Follow Pauline Ado, Episode 5, Biarritz. Surf video series presented by Rip Curl.

Follow Pauline Ado, Episode 5, Biarritz - Presented by Rip Curl After 4 months on the road, Pauline Ado was finally back at home for the 6th event of the ASP Women Tour. With her 9th place at the ASP ranking and only 10 girls keeping their spot on the tour, this event was a unique opportunity to secure her qualification for next season. Despite this real stressful situation, Pauline managed to get the best result of her young career on a WT event with an amazing 3rd place which almost assures her to be part of the WT in 2012. After defeating Lee-Ann Curren (FRA) in Round4 and Silvana Lima (BRA) in quarter-finals, Pauline couldn't stop Carissa Moore (HAW) on her way to her first ASP World Title. Surrounded by her family, her friends and her coaches, Pauline is about to be the first European women to be qualified on the WT two years in a row. A performance which is not official yet but Pauline's never been so close to her main objective. If one of those 2 scenarios happens in Huntington, Pauline Ado will be qualified for the WT 2012: • Pauline makes it through Round 3 • Laura Enever (AUS) and Paige Hareb (NZL) don't get qualified for the final Enjoy her performance on the 5th episode of "Follow Pauline" and see you in Huntington next month! Check out Pauline's adventures at * Video courtesy of Rip Curl Europe