2019 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Hi Oceanlovinggirls

Hi Oceanlovinggirls is a Surf Brand for active women who love to be outside and in the water.
We are two sisters from Germany and founded the brand in 2011.
We offer a large range of bikinis and swimsuits in our online shop. Our focus is on perfect fit, functionality, high quality materials and design. With our mix and match system, our customers can combine colors, designs and cuts just how they like it.
Since the beginning our products are made in Bali by a small family business under fair working conditions. We don’t use plastic packaging for all of our products.
Our swimwear products are made to stay on in the water, so every girl can focus on what she loves...being in the water!
  Website: hi-oceanlovinggirls.com   |   Instagram: @hioceanlovinggirls  |   Facebook: oceanlovinggirls

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