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Indigo Swimwear

Created in Encinitas, Southern California and manufactured in Bali, Indigo Swimwear was founded by Philippa Brenninkmeyer in early 2018. With a love for the beach life, she decided the only way to create something she believed in was to create something that had a purpose. Indigo Swimwear is not purely swimwear, there is much more behind this brand and the way it supports the waters in which it is made to swim.
All of the fabrics used by Indigo are made with ECONYL® yarn and are 100% regenerated nylon. The yarn that makes up all these pieces comes from old fishing nets and ocean waste! On top of that all of Indigo’s packaging, from drawstring bags to hangtags and thank you cards, are eco-friendly. Philippa also makes sure that a percentage of each piece manufactured goes to beach clean ups in Bali, and a percentage of each piece sold goes to local beach clean ups in California! We are committed to keeping our oceans waste free.
From Indigo Swimwear, we thank you for looking gorgeous, living a more sustainable lifestyle, and in the process believing in saving our oceans and sea life.
MISSION STATEMENT Indigo Swimwear is a socially responsible swimwear line for the independent girl who wants to support the waters in which her swimwear is made to swim. We inspire beauty, create sustainable products, lead a generation to adopt social responsibilities into their lives, and focus on making the oceans beautiful again.
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