Interview with Krystal Berry, Founder of 3 Thirty

Brand Donates 30% of the Profit of Each Sale to Animal, Environmental or Humanitarian Charities

Thanksgiving just passed and after spending the holiday thinking of all the things I am thankful for, 3 Thirty comes to the top of my mind. I founded 3 Thirty in 2013 as a way to give back to the surfing community and lifestyle that I fell in love with almost a decade ago. I started surfing in late 2008, during my first year of college. I am embarrassed to admit this but before surfing, I actually didn't like the beach at all. I was a terrible swimmer and I hated having sand in my bathing suit. But like magic, as soon as I stood up on a surfboard I was in love and my life changed forever in such a positive way. Now, my favorite feelings in the world are the surf wax under my nails, sand around my toes, the intoxicating smell of wetsuits and sun block commingling together and of course the instant good vibes that rush over my body when I step into the beautiful, familiar, blue liquid. It's easy to see how surfing can become addicting especially when you are surrounded by an amazing surf community. The surfers I met inside and outside the water were always stoked on life and sharing stoke with others. Not long after I started surfing I joined the Surfrider Foundation, Newport Beach Chapter, and volunteered with them for a few years. I am forever grateful to this organization for truly opening my eyes and heart to living a conscious life. I learned that our actions on land affect our precious ocean so it makes sense to take conscious steps everyday to protect it. That same insight can be applied to the skate and mountain lifestyles as well.   -- Krystal Berry, Founder -   Interview with Krystal Berry, Founder of 3 Thirty - Photo by @getwisefool
JettyGirl: What inspired you to start 3 Thirty? Krystal Berry: The idea for 3 Thirty developed several years ago, as I was seeking a more fulfilling career that allowed me to embrace surf culture and give back to the causes I was passionate about. The difficulty in that, other than there being a deficiency in conscious companies I could work for, is that I am passionate about many causes and could not decide on just one charity to help. After a few years of sparring with so many decisions and fear of failure, my husband encouraged me to go after my dream and I simply decided that I would embrace all my passions and support as many charities as possible while promoting a conscious lifestyle within the surf, skate and summit communities. The name 3 Thirty comes from the concept of supporting 3 charities every 30 days. We promote the charities each month and raise funds for them through the sale of our brand's apparel. We donate 30% of the profit from each sale to charity and a cool feature is that the buyer gets to choose which organization they want their purchase to support.
What charities do you support? The charities I support fall under three categories--Animal, Environmental and Humanitarian. We have supported several Surfrider chapters, tree planting and environmental clean up organizations, humane shelters and animal rescues like the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, and rad humanitarian organizations like the Surfing for Life Foundation in Santa Barbara and Exposure Skate in Encinitas which is an organization that supports both women in skateboarding and victims of domestic violence. We change charities every month so we are always looking for relevant organizations who are open to working with us.
Tell us about 3 Thirty's mantra "Be The Rad." My mantra, and the companies slogan, is "Be The Rad You Want To See In The World" which is inspired by Gandhi's famous quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world." It is about living a lifestyle that creates positive impacts in your life, your family, group of friends, community, city, etc. and hopefully, through your actions, it inspires others to do the same. It encourages people to take chances and not be afraid to fail, to go on adventures, to stand up for yourself and others, to challenge yourself to do something better, to treat your environment with respect, to not buy products that are harmful or wasteful, to be kind to animals, to raise awareness for a cause, and so on. This quote can mean something different to each person but for me it meant to start a business that is dedicated to helping charities and inspiring others to do good.
What is one thing you want JettyGirl readers to know? We love our rad lives and surfing and we want it to be sustainable. That means that we need to make the positive changes today in order to keep the good times flowing or make things better. I want people to know that you don't have to change your entire life in order to live consciously. It's about making a few changes here in there and being a positive influence. You never know who is watching and who you are inspiring.
How can our readers be a part of 3 Thirty's mission? We have been blessed with support from other surf and skate companies in the scene like Wise Fool, KD Custom Jewelry, Pink Widow Distribution and Silly Girl Skateboards. We are open to more collaborations from companies who get and support us. We also have mad love for our ambassadors and team riders who help us out on social media by spreading the word in the community. We would like to continue the momentum and welcome all those who learn of us and become inspired to be the rad they want to see in the world. If anyone wants to help out the charities we feature, we would encourage them to reach out to us, visit our online store and especially get our apparel that supports our featured charities and spreads good vibes.   Final words are a big THANK YOU to my husband for his unwavering support, to JettyGirl for featuring us, to every rad babe who is helping to spread the message of #betherad they want to see in the world and to everyone supporting our featured charities and helping to grow 3 Thirty.
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3 Thirty Ambassadors at Huntington Pier. Photo by @getwisefool Left to right: Team Rider, Julianne Hernandez; Ambassador, Alissa Moralles; Founder, Krystal Berry; Ambassador, Michelle Barnett. Photo: @getwisefool   3 Thirty apparel that supports charities and a rad lifestyle - Shop the apparel that supports charities and a rad lifestyle at Use code JETTY for 10% off.   Do Good. Stay Rad. 3 Thirty Ambassadors at Huntington Pier. Photo by @getwisefool Do Good. Stay Rad. Shop the apparel that does good at Use code JETTY for 10% off. Photo: @getwisefool   Krystal Berry of 3 Thirty - 3 Thirty Founder, Krystal Berry. Photo: @getwisefool   3 Thirty Ambassadors getting goofy - Alissa and Julianne goofing off. Photo: @getwisefool   Krystal Berry with 3 Thirty supporters - Left to right: Krystal at a Surfrider NB Chapter half-marathon; Krystal with Katy from KD Custom Jewelry at Exposure Skate 2015; Krystal surfing with Angela Michelle   Jordan, 3 Thirty skating ambassador - Jordan, 3 Thirty Skating Ambassador   Julie and Jordan, skaters - Skaters, Julie and Jordan   Julianne, 3 Thirty skating ambassador - Julianne, 3 Thirty Skating Ambassador   3 Thirty Ambassadors - Photo by @getwisefool 3 Thirty Ambassadors. Photo: @getwisefool    [ This post is sponsored by 3 Thirty. Use code JETTY for 10% off purchases at 3 Thirty's online store. ]

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