Tory Gilkerson’s Surf Trip to China, Volume II

Tory Gilkerson's trip to China for the Gopro Longboard World Championships   Southern California surfer, Tory Gilkerson, recently headed back to Hainan, China to compete in the 2014 Gopro World Longboard Championships. Like her Jettygirl feature from last year, Tory agreed to keep us posted and to send us some words and photos from her journey. We hope you'll follow along again this year.   This is almost all of the Cali girls the day before the event getting some free surfing in. Next photo is Anneke Barrie and I going out for our round one heat. This is her first time qualifying for the WLT. We have been friends for about ten years so it was fun to have a heat together and just surf. We also got to try the new three man priority system and it was great. I won the heat and can't wait for round three.