Shea Hodges. Freedom in Motion. Surf video by Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine.

"I think there needs to be more individuality. More of a statement. Push your surfing harder...actually maybe go surfing. That's why I surf. I like doing big maneuvers and trying new things. I'm not saying I land the big maneuvers but I like trying big things and doing different things. And getting myself excited...going fast." --Shea Hodges
Shea Hodges is a 25 year old Hawaiian free surfer now living and surfing in Cardiff, California. Both casual and cutting edge, Shea is always turning heads at the spots she surfs. Soulful, creative, unpredictable AND grateful...she's a sponsor's dream for any brand that's thinking outside of the surf contest box. For more information on Shea, please visit
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