Throwback Thursday with Alexa Frantz: Her eyes reflect…

Alexa Frantz hits the lip at Scripps, La Jolla, California. Surf photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Her eyes reflect the sadness of the loss of a loved one along with the wisdom of someone who has had to keep walking through a painful stretch of time. Yet her heart beats strong, so strong ...and she's as sweet and as real today as the day I met her years ago. She hasn't been in the water for months but her surfing is as fresh and powerful as ever. Surfing may be written off by some as a frivolous activity but for those of us that call ourselves surfers, regular doses of saltwater are as vital to life as the very air we breathe. Welcome home Alexa. Seeing you throw spray again made my day! * Read comments from the original Jettygirl Facebook post here >>
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