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Makara Wear

Gliding the wave... Feeling alive, kissed by the sun, lifted by the wind and free in your skin?
Makara is a European swimwear brand geared towards independent, active and adventurous women who value fashion, comfort and elegance. Every piece is designed with reckless You in mind. We use the highest quality materials and focus on the little details that make up the whole minimal and sophisticated design. The suits hug your body like a glove.... And who doesn't want a soft hug?
Makara's mission is to pay a fair salary, preserve the world, raise awareness, gather communities, unite and learn. We focus on creating limited edition items from sustainable materials to help preserve the world as well as contribute to an effort in reducing waste.
Our goal is to empower women to be free. To follow their dreams. To read, ride motorbikes, surf, swim, explore the world and themselves. Makara supports local women communities around the world by organizing motorbike ride outs, surf camps, yoga retreats and stresses the importance of social interaction... Let's exchange thoughts and learn!
Dear mermaid---wherever you live just know that if your society feeds you limits, you do not have to eat that dish of sorrow. Do things that make your heart smile. Jimi Hendrix once said: "I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to." So live on! No matter what you do, if you tune in with yourself and listen – you will succeed. Get out of that comfort bubble, go out there and learn about yourself through the prism of the glass experience box. You will succeed in your life, which you will explore fully and will reach destinations you never thought you were capable of reaching. Dial in. Tune in. Connect.
Your new old friend,
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