2019 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide


Born out of love for the ocean and earth, Mona creates beautiful products that empower women and inspire a more sustainable life.
The 2019 Surf and Swim collection is a vibrant and colorful set of swimsuits that are perfect for action water sports and fit the modern, active women lifestyle. From long sleeves, one-piece, bikinis to rash-guards Mona has everything for you to surf in style in 2019.
All MONA products are made in California using recycled materials. The nylon used in Mona Seatex™ Fabric is 100% regenerated and derived from post-consumer waste reclaimed from the ocean, such as fishing nets. High standards of sustainability in every detail is what drove Andrea Picasso to create Mona. From fabrics to packaging, Mona aims to reduce the use of plastic materials and minimize CO2 emissions through its entire supply chain.
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