2019 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Welcome to the 2019 JettyGirl Swimwear Guide! Whether you rip on a shortboard, slide stylish lines on your longboard, or take to the waves with nothing but a pair of bodysurfing fins, there are an equally diverse variety of swimsuit designs in our sixth annual swimwear feature. The women designers whose creativity went into retro one-pieces, cheeky cut bottoms, and surfing-inspired styles that keep everything in place during even the worst wipeout, have also put equal thought to maintaining the smallest environmental footprint possible. Brand after brand are aiming to reduce/eliminate plastic use, incorporate fibers and fabrics originating from fishing nets recovered from the ocean, and giving back to communities in need both at home and abroad.
We’re so excited to feature these independent swimwear brands once again this year. The passion behind these women designers and business-owners is literally changing the course of business as they innovate and put into practice procedures that not only deliver a more environmentally sensitive bikini, but also a swimsuit that’s as comfortable to wear as it is reliable in the surf and on the sand.
Thank you for visiting the 2019 JettyGirl Swimwear Guide—check back often as the brands below will be adding new styles and imagery throughout the season—and remember to hashtag #jettygirlswimwearguide on your beach and surf adventures this summer.