Surf Photo Friday – Jill Manos Surfs the Freezing Water of Nova Scotia, Canada

Surf Photo Friday featuring Canadian surfer, Jill Manos Surf Photo Friday - Jill Manos Surfs the Freezing Water of Nova Scotia, Canada Although we're late to the party, we've quickly grown to love Instagram. It's such a great platform to keep in touch with our readers and to see their surfing lives as presented through their own lenses. A few days ago after seeing one of our own posts claiming "being frozen" or something to that effect, we were tagged by another reader who directed our attention toward an image with the simple caption, "Ice Queen." When we clicked on the photo of Canadian surfer, Jill Manos, the true meaning of cold sent shivers down our spines. Jill fills in the details of her freezing winter session in Nova Scotia, Canada. "Xcel 6/5/4mm, 8mm boots and 7mm gloves. -17°C with wind chill that even freezes saltwater pretty quickly." As we join the ranks of Southern California surfers heading out to our local surf spots tomorrow morning, the photo of Jill's icicle-clad face will be on our phones, ready to show to every surfer who utters the phrase, "It's freezing out here!" Thank you for dropping by for another installment of Surf Photo Friday. Have a great weekend everyone ...and as always, thank you for your support of Jettygirl. Jill Manos surfing Nova Scotia, Canada. Surf photo by Scotty Sherin.Jill Manos noserides a clean right in Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo: Scotty Sherin Jill Manos, Canada surfer covered in ice while wearing freezing wetsuit. Surf photo by Nico Manos."Ice Queen" Photo: Nico Manos
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Additional Resources: Jill Manos on Instagram
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