Tia Blanco – Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing.

Single Wave Thursday featuring Tia Blanco on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine Tia Blanco - Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing. There's nothing quite like clean rail work and San Clemente's Tia Blanco puts her rails to good use on this fun left during the 2013 Surfing America USA Championships. Tia weaves a perfect blend of style and power as she unloads an explosive, carving hack on the inside section. After checking out her Single Wave Thursday below, be sure and click on over to another clip featuring Tia pulling into a nice barrel in Tahiti. Film: Chris Grant | Sound: Audio provided by abcopen at freesound.org * To change the resolution to HD, click the little icon to the right of the clock on the YouTube player (you must hit the play arrow first to see the icons). Previous Single Wave Thursdays: Pauline Ado | Tory Gilkerson | Claire Bevilacqua | Kaleigh Gilchrist | Courtney Conlogue | Justine Dupont | Silvana Lima | Courtney Conlogue | Erin Ashley | Brittani Nicholl | Alexa Frantz | Lindsay Steinriede
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