Haben Girma surfs a wave in San Diego with Surf Diva

Haben Girma, Deaf and Blind Harvard Law School Graduate, Goes Surfing with Surf Diva Surf School

"Can I learn to surf?" - Haben Girma, Deaf and Blind Harvard Law School Graduate "Sure you can!" - Izzy Tihanyi, Surf Diva Surf School
Imagine closing your eyes and dropping in... Haben Girma is an incredibly inspiring deaf and blind lawyer. The Harvard Law School graduate came to San Diego over New Year's to learn to surf. After she tandem surfed a few years ago riding on her belly, her goal was to surf on her own standing upright. We are stoked that she came to Surf Diva Surf School. Big shout out to the volunteers who helped make the lesson an amazing and safe experience for her.
About Haben Girma - habengirma.com Haben is deaf and blind. Against all odds she graduated from Harvard Law School and was the keynote speaker at at the White House Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act last year. She has​ ​recently held a​ ​TEDx Talk and​ ​is actively practicing at Berkeley-based nonprofit, Disability Rights Advocates​.
About Surf Diva Surf School - surfdiva.com Quoted "The Starbucks of surf schools" by Newsweek Magazine, Surf Diva Surf School is considered the pillar of women's surfing and offers surfing and standup paddleboard (SUP) lessons year-round for women, men, and children. Located in La Jolla, California with operations also in Costa Rica, Surf Diva is actively involved in charities and outreach to support both the local community and to raise awareness to protect the environment. The Surf Diva Boutique was awarded #1 Women's Retailer​ ​in the US by the Surfing Industry Manufacturing Association (SIMA)​.
Haben Girma learns about foot placement on the surfboard with Surf Diva Surf School Haben Girma surfs a wave in San Diego with Surf Diva Haben Girma surfs with Surf Diva. Group photo of Haben and volunteers.
Surfer girl, Tia Blanco, sitting on her longboard and looking toward the sunset. Frame grab from Justin Jung's surf film, A Short Escape, playing on Jettygirl Surf Magazine

Tia Blanco in “A Short Escape” – a Surf Film by Justin Jung with Music by Catherine Clark

  Although the vast majority of us ride surfboards shaped by someone else--hopefully your local shaper whenever possible--it's still fun to get yourself covered in foam by making an attempt at shaping your own surfboard at least once in your surfing life. If you can't get time in your own shaper's bay, a perfect alternative is to head to Shaper Studios where they have all the tools necessary to make your dream board a reality. In this video by the talented Justin Jung, Tia scores some time away from the competitive scene and enjoys a relaxing session at home on a self-shaped longboard, all backed by a wonderful track by Catherine Clark.
Film Description "After a long season of travels and shortboard competitions, it was nice to unwind at home and have some fun on my self shaped longboard. I will never forget days like these. Huge thanks to Justin Jung for putting this edit together. Also, thank you to Catherine Clark for the amazing song." - Tia Blanco
Film/Edit By Justin Jung
Surfer Tia Blanco - @tiablanco
Music Catherine Clark - "A Different Sun"
Surfer girl, Tia Blanco, sitting on her longboard and looking toward the sunset. Frame grab from Justin Jung's surf film,  A Short Escape, playing on Jettygirl Surf Magazine Tia Blanco leaps from her newly shaped surfboard. Frame grab from Justin Jung's surf film,  A Short Escape, playing on Jettygirl Surf Magazine Floral inlay on Tia Blanco's self-shaped single fin longboard. Frame grab from Justin Jung's surf film,  A Short Escape, playing on Jettygirl Surf Magazine Surfer girl, Tia Blanco, cross-steps her longboard as she surfs on a clean, summer wave. Frame grab from Justin Jung's surf film,  A Short Escape, playing on Jettygirl Surf Magazine California surfer, Tia Blanco, relaxes on her longboard under the warm summer sun. Frame grab from Justin Jung's surf film,  A Short Escape, playing on Jettygirl Surf Magazine

Leila X Sophia: Our Journey

LEILAxSOPHIA: Our Journey from Leila Hurst on Vimeo.  
Although Leila Hurst and I seem to pop into each other's lives only for brief periods of time over the years, I always cherish those moments and the memorable surf sessions that happen as a result of our paths crossing. One such meeting was four years ago when her sister, Sophia, went surfing for the first time. I've been blessed with many great memories while running JettyGirl, but watching Leila and Sophia ride a wave together tops the list of tearjerking moments. We chronicled the day in Surfing With My Sister so feel free to give it a click after watching Leila X Sophia. - Chris Grant
Film Description "Every person in this world is given a different set of challenges. Meet my sister Sophia. Her life in particular has been full of challenges. She was born with a walking disability known as Spina Bifida and has endured 29 surgeries in the 27 years of her life. She watched me grow up as an athlete winning surfing competitions from a young age. We had nothing in common- making it hard to relate to each other. What connected us was the fact that we were sisters. But we both shared challenges. Hers being mostly physically and overcoming them mentally and mine being internally with insecurity, society's expectations of women and the pressure to be perfect.
Four years ago Sophia and I got connected with an organization that gives paraplegic, quadriplegic, and people with Spina Bifida a chance to experience the feeling of riding a wave. This event changed our lives forever. As sisters and as a family, we learned that we shared struggles and we began to encourage one another to overcome them."
This is what the meaning of life is. - Leila Hurst
Film/Edit By Gage Hingeley
Surfer Leila Hurst - @leilahurst
Music Quinn Erwin
Leila and Sophia Hurst
Ford Sin Límites with Lucía Martiño

Sin Límites – Champion Spanish Surfer, Lucía Martiño, Takes Three New Friends Surfing. Presented by Ford Motor Company.

We love those clips that reach out and grab your heart. After sharing a photo earlier today, we clicked a link on Lucía's Instagram and it brought us to this gem of a video. Spanish surfing champion, Lucía Martiño, takes three new friends surfing in this short film presented by Ford Motor Company. As they drive, the surfers share stories of physical challenges like glaucoma and cerebral palsy. Later in the clip the trio of friends are on the shoreline waiting to go surfing and Lucía brings them three new surfboards for their surf session.   "I think it's good motivation for them to keep getting in the water everyday. The great thing about surfboards is that each has its own story, and the surprise comes once they're in the water and they see how their stories change." - Lucía Martiño   We hope you enjoy this heart-warming video. It certainly inspired us today.   Note: If you don't speak Spanish, click the "CC" box on the YouTube player to activate subtitles.
Filmmaker's Description En el surf, como en la carretera, podemos dejar atrás nuestros problemas y sentirnos libres. Cuéntanos tu historia y gana una tabla de surf: www.fordsinlimites.com
Agradecimientos Play & Train y Free Surfers School
Presented By Ford España
Surfer Lucía Martiño - @lucia_martino
  Ford Sin Limites with Lucía Martiño

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Karina Petroni, Windward, a Caribbean surf adventure film by Carl Rosen

Windward – Karina Petroni in a Film by Carl Rosen

Windward from Carl Rosen on Vimeo.  
All of our favorite surf videos make us want to jump from our chairs and book a flight somewhere. While we'd be trudging off to the nearest international airport, Karina Petroni's travel situation is a lot more romantic. When the mood strikes, a board is taken down from the rafters and loaded onto a plane piloted by her husband, David. Together, the two surfers travel throughout the Caribbean in search of crystal clear water and fun waves. We watched this clip over and over with equal measures of stoke and envy. Love this video!
Filmmaker's Description When adventure calls, someone must answer. Here's professional traveler, surfer and adventurer, Karina Petroni, answering the call by traversing to remote parts of the Caribbean, with her husband and pilot David, with the hopes of finding beauty in unknown places.
Film/Edit By Carl Rosen
Surfer Karina Petroni - @karina.petroni
Music "Beverly Hells" - SWIMM - swimmmusic.bandcamp.com
Karina Petroni - Windward
Courtney Conlogue in Emerald Odyssey, a surf film by Dillon Chang

Emerald Odyssey, a Short Surf Film by Dillon Chang, Starring Courtney Conlogue in Ireland

Emerald Odyssey from Dillon Chang on Vimeo.

Back in 2008 we asked Courtney Conlogue where she would go if she could take a board with her on a time machine. She responded that she would travel to "a time when life was slower and there was less technology. I would still want the best surfing equipment around. I'd go to Indonesia when no one was out because I want to be able to enjoy some incredible waves without a crowd. I want to relax and pick and choose the best waves with no hassling around me." While her Emerald Odyssey took her to Ireland instead of Indonesia, the trip definitely checked the rest of the boxes she spoke about seven years ago. It's a pleasure to watch Courtney surf Ireland's long lefts and it's easy to see how much she enjoys the uncrowded power of the Emerald Isle's rugged coastline.
Filmmaker's Description
After physical or emotional trauma, there is a period of reflection. A time where we disbelieve every ideal we once held close and reevaluate our anchors. Emerald Odyssey is a story about rediscovering those foundations. A story about going against the normalcy's and venturing to an unorthodox destination in search of waves and oneself.
Film/Edit By
Dillon Chang - Vimeo
Courtney Conlogue
"As Colorful As Ever" - Broke For Free "Beyond Something Beautiful" - Scott Holmes
  Courtney Conlogue stars in Emerald Odyssey, a short surf film by  Dillon Chang