Surf Video Clip: Volcomunity TV Presents “Catching Up with Claire Bevilacqua”

Volcomunity Presents "Catching Up with Claire Bevilacqua" Location: Bud Light Lime Surf Series, San Clemente, May 2011 Just before summer I was given the opportunity to follow Claire Bevilacqua around with a video camera for a couple of days during the first contest of the Bud Light Lime Surf Series. Claire ripped in the event and went on to win the competition...a perfect ending to this little video clip. After filming was completed, the files were shipped off to Orange County where Volcom's talented editors got down to business. Guest appearances by Kamalei Alexander, Benji Weatherly, Serena Brooke, Chris Cote, Sara Taylor, Rochelle Ballard, Jen Smith, Jenna Balester, Kim Mayer and Keala Kennelly. Catch more Volcomunity TV here: