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Tula Bikinis

Swimwear designed for action because surfing is more fun when your suit stays on.
Tula, which translates to ‘balance’ in Sanskrit, is for the seekers of life in balance – those who work hard and play just as hard, who nap on the beach after a 2-hour surf session, who order kale salad with pizza and beer, and who need a bikini that balances cute, comfort, and fully functional in the water.
Our brand also embraces life with a balanced earth. We use only the highest quality fabric made of recycled materials that keep waste out of our oceans and landfill and that will last multiple seasons. We manufacture locally in California and use only recycled packaging materials. We’re a responsible brand for the environmentally conscious water babe who shares our love for our oceans, earth, wildlife, and crazy adventures.
Based in Santa Cruz, CA, and tested worldwide.
  Website: tulabikinis.com   |   Instagram: @tulabikinis  |   Facebook: tulabikinis

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