2015 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Kini Kai Bikinis

Kini Kai = Jenny Ocean
Kini Kai Swimwear is my little online bikini boutique. (Available in a few stores in the US, so please ask if you do not see us!) I started Kini Kai back in 2009, because I, like so many other girls, just couldn't find a bikini that fit just right, looked great, and lasted more than a couple of months without fading or falling apart.
What began as a fun project in my spare time has quickly grown to become a full-time passion. I've had the privilege of living on Oahu for a while and you may have noticed the distinct Hawaiian influence in our bikinis. Hawaiian style is synonymous with surf style. That means bright colors, low rise, a little cheekier than the mainland and no rules when it comes to mixing and matching.
I hope that you have as much fun wearing my bikinis as I do making and testing them. We appreciate you taking the time to read our story.
Website:  kinikaisimwear.com    |    Instagram:  @kinikaibikini   |    Facebook:  facebook.com/kini-kai-swimwear-404696653975   |    Pinterest:  pinterest.com/kinikaibikini