Single Wave Thursday featuring Claire Bevilacqua. One ride, no music, just surfing. Bevo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

Claire Bevilacqua – Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing.

Single Wave Thursday featuring Claire Bevilacqua. One ride, no music, just surfing. Bevo on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Claire Bevilacqua - Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing. If there is one surfer who we've covered a bunch over the years, it's Western Australia's Claire Bevilacqua. The clean-eating, earth-loving, barrel-charging regularfoot is gifted with extraordinary amounts of pure energy. While she's still driven to pull into freakishly shallow barrels at home and to loft ever higher airs, Claire has now dedicated herself to training the next generation of Western Australia's competitive surfers through The Claire Bevilacqua Surf Academy. On this particular day during one of her annual trips to California back in 2009, Claire makes sense of a crowded Lowers lineup with a clean right that she punctuates with a couple of layback hacks before driving into a big wrap on the inside. The footage is old "standard def" but Claire's surfing, like her life, is HD all the time. Bevo is one of our favorite human beings and our fingers are crossed that she'll be visiting California again sometime soon. Film: Chris Grant | Sound: Pacific Ocean and a trusty Canon camera * There's no HD on this one but to get the best quality, click the little icon to the right of the clock on the YouTube player (you must hit the play arrow first to see the icons) and select 480p. Previous Single Wave Thursdays: Kaleigh Gilchrist | Courtney Conlogue | Justine Dupont | Silvana Lima | Courtney Conlogue | Erin Ashley | Brittani Nicholl | Alexa Frantz | Lindsay Steinriede
Additional Resources: The Claire Bevilacqua Surf Academy Claire Bevilacqua official Facebook page Claire Bevilacqua on Twitter Claire Bevilacqua on Instagram
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Claire Bevilacqua banks high on the face of a clean Southern California wall. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

Photo Friday: Our Summer Begins with Claire Bevilacqua

Claire Bevilacqua banks high on the face of a clean Southern California wall. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Although summer is roughly at the midway point by mid-July, ours doesn't officially begin until we cross paths with Western Australia's Claire Bevilacqua. We've known Claire for about seven years now and although following the Tour isn't her deal now, shredding most certainly is and she continues to do so with the best of them. Powerful, direct, and with a heart that's equal parts lion and puppy, this Australian legend continues to be a great person to kick off the season of the sun with. Claire Bevilacqua, backside air in San Clemente, California - surf photo by Chris Grant, claire-bevilacqua-backside-air-chris-grant-8068 claire-bevilacqua-backside-air-chris-grant-8069
Additional Resources: Follow Claire Bevilacqua on Twitter Claire Bevilacqua on Facebook Volcomunity TV Presents: "Catching Up with Claire Bevilacqua"
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Reflecting on a New Venture. Part One: Kim Mayer, the Original Jettygirl

Kim Mayer, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine cover, volume 1, number 1. Photo by Chris Grant.Photos & Words by Chris Grant | Presented by In 2003 for no apparent reason that I can recall, I registered the domain name Wanting to revisit a hobby I hadn't done much since high school, in the spring of 2005 I gathered together as many coins as I could find and purchased a Canon 20D along with a lens that was better known for bird photography than for surf photography, the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L. At times it's been humbling to set up my gear between professional photographers and their 600mm behemoths and at others I've been asked by a few pro surfers why I'm using such a small lens on a particular day. Overall though, I have to admit that this quirky little "bird" lens has treated me well these past six years. On July 21, 2005 I was standing on the beach at Oceanside Harbor taking photos of a couple of good friends. Midway through the session I caught sight of a young female surfer on a bright orange Ambrose speeding along an inside right. Nothing excites a surf photographer more than watching a surfer carry speed because you know when a section looms up, something good is going to happen I quickly tracked her through my camera as she approached a foamy, little closeout section. Kim Mayer, the original Jettygirl, throws tail off the foam in Oceanside. Surf photo by Chris Grant of Jettygirl. I would have never guessed it at the time but Kim Mayer's energetic tail throw off the foamy section would become the first stepping stone toward the future launch of JettyGirl. I can remember this turn like it was yesterday and as I searched the outside peaks, I discovered that Kim was not alone but was surfing with a talented group of women that included Kyla Langen, Prue Jeffries, Claire Bevilacqua, Kassia Meador, Mary Bagalso, Summer Romero, Malia Fuertes and CJ Soto. After this first session I became friends with this crew (except for Claire who I didn't meet in person until 2006) and we began to shoot occasionally when they were in town. At the urging of someone, probably Kyla Langen, I began sending in some photos to Sunshine Makarow's fantastic surf magazine, Surf Life for Women. Sunshine gave me my first chance and she started using some of my images in her surf mag, even crediting one of my photos of Sofia Mulanovich to Jim Russi to which I'm still honored years later. My mind goes blurry at this point but I believe in late 2005, both Surf Life for Women and SG Magazine shut their doors for good ...which left the United States with exactly zero surf magazines geared toward female surfers. I couldn't believe that I had found a nice surf photography niche and it had disappeared right when I was getting started. More than that though, these talented friends of mine had lost two important publications that had reliably showcased women ripping in waves big and small on boards long and short. The wheels in my mind began to turn... what was that domain name I had registered a while back... JettyGirl? Could I possibly do anything with that? Kim Mayer off the top at Oceanside Pier. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Thank the Lord for the long lines at Disneyland for it was while standing in line after line that my wife and I discussed creating a little online surf magazine for women. By now it was a foregone conclusion that the name would be JettyGirl and we set about getting it launched by January 2006. Our original idea was to provide in-depth coverage of one girl each month and when it came to who was going to be our first subject, there was one person in my mind who deserved it more than anyone else, Kim Mayer. I can't overstate this fact ...if there was no Kim Mayer doing that little tailslide in front of my camera earlier in the year, there would never have been a JettyGirl. Kim is epic in every way! She absolutely shreds in the water, is simply dripping with style, owns the most endearing of laughs and has a smile that lights up any room she enters. (Sidebar: I've railed on the surf industry plenty for being narrowly focused and shortsighted in who they give support to but nowhere have I seen them blow it more than in the case of Kim Mayer. The girl has it all ...brains, beauty (inside and out) and blistering turns and it's been ridiculous to see someone of her caliber without a major sponsor during her career. Props to Hotline Wetsuits for recognizing true talent and for supporting Kim with wetsuits all these years. I wish at least one of the clothing companies would have had your same foresight and wisdom.) Santa Cruz surfer Kim Mayer with a smile that would light up any room. Photo by Chris Grant of Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Instead of following a chronological series of events in the development of JettyGirl, I'm going to bounce around with this ongoing feature ...sometimes posting stories while at other times just sticking a photo on the wall with a simple caption. Thank you for reading this first installment of "Reflecting on a New Venture" and thank you for all of your support for our little grassroots project. Without all of you readers we wouldn't be continuing and without you Kim, we would have never even started.