punctuates with a couple of layback hacks before driving into a big wrap on the inside. The footage is old "standard def" but Claire's surfing, like her life, is HD all the time. Bevo is one of our favorite human beings and our fingers are crossed that she'll be visiting California again sometime soon. Film: Chris Grant | Sound: Pacific Ocean and a trusty Canon camera * There's no HD on this one but to get the best quality, click the little icon to the right of the clock on the YouTube player (you must hit the play arrow first to see the icons) and select 480p. Previous Single Wave Thursdays: Kaleigh Gilchrist | Courtney Conlogue | Justine Dupont | Silvana Lima | Courtney Conlogue | Erin Ashley | Brittani Nicholl | Alexa Frantz | Lindsay Steinriede
Additional Resources: The Claire Bevilacqua Surf Academy Claire Bevilacqua official Facebook page Claire Bevilacqua on Twitter Claire Bevilacqua on Instagram
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Bec Woods - Jettygirl Time Machine surf video clip featuring Bec, Claire Bevilacqua, Kyla Langen, Kim Mayer, Kassia Meador, Rochelle Ballard, Lyndsay Noyes, Violet Kimble, Sarah Beardmore, and Megan Abubo.

Jettygirl Time Machine – July 30, 2007 – Surf Session with Bec Woods, Claire Bevilacqua, Megan Abubo, Kyla Langen, Kassia Meador, and more…

Jettygirl Time Machine - July 30, 2007 - Surf Session with Bec Woods, Kyla Langen, Kim Mayer, Kassia Meador, Rochelle Ballard, Lyndsay Noyes, Violet Kimble, Sarah Beardmore, Megan Abubo, and Claire Bevilacqua Description: We've decided it's time to unlock the video vault and showcase some of the sessions that have gone down in front of our lenses over the years. The video size may be small and standard definition (*glorious 480p, haha) but the spirit of the sessions back then were most definitely high-def, vibrant and in full color. If it hadn't have been for two individuals, Kyla Langen and Kassia Meador, Jettygirl would never have become a reality. At the time, Kyla was living in Carlsbad while Kassia Meador had recently moved to Oceanside. These two homes would become the focal points as some of the best female surfers in the world would stop by and visit during the summers. Each morning I'd wake up to pre-social media text messages and phone calls about how the waves were and where the session was going to happen. It could just be the Oceanside area itself, but I see less and less of these surf sessions where groups of women get together and push the limits at one particular break. All of these surfers were complete individuals but there was enough cohesiveness as a group for people on the beach to feel the energy of women's (shortboard) surfing being pushed forward one ride at a time, even on a junky summer day like the one in this clip. Well, enough chatter on my part. I hope you enjoy the first of many Jettygirl Time Machine surf sessions ...good rides, wipeouts, smiles, and everything else that makes an average day at the beach something special. Film: Chris Grant / Music: "Fancy Nightclub Girl" - Written and Performed by HafenSabine Jettygirl Time Machine frame grabs of  Bec Woods, Megan Abubo, and Kyla Langen
Additional Resources: Bec Woods Kassia Meador Claire Bevilacqua on Facebook Surf Into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard NOYES Photo (Lindsay Noyes)
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Claire Bevilacqua banks high on the face of a clean Southern California wall. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

Photo Friday: Our Summer Begins with Claire Bevilacqua

Claire Bevilacqua banks high on the face of a clean Southern California wall. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Although summer is roughly at the midway point by mid-July, ours doesn't officially begin until we cross paths with Western Australia's Claire Bevilacqua. We've known Claire for about seven years now and although following the Tour isn't her deal now, shredding most certainly is and she continues to do so with the best of them. Powerful, direct, and with a heart that's equal parts lion and puppy, this Australian legend continues to be a great person to kick off the season of the sun with. Claire Bevilacqua, backside air in San Clemente, California - surf photo by Chris Grant, claire-bevilacqua-backside-air-chris-grant-8068 claire-bevilacqua-backside-air-chris-grant-8069
Additional Resources: Follow Claire Bevilacqua on Twitter Claire Bevilacqua on Facebook Volcomunity TV Presents: "Catching Up with Claire Bevilacqua"
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Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine on Instagram - collage of surfer girls

Follow Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine on Instagram @jettygirlsurfmag

If you're on Instagram and enjoy checking out surf photos of your favorite female surfers, we'd be honored if you followed ours at In addition, we'll be featuring a few giveaways through our feed in the next couple of weeks and we'd be stoked if you joined up so we could keep you posted as details unfold. Surfergirl photo collage including harley taich, sally fitzgibbons, malia ward, erin ashley, margaux arramon-tucoo, anastasia ashley, cori schumacher, alize arnaud, kylie loveland, shea hodges, jenni flanigan, chloe buckley, reika noro, steffi kerson, kyla langen, stephanie schechter, kaley swift, megan godinez, claire bevilacqua, bianca buitendag, lauren sweeney, alexa frantz, kelsey harris, mallory eberlin, courtney conlogue Instagram Surfers pictured (in no particular order): Harley Taich, Sally Fitzgibbons, Malia Ward, Erin Ashley, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Anastasia Ashley, Cori Schumacher, Alize Arnaud, Kylie Loveland, Shea Hodges, Jenni Flanigan, Chloe Buckley, Reika Noro, Steffi Kerson, Kyla Langen, Stephanie Schechter, Kaley Swift, Megan Godinez, Claire Bevilacqua, Bianca Buitendag, Lauren Sweeney, Alexa Frantz, Kelsey Harris, Mallory Eberlin, and Courtney Conlogue.

Surf Girls of Summer. An Ongoing Surf Photo Gallery from May through August. Free to attend, no ticket required.

We know what you're thinking. Mid-May is certainly not summer ...yet a trip to the beach earlier today sure felt like summer, so much so that we've decided to kick off Jettygirl's annual summer photo feature a bit early this year. The water's warming up, the sun's out and there's no May Gray to be seen. We'll be adding regularly to this photo feature over the next four months so check back often. We hope that all of you have a wonderful summer and for those of you on the globe who are entering winter shortly, we hope these images will keep you inspired as you're pulling on your 4/3 fullsuits. Enjoy!
Alana Blanchard and the mythical saltwater opossum. Photo © Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Alana Blanchard - Photo: Chris Grant / August 7, 2012 - Alana Blanchard takes a moment to guide a baby opossum up to dry sand after he found himself going for an unexpected ocean swim.
Kyla Langen with a spirited foam blast at a spot her and her family call home. Kyla Langen - Photo: Chris Grant / August 1, 2012 - Kyla Langen spends much of her time up north these days but it's always a treat when she's in town. Spirited foam blast at a spot her and her family call home.
Lauren Sweeney, frontside air in Carlsbad, California. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Lauren Sweeney - Photo: Chris Grant / July 16, 2012 - I met Lauren Sweeney five years ago on the morning this photo was taken. Her first ride was a backside air. This was her second wave. Five minutes into the session and she already had a fan for life. After getting to know her over the years, I've found her to be one of the most well-rounded individuals I've ever come across.
While visiting Southern California a while back, Peru's Alexia Jeri enjoyed some afternoon lefts at one the best summer spots on our coast. Alexia Jeri - Photo: Chris Grant / July 8, 2012 - A while back I was swimming around in the channel when a ripping goofyfoot from Peru paddled out a snagged a bunch of fun lefts to herself. Alexia Jeri hooks one off the top at one of Southern California's few remaining secret spots.
Florida's Haley Watson at Oceanside Pier. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Haley Watson - Photo: Chris Grant / July 6, 2012 - Haley Watson is one of the few people we know who'd both surf in an event, then do the Reef bikini contest afterward. The current Miss Flagler County dons an evening gown as easily as she gets her hands dirty organizing events and raising money for the MayDay Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit she founded in loving memory of her mother, Dollie Sue Watson, that raises awareness and funds to fight heart disease in women.
Coco Ho, Nike US Open of Surfing, Huntington Beach. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Coco Ho - Photo: Chris Grant / July 5, 2012 - We still think it's lame that the World Tour doesn't end in Hawaii again this year. Deciding the World Title in Huntington Beach just doesn't seem right. Nevertheless, the HB shorebreak still tests boards, bodies and commitment. Knees bent and ready to absorb the shore dump, Coco Ho stamps the end of her ride with an exclamation point.
Claire Bevilacqua at Trestles. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua - Photo: Chris Grant / July 3, 2012 - This post will be short and sweet. We miss Claire and wish she was here. Today, tomorrow and always, she will be one of our all-time favorites.
Day in, day out you can find Lulu Erkeneff ripping her local left. Surf photo by Mark Simon - Lulu Erkeneff - Photo: Mark Simon / June 30, 2012 - Day in, day out you can find Lulu Erkeneff ripping this local left. Earlier today, Lulu put in some solid rail work at one of California's most competitive surf spots.
Danny Dean, Oceanside, California. Photo by Chris Grant, Danny Dean - Photo: Chris Grant / June 25, 2012 - It's always wise to check for stingrays during the summer, but the influx in Oceanside this year is simply ridiculous. You're usually in the clear when the only parts of you in saltwater are a couple of toes. In the Summer of 2012 however, there are so many out there that it's worth it to check back and make sure they're not following you onto the sand. Danny Dean, Oceanside, California.
Nikki Viesins hucking spray in onshore Oceanside. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Nikki Viesins - Photo: Chris Grant / June 23, 2012 - Some of Nikki Viesins' turns were so similar to Sally Fitzgibbons that I did a few double-takes yesterday. On a messy onshore day where many of the locals left the water shaking their heads at how bad it was, Nikki shredded wave after wave to the beach. I wish she would visit North County more often.
Frothy waves require both power and finesse. Kaleigh Gilchrist surfing in South Orange County. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Kaleigh Gilchrist - Photo: Chris Grant / June 21, 2012 - I dig watching power surfers and Kaleigh Gilchrist is no exception. This particularly windy day featured tricky, frothy rights and with textbook style, Kaleigh applied both power and finesse on wave after wave.
Alexa, Kelsey and Mallory walk up the beach after an exhausting session of non-stop paddling, currents and closeout sets. Photo by Chris Grant, Alexa Frantz, Kelsey Harris & Mallory Eberlin - Photo: Chris Grant / June 11, 2012 - These three surfers had just finished a completely solo session and were back at the car when a complete stranger walks up and says, "My friend has this boat. Do you want to go wakeboarding with us?" After an incredibly awkward minute of silence, the guy bailed but once again I was left bewildered at the lame lines I hear on Jettygirl shoots. I'm pretty sure that bikinis are just bikinis, not invitations.
World Champion Lindsay Steinriede at home in California. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Lindsay Steinriede - Photo: Chris Grant / June 10, 2012 - Far from the prying eyes of a hundred media cameras, the current ASP Women's Longboard World Champion, Lindsay Steinriede, makes her way to the water's edge at a break that's always been dear to her heart.
Alexa Frantz, La Jolla. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Alexa Frantz - Photo: Chris Grant / June 8, 2012 - Somewhat of a secret outside of San Diego, Alexa Frantz is definitely on the short list of surfers I like to shoot with. Her choice of beach attire turns heads most everywhere she goes but it's what she does in the water that I appreciate. The powerful regularfoot has a variety of fin-throwing turns and she never plays it safe. Alexa takes the polar-opposite of "3 to the beach" approach and that's one of the reasons why we like her surfing so much.
Singlefin Love. While visiting from Japan, Ryoko Maruyama shows her board some much deserved appreciation before paddling out at a secret reef in Cardiff. Photo by Chris Grant, Ryoko Maruyama - Photo: Chris Grant / June 6, 2012 - With a quiet gesture that would surely warm the heart of any surfboard shaper, Ryoko Maruyama, shows her board some much deserved appreciation before paddling out at a secret reef in Cardiff. Singlefin love from Japan.
Dana Hills High School star, Danielle Wyman, ripping one off the top in local waters. Surf photo by Mark Simon - Danielle Wyman - Photo: Mark Simon / June 5, 2012 - On one of those "sunny-but-still-fullsuit" weather days, 3-time ISF State Champion and Dana Hills High School star, Danielle Wyman, whips a nice turn off the top at her local spot. As a standout at one of Southern California's most competitive surf spots, watch for Danielle to continue to make waves in coming years.
Current women's Pipeline champion, Bianca Valenti, was in town this weekend for the Bud Light Lime Surf Series and enjoyed some warm water sessions far from her home in Marin County. Bianca Valenti - Photo: Chris Grant / June 4, 2012 - Far from her homebreak in Marin County, current women's Pipeline champ, Bianca Valenti, was in town for the Bud Light Lime Surf Series event in Oceanside held over the weekend. The waves weren't great but I'm sure it was refreshing for Bianca to ditch her fullsuit and booties for a couple of days in a spring suit.
Kassia Meador testing out her early wetsuit designs at Cardiff Reef. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Kassia Meador - Photo: Chris Grant / May 26, 2012 - A few summers back I had the chance to work with Kassia for a three-day stretch while she was working on some of her early wetsuit designs. A few things stick out in my mind from the sessions ...on the negative side, no sun and a fried wide angle lens; on the bright side, it was the first time I was able to meet the amazing Sofia Mulanovich and of course the extended opportunity to watch Kassia rip on everything from her prized alaia to a pristine singlefin noserider.
On the long rocky walk back after being chased out of a secret spot, Taylor Pitz found a nice place to cool her toes. Taylor Pitz - Photo: Chris Grant / May 24, 2012 - After being chased from a secret spot last summer, we had to walk for an hour over sharp, rocky terrain. Judging by Taylor's virtual jog over sharp rocks, she'd have no problem walking over hot coals. She probably grew weary of hearing me say, "Ooh, ouch!" a thousand times during the journey. On the way back Taylor discovered a natural pool and took a moment to cool her feet.
Shea Hodges, late afternoon slice. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Shea Hodges - Photo: Chris Grant / May 23, 2012 - Late afternoon slice by Shea Hodges. The water in San Diego is beginning to warm which suits this Hawaiian goofyfoot fine. While others are breaking out their bikinis, Shea's happily transitioning to a 3/2mm full. Warm and shredding in the sun's last light, Cardiff, California.
Kulia Doherty - surf photo by Chris Grant, Kulia Doherty - Photo: Chris Grant / May 21, 2012 - It may not look like it but on this summer day the water was freezing. If I recall, Kulia's dad Mike (may he rest in peace) said he'd give her $10 if she braved the sub-60 degree cold for a couple of waves. I wasn't on the beach to see her collect her payday but she earned every cent on the couple of rights she ripped to the beach.
Chloe Buckley off the bottom at Scripps. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Chloe Buckley - Photo: Chris Grant / May 17, 2012 - A painful example of May and June in California ...cloudy over here, sunny over there. Chloe Buckley eyes a section down the line on one of those overcast-but-warm mornings.
Claire Bevilacqua navigating the jump-off point during a south swell in Oceanside, California. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua - Photo: Chris Grant / May 16, 2012 - With south swell lines pushing into the jetty a few seasons back, our good friend Claire Bevilacqua makes her way to the jump-off spot.
Hayley Conant, summer surf session at Oceanside Pier, 2007. Photo by Chris Grant, Hayley Conant - Photo: Chris Grant / May 15, 2012 - This photo was taken in 2008 but we wanted to post it in honor of Hayley Conant, who as of a few hours ago gave birth to her first child. While Hayley might not be surfing anytime soon, her summer will no doubt be an amazing one. Congratulations Hayley!

Surf Video Clip: Volcomunity TV Presents “Catching Up with Claire Bevilacqua”

Volcomunity Presents "Catching Up with Claire Bevilacqua" Location: Bud Light Lime Surf Series, San Clemente, May 2011 Just before summer I was given the opportunity to follow Claire Bevilacqua around with a video camera for a couple of days during the first contest of the Bud Light Lime Surf Series. Claire ripped in the event and went on to win the competition...a perfect ending to this little video clip. After filming was completed, the files were shipped off to Orange County where Volcom's talented editors got down to business. Guest appearances by Kamalei Alexander, Benji Weatherly, Serena Brooke, Chris Cote, Sara Taylor, Rochelle Ballard, Jen Smith, Jenna Balester, Kim Mayer and Keala Kennelly. Catch more Volcomunity TV here:

Summer Time. A collection of surf photos from our favorite season at JettyGirl.

As we embark on another season of sunshine, we feel that there's no better way to celebrate summer than to showcase a few photos from our favorite time of year. Our goal here (more or less) is to post an image or two every few days so check back often to see what's new. We wish you all the best of times this summer and for those of you on the globe who are entering winter right now, I hope these will keep you stoked as you're pulling on your fullsuits. Enjoy! Leila Hurst, Newport Beach. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Leila Hurst - Photo: Chris Grant / August 9 - A clean turn on a glassy wave will always be a timeless move. Leila Hurst recently moved from the warmth of Hawaii to the every-once-in-a-while sunny skies of California. The highly ranked Pro Jr is a most welcome addition to our shores and I'm hopeful that you'll be seeing more of the stylish regularfoot in JettyGirl in coming weeks and months.
Claire Bevilacqua barreled in Newport Beach, surf photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua - Photo: Chris Grant / August 8 - This Western Australian loves to punt airs but even more, she relishes the chance to pull in. I wish I could she Claire in action at Backdoor this winter but for now, some thin-lipped Newport barrels need to suffice. A terror in the air and an absolute maestro in the green room, Claire Bevilacqua.
Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst in Newport Beach, photo by Chris Grant, Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst - Photo: Chris Grant / August 7 - Yes, this is summer. Our brief season of warm water arrived then disappeared before our June gloom fullsuits ever had a chance to completely dry out. This August morning was gray and drizzling but even the dullest of mornings brightens up when you're among friends. Longtime friends Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst run to greet each other in Newport Beach.
Jasset Umbel, late afternoon Lowers. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Jasset Umbel - Photo: Chris Grant / July 29 - The Trestles area responds differently to each swell. While Lowers can seem like top-to-bottom paradise, some swell directions call for a more lateral approach. Florida's Jasset Umbel spends quite a bit of time at the famous pointbreak and knows when to hit the gas pedal to get speed for the sections setting up down the line. Jasset takes the high line on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
Kelly Nicely with 4-Eyed Clyde...before Clyde's last ride. Photo by Chris Grant of Kelly Nicely - Photo: Chris Grant / July 22 - Four-Eyed Clyde's last ride. Tonight I met up with Kelly Nicely who had just returned from France after competing in the Roxy Pro. While she usually just sells her boards in Europe to save in airline fees, Four-Eyed Clyde was so special to her that she paid $300 to get the board back to California. Exactly one hour after this photo was taken, Four-Eyed Clyde was broken in two pieces by a shallow, double-up. Rest in Peace Clyde 🙁
Shea Hodges, evening surf. Surfing photo by Chris Grant of Shea Hodges - Photo: Chris Grant / July 14 - Tonight I had the opportunity to meet up with a good friend who happens to be one of the best surfers I've ever seen, Hawaii's Shea Hodges. We don't get to shoot as much as when she lived up here in Oceanside but I'm always stoked when we can meet up. Our evening session was small, really small, but as she always does, Shea took apart the mini-lefts running across the inside bank. Looking forward to many more sessions with the stylish Hawaiian throughout the summer...
Marissa Shaw rotating at Lowers. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Marissa Shaw - Photo: Chris Grant / July 13 - A few years ago I was shooting with Claire Bevilacqua at one of Southern California's busiest point breaks. On this particular day, many of America's top female amateur surfers were splitting peaks with Claire. When she exited the water she asked me the name of the young regularfoot who launched airs on every wave. It was none other than San Clemente's Marissa Shaw. Fast forward to last week at the same spot and there was Marissa, punting at every opportunity and even tweaking it into rotations when the opportunity presented itself. A shredding surfer, gnarly athlete, busy lifeguard and dedicated college student, there's pretty much nothing Marissa Shaw can't do.
Alexa Frantz surf photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Alexa Frantz - Photo: Chris Grant / July 12 - Summer is in full force but still some gray days remain. I don't know anybody that loves bikinis as much as Alexa Frantz. It could be freezing shown here by the dudes in the fullsuits ...and there will be Alexa, throwing buckets like it's the hottest day of summer. There's no doubt that Alexa turns heads as she walks down the beach carrying her hot pink boards but it's the manner in which she hucks spray that I appreciate. Her heart of gold? ...that's pretty cool too!
Ornella Pellizzari visiting San Diego from Argentina. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Ornella Pellizzari - Photo: Chris Grant / July 9 - Overhead, nasty onshores, and river-like currents...all part of Oceanside during a south swell. It was refreshing to see a pro surfer paddle out in WAY less than ideal conditions, all the while smiling and laughing while taking off on ugly bombs. There weren't many hittable sections but this right had one and Argentina's Ornella Pellizzari launched into a nice backside air. So stoked that Ornella will be in town for a while 🙂
Stephanie Schechter surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Surf Magazine. Stephanie Schechter - Photo: Chris Grant / July 5 - It's always interesting to meet new surfers and discover their unique personalities. My wife and I often joke that I have both the gift of perception and misperception in equal parts. I love guessing with each new person I meet how their on-land style will translate once they hit the water. Stephanie Schechter is a case in point. My assumption was that her larger than life, gregarious personality on land would translate into an energetic style of waveriding. In contrast, Stephanie's surfing style is about as calm, cool and collected as can be. Stephanie, relaxed on the nose in Oceanside.
Julie Cox, late afternoon surf session. Surfboard by Dane Perlee with artwork by Thomas Campbell. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Julie Cox - Photo: Chris Grant / July 3 - I've always loved this shot of Julie Cox...the late afternoon hues, the sunlight bouncing off her wetsuit and the beautiful surfboard shaped by Dane Perlee and painted by Thomas Campbell. As Julie dedicates more of her daylight hours to the California Surf Museum where she serves as Operations Manager, I'm sure she appreciates those extra hours of sunlight that each summer afternoon brings.
Heather Jordan. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Heather Jordan - Photo: Chris Grant / July 2 - While not a fan of the marine layer, I do like those mornings that are "bright" gray if that makes sense. In the half-dozen years I've known Heather Jordan, one thing's for certain, I have absolutely no idea when or where our paths will cross but I'm always stoked when they do. On this morning Heather ventured far from her homebreak and ended up getting some of the best waves of the day. Intelligent and hard-working, Heather will be making her way up to UCLA this fall...meeting up with fellow Bruins, Taylor Pitz and Chandler Parr in what looks to be a formidable surf team in the women's division.
Kyla Langen surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Surf Magazine. Kyla Langen - Photo: Chris Grant / July 1 - Brains, beauty, soul, and the versatility to charge barrels and draw flawless arcs, my friend Kyla Langen enjoying her favorite local spot. Preparation is key in early summer as the tricky and changing water temps could find you in a fullsuit in the morning and a bikini just a few hours later.
Jenna Balester at Huntington Beach Pier. Surf photo by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Jenna Balester - Photo: Chris Grant / June 29 - Intimate knowledge of your local break pays off when faced with summertime crowds. While the masses were being swept up the coast in Huntington Beach's Colorado River-like current, Jenna Balester out-positioned the pack and scored one of the better rights of the morning...delivering a beautiful backhand turn on a special quad shaped by her dad, Tom Balester.
Brittani Nicholl surf photo by Chris Grant, Brittani Nicholl - Photo: Chris Grant / June 22 - Even at California's most crowded summertime pointbreak there are occasional moments of solitude. Photo-friendly lighting is long gone by lunch hour but that doesn't mean the waves are done. Brittani Nicholl paddled out for some midday fun and I was lucky enough to join her and her mom for one last session before they left for home last summer. Unfortunately, Brittani like so many of my Australian friends, won't be coming to America this summer thanks to the ridiculous decision to "upgrade" the US Open to a World Tour event this year. Since the same family of companies basically controls both events, my vote is to return the US Open to its former WQS status and make real progress by adding a Women's World Tour event to the Hurley Pro at Lowers in September. Sadly though, I don't get a vote...
Claire Bevilacqua in color. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Claire Bevilacqua - Photo: Chris Grant / June 21 - In a world of desaturated images, cell phone one-click recipes, bogus light leaks and every other type of digital treatment (some of which were applied here), pure color sometimes takes a back seat to its trendy counterparts. Unlike photos though, colorful personalities like Claire's never fade into the background. Reaching out to feel the arc she's created, Claire paints another masterpiece.

Keala Kennelly and Claire Bevilacqua Score Big Desert Barrels. Surf video courtesy of

I wouldn't normally share a Facebook exchange on here but this one was pretty lame on my part... Chris: "Come back soon...your mind would be blown by how good Lowers has been lately." Claire: "Naaaaa, blown outta pits in the desert is way more appealing than Trestles...haaaaa." After watching Claire and Keala in this clip, it made me wonder about the current women's world tour schedule. In 2011, not one wave on the tour will come close to matching the challenge of these heaving desert barrels. Why on earth is this year's world title being decided in Huntington Beach? Anyone have an answer for that one? And back to our regularly scheduled programming...Keala and Claire pushing limits in the desert...
[youtube width="608" height="371" video_id="bcFcbyOObo0"] HGM Honeyz Search To Surf Big Desert Barrels International legend women surfers Keala Kennelly and Claire Bevilacqua fly to the desert in search of perfect waves and score big time. Surf Video courtesy of Homegrown Maniacs

Film Trailer for OCEANIDES. A Surf Movie About Women and Oceans.

[youtube width="608" height="371" video_id="bdMw9HwGehY"] Directed by Lorène Carpentier | Presented by The Keep A Breast Foundation OCEANIDES is a poetic vision of surfers, nymphs, along Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Caribbean, Coral, and Tasmanian Seas... these places become the theatre of marine and submarine visions of light and life. Surfers: Margaux Arramon-Tucco, Rochelle Ballard, Jodie Barsby, Claire Bevilacqua, Hélène Chabeaud, Melissa Combo, Julie Cox, Lee Ann Curren, Leah Dawson, Pandora Decoster, Charlotte Hand, Rosie Locke, Kassia Meador, Coline Ménard, Candice O'Donnell, Jen Smith and friends. Film Tour Dates: July: France | October: California | November: Mexico & Hawaii For more information, photos and tour dates, please visit
Jessica Grimwood enjoying the golden light of a West Oz sunset. Photo courtesy of Jessica Grimwood and friends.

Waltzing Matilda with Jessica Grimwood

Jessica Grimwood enjoying the golden light of a West Oz sunset. Photo courtesy of Jessica Grimwood and friends.
I made the trek by air from the East Coast to the West. The West is a much more rugged and intense part of Australia. Western Australia is what I would imagine the East to have been like back in the days when England sent the convicts here as punishment ...untouched and enchanted. This was notably the first surf trip I have done in a long time that hasn't involved competing for the extent of my stay and it was a very different vibe to travel on. Claire Bevilacqua, Jessica Grimwood, Bo Stanley and Wini Paul in Western AustraliaI traveled with Kiwi Wini Paul and Californian Bo Stanley down to our friend Claire Bevilacqua's house. Her house is approximately three hours down the coast from Perth in Western Australia at a place called Yallingup. Also staying at Bevo's beach house was two pro English surfers Matt and Jayce and two of Claire's school friends Renee and Chiara. Staying with Claire is always an amazing, refreshing and positively exhausting experience. You know you are going to be surfing and frothing out more than you ever have, eating better than you would ever dream of and feeling simply on top of life all together. Bevo also likes to dance as do the rest of us. Consequently, the Yallingup escape frequently morphed into a dance club (which we named Club Bevo) with all the neighbors in the small community joining in. It was a great way to pump each other up before our marathon surf sessions, or to wind down from the heavy slabs and powerful Indian Ocean swells we had conquered that day. We surfed so many different spots on this trip and were blessed with amazing swell everyday. I didn't surf a wave much smaller than 4 feet the whole time which was such a great relief from the East Coast wave drought I had experienced before I left. Jessica Grimwood and the English boys.Claire, Jessica, Jayce, Matt, Bo and Wini after another long day of pumping waves at Bevo's house.With all the different local secret spots that are here, we regularly had to take the 4WD tracks. I enjoyed more than anything lying in the back of the camper van the English boys had borrowed and flying down the 4WD track to my favorite spot (I will leave it unnamed to protect it from exposure). The red earth track was scattered with limestone protruding from the ground and old tree branches exposed by erosion. My body would bounce around the back of the van, almost touching the roof on every bump. I couldn't wipe the grin from my face. I saw so much of the Australian landscape and wildlife. The colors, simple yet so effective. Red earth to green vegetation to the blue ocean, each complimenting the other. These are the colors of Australia but are often overshadowed in the East by over-development. My throat was always dry from the red dirt we were churning up in our race to the ocean's shore. Every time we met the ocean at the cliff of my favorite secret spot, it never disappointed. Pumping A-frame lineups that stretched across the reef would be waiting to greet us. There were never many other people around either, usually more dolphins than anything. By the time I could change into my surf suit or get my boards ready, my feet would be red and black with earth, my skin already sizzling and my brow sweating. I could never get down the trail quick enough into the water, but at the same time had be careful not to take my toes off on the hidden limestone daggers. Snakes, lizards, spiders and birds scattered our trails every session. Ants the size of my small finger would also dance upon the hot earth and try to catch your toes on the way down, always seeming angry when you passed and eager to chase. Thank God for my thick-skinned feet. "Garrigarrang" I learned was the Aboriginal word for the sea. I adopted it. Though our experience with members of the Indigenous community later on in our trip left much to be desired, it did enlighten me to the real racial struggles we face to work together. I still admire the spirit of Aboriginals but realize both parties have a long way to go in understanding each other. The Aussie girls capturing some Western gold in the afternoon.For the 14 days we all spent at Bevo's house, we embraced our rugged surfing lifestyle. We stayed in the water all day and dealt with crispy hair and sunburned skin. Even sea ulcers and sore muscles couldn't keep us from the long paddle back to the lineup after each amazing wave. Every night we would prepare a massive and extremely healthy feast and froth out about the days adventures, waves and pleasures. Then, with the help of the local vineyard's world famous red and white wines, we would all fall into comas of exhaustion only to dream of the next day's Western Adventures. I cannot wait to make the trek back over to the West and settle into the rugged and raw surfing lifestyle that exists there. I'm looking forward to once again being mentored by the true Westerner herself Claire and to score secluded, powerful, pumping slabs of Indian Ocean. If I can draw only one conclusion from my travels to this part of Australia, I will simply say, "The West is the best!"

An Afternoon with Serena Brooke, Pt One

Serena Brooke at Cardiff Reef, surf photo by Chris Grant An Afternoon with Serena Brooke, Part One of Two JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine's Interview with a Living Legend Serena Brooke surf photo by Chris GrantIn the mid-90's I went for a mid-morning surf at Lowers when a nicely directed head-high swell snuck into the famous Southern California pointbreak. About an hour into the session I saw a girl surf waves like I had never seen them surfed before. Wave after wave she'd drive into flawless figure-8 roundhouse cutbacks followed by extended tail-drop floaters. I actually got out of the water to watch, soon learning that the surfer was none other than Australia's Serena Brooke. Fast forward a decade and a half and over the past couple of weeks I finally had the opportunity to work with Serena. Spend a day with her and you're left with no doubt why she's been one of the most beloved surfers of the past few generations. When you mix talent with good looks, quick wit, intelligence and a dash of mischief, it makes for an unforgettable individual. However, while Serena's every bit a superstar, she's also as down-to-earth as a good friend you've known forever ...and that's what I admire most about her. We're honored and humbled to bring you this interview with a living legend. Enjoy! --Chris Grant JettyGirl: You've been in California for a while now. What will you be up to for the rest of the year? Serena Brooke: I've been in California for a couple months but I'm actually heading home tonight. I'm possibly going to be doing a trip to China for a surfing expedition and then I'm headed to Hawaii for the Triple Crown and to do Bud Light promos. I've actually also got a trip to the Bahamas on a cruise ship with Bud Light Lime. Then, I'm going back to Hawaii after that. JG: You were part of a group of women who seemed to have it all …mainstream women's surf magazines, all-girl surf movies and a good deal of sponsorship opportunities. Just this morning we picked up a random sampling of fifteen surf magazines from the late 1990's/early 2000's and discovered that you were in over thirty full-page and double-page ads. Do you ever feel like you were part of a "golden age" in women's surfing? SB: Yes, I definitely feel like I was part of a golden age. There was the whole 90's boom in the surf world. There was the Hollywood aspect with Blue Crush. There was the women's boardshort revolution with Roxy. The world was thriving also at that point ...there were a lot of girls-only surfing magazines as well. We started getting standalone events on the World Championship Tour. The world economically was doing great and everything was booming at that point. I'm super grateful to have been a part of it. It's definitely a little different these days. There's nowhere near the amount of coverage available in the magazines and there simply aren't many publications either. At the time there was Surf Girl, Surfing Girl, Wahine …probably five magazines that were just dedicated to women's surfing that aren't even in publication anymore. Serena Brooke backside floater in Cardiff, surf photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine JG: Nowadays, it seems like there's more money for a few girls but less opportunity for the majority of them. A couple of girls on Tour are making a great living yet others can barely scrape together enough pennies to get to the next stop. With more young surfers than ever hoping to make the Tour someday, do you think female professional surfing is still a viable career path? SB: I think female professional surfing is a great career path but it's true that just a select few girls make a lot of money doing that. You know you've either got to be a real standout competitively like a Stephanie Gilmore, just winning everything or you need to be able to market yourself in some way that's outside of the box and be very savvy with always being in the media …you know maybe someone like Claire Bevilacqua who's got Bevo's Backwash and who's always getting herself out there and shooting a lot of photos. I definitely think it's still possible's just you have to put hard work into it. That's always been the same really but right now there doesn't seem to be the amount of spots that there used to be. However, if there's a will, there's a way …and if you want to put in the dedication and the hard work and you surf really well, you can definitely do that. A lot of girls that don't even surf that well can make money and a really good career out of the surf world by pursuing modeling, surfing and that whole thing. There are definitely opportunities, it's just how you want to approach it and what you're willing to sacrifice of yourself. Some people don't want to go down the mainstream path of wearing the tiny bikini and doing the photo shoots and acting a little bit like a bimbo to get attention. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that if that's what you're into but that's not for everyone either. It seems like there is a little bit of a narrow doorway when it comes to making it. It's not really a broad spectrum like it is on the men's side of things. You can be crazy and not the prettiest surfer boy but if you surf great, you can have an attitude and that'll work for you and you can build upon that. However, that doesn't really cross over to women's surfing. They want the girls that fit a certain mold's limiting and one dimensional which I don't think it should be. We're all different. It would be boring if all the girls were exactly the same. I think that the surfing world could definitely learn from the rest of the world and other sports and the reality of what is …which is that we're not all exactly the same blonde haired, stereotyped surfer girl. We have a lot of characters…
"You can be crazy and not the prettiest surfer boy but if you surf great, you can have an attitude and that'll work for you and you can build upon that. However, that doesn't really cross over to women's surfing."

JG: At the 1999 WCT event at Teahupo'o, you suffered a serious concussion but got right back out there anyway, pushing through to the semis. At a place like that, are you even thinking about the other competitors or does the wave itself simply demand all of your attention? SB: I would say at a place like Teahupo'o you're obviously aware of what's going on in the heat and the scores you need but there's so much more going on. I remember my heats in Teahupo'o when it was six foot and ugly and not even breaking well, it was more that you stuck together with your competitor. I had a heat with Chelsea Hedges out there and in the heat before Lisa Anderson had almost drowned and had been pulled up by her hair and basically rescued. Chelsea took a wave in my heat and cut her hip and had a big gash which required numerous stitches to close. That was right before I got hit on the reef. It was more like we were checking on each other. I was like, "Are you ok? You're bleeding…are you good?" Obviously you want to get through your heat and you do your best to jockey for position and get the waves but it's not really like other places where you're just focused on what the other person in your heat is doing. Some of the heats out there when it's big and onshore and not even a good direction and it's shutting down nearly every wave's more about just giving all of your attention to the wave itself, the set coming or where you're positioned. It's quite a bit different than surfing heats in less dangerous places. JG: Is the Tour less relevant for no longer having stops like Teahupo'o on the schedule? SB: I would say yes. We had a lot of quality waves at the events back through that 90's boom I was just speaking about. Along with Teahupo'o, we had Jeffrey's Bay and Cloudbreak which is a big challenging left on Tavarua in Fiji. There were definitely waves that pushed the level up a notch. It wasn't just about groveling around in beachbreaks. We had the Teahupo'o event replaced with an event at a closeout beachbreak in Brazil in Itacare. There's just no comparison (laughs) ...a closeout little beachbreak compared to Teahupo'o. There were a lot of politics that went into that decision. I heard that there were legalities or some girls didn't want to surf it or something like that. But you know …if you don't want to surf it, don't show up and let the alternate go and surf it. I got really hurt there but I still think it was a great event. I was just there in May and if run in the right conditions, Teahupo'o is definitely doable. It's a really challenging wave but that's how you grow the sport.
Photo Credits: CHRIS GRANT/JETTYGIRL.COM Go to PART TWO of An Afternoon with Serenea Brooke Read more about Serena Brooke at Watch Serena Brooke surf on JettyGirl's YouTube Channel