Tatiana Weston-Webb in Tahiti – “Wish You Were Here”


Wish You Were Here – Tati in Tahiti from Body Glove on Vimeo.

  Description Professional surfer, Tatiana Weston-Webb, travels to a remote island in Tahiti with pro surfers Anthony Walsh, Tika Smith, and brother Troy Weston-Webb. On an island in the middle of nowhere, Tatiana finds empty waves, crystal clear water, and a love for how simple life can be. Wish you were here…   A Film By Body Glove Entertainment   Surfers Tatiana Weston-Webb, Anthony Walsh, Moorea "Tika" Smith, Troy Weston-Webb   Cinematography Scott Smith, Greg Browning, Anthony Walsh, Brent Bielmann   Edit: Scott Smith   Music By "Wake Me Up" - Fademan & Oleg K Featuring Lime Kid "Time" - Kasket Club "Violent Young" - The Analog Affair   Frame grabs of Tatiana Weston-Webb in Wish You Were Here, a film by Body Glove Entertainment