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Rhea Bikinis

Rhea is for the stargazing, rain dancing, moonlight skinny dippin' mamas. The babes that need a bikini to keep up with their days of chasing waves, but want a brand to support the preservation of their earth playground. Those who celebrate the moment - a fleeting sunset, a crashing wave, the last few drops of a coconut. Rhea is all about collecting and preserving these experiences. That's why we create rad bikinis that strive to protect our beautiful environment where you rock 'em like the sun-dappled sistas we know you are. We are Bikini Rockin' Mother Earth Lovers.
Rhea Bikinis was born on the island of Oahu in 2017 with the idea that a bikini can be more than just a bikini - it can be an ode to the beautiful places it is worn and the oceans it swims through. Through our Prints for a Purpose Program we donate 5% of all sales of our printed suits to aligned non-profits that help to keep our Earth clean & green.
Much love.
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