2015 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

In recent years there has been a monumental shift in attitudes toward what type of surfboard someone rides. Gone are the days when surfers were defined solely by length of board or how many fins were on the tail. This open minded approach to riding waves has also exploded into a similarly diverse array of swimsuit designs during the past few years. High-waisted cuts, cheeky bottoms, retro-inspired one-pieces, surf leggings, and light, colorful wetsuits have replaced "what you're supposed to wear" with "what you WANT to wear."
As spring rolls into summer, our thoughts are turning toward long days at the beach with good friends, warm water, and fun surf. The women-owned, swimwear brands below offer suits in flattering cuts, colorful patterns, and functional designs that look, work, and feel great on the sand or in the sea. Whether you're enjoying a beach bonfire, cross-stepping a single fin, throwing spray or simply splashing in the waves this summer, feel free to hashtag #jettygirlswimwearguide and the swimwear brands listed below along the way. Have fun!