Lady Bruins, Three California Surfers Head to UCLA. Featuring Taylor Pitz, Heather Jordan & Chandler Parr., Auto, Home, Renters, Condo, Health, Dental. Free quotes!Presented by Lady Bruins | Taylor | Heather | Chandler Let's face it. If you handed a random sampling of strangers a mix-and-match test of adjectives and nouns, the odds that they would place "intelligent" and "surfer" together are slim to none. Whether it's a continuation of the Jeff Spicoli stereotype or the frequent sight of young surfers supposedly in "home school" who seem to surf all hours of each day, we generally aren't confused with Rhodes Scholars. However, stereotypes aside, I have found many surfers to be some of the smartest people around ...highly educated, well-traveled and in possession of a wide breadth of knowledge acquired from life experience as well as from academia. As true believers in the value of a solid education, we were stoked to learn over the summer that three talented California surfers would be heading off to UCLA for the 2011/2012 school year. We caught up with Taylor Pitz, Heather Jordan and Chandler Parr to find out why they chose school over the chase of a pro surfing career, what drew them to UCLA, and to discover who inspired each of them along the way. Taylor Pitz, Chandler Parr and Heather Jordan. UCLA Lady Bruins Surf Team. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Surf Magazine Bruin barrel with Chandler Parr, Taylor Pitz and Heather Jordan. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Heather Jordan, Taylor Pitz and Chandler Parr sharing a laugh. Photography by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine. Chandler Parr, Heather Jordan and Taylor Pitz. UCLA Lady Bruins Surf Team. Photo by Chris Grant, Jettygirl Surf Magazine All Photos © Chris Grant /

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