2019 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Makara Wear

Makara Wear's swim-wear line has been internationally recognized by active chicks that are into water sports. Our suits are made using top Lycra material and have been tested in various waters and weather conditions. Makara Wear suits hug a body like a glove, giving an opportunity to be active in style and perform at your peak, eliminating all the worries of the suit not fitting properly.
Makara means ocean monster in Hindu – like a surfer ripping a wave. The brand is extremely happy to see more and more women joining extreme water sports such as surfing, wind-surfing, body-boarding, paddle-boarding, kite-surfing, etc. Our swimsuits are designed to be worn while being active in water, riding a bike with your shorts on top of the suit, yoga, laying on the beach or attending a pool party.
We have expanded and created a stylish organic cotton line with the world and you in mind. Our cotton is locally grown and is biodegradable. It is healthy for you and good for the planet! Minimalist-island style dresses and shorts will prove once again, that less is more. As well, in one month we are releasing an ECO FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE SWIMWEAR LINE. All swimwear will be made from recycled plastic bottles. It's all about doing bold statements in elegance and style.
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