Anastasia Ashley. Airwalk Surf Video Clip.

About six years ago I posed the question on Jettygirl about Anastasia Ashley being the "most famous surfer in the world." It was a simple question based on results I was seeing on various search engines at the time but I was taken to task by numerous people both online and off for daring to post such a thing. Fast forward to this morning and a quick search garnered the same results with Anastasia's name coming up twice as much as even the 11x men's world champ, Kelly Slater, who'd I'd assumed would be the most famous surfer of all-time. Anastasia Ashley...12,700,000 results and counting... Whether it's due to her appearances at Backdoor or Waimea, throwing out the first pitch at sold-out Major League Baseball games, being followed around by MTV's World of Jenks or her recent bikini-clad highlight in Playboy, Anastasia is taking a different approach to her pro surfing career and she's succeeding at it quite well. Video: Courtesy of AirwalkOnline's YouTube Channel Music: "Fly Away" by Chris Bangs
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