Odyssey Part IV with Lauren Sweeney: Oregon, California & Mexico

Odyssey Part IV After leaving King Cove, Alaska, I arrived in the Seattle airport with a new sense of appreciation for the simplest of things. I was stoked to pick up my truck that I had left in my uncle's driveway for three months and make my way down south. I decided I'd drive the entire Coast Hwy 1 from southern Oregon to my doorstep in Encinitas, California. This road trip not only provided some quality alone time but a much needed decompression from life in the cannery. Here it is, Odyssey, Part 4: solo road trip down the coast, a short trip to Baja, and some quality time at home. Enjoy. Pixel gray My Ride: The Golden Nugget
My Ride, The Golden Nugget

The driver's seat had never felt so comfortable in my life. Not only was I in the driver's seat, but I had both hands on the wheel and was ready to be in control of my everyday decisions again. I call my truck the Golden Nugget and she looks mighty fine pictured here on the Oregon Coast.

Pixel gray Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast

The best part about a solo road trip is that you can stop, eat, and sleep whenever and wherever you want. I stopped at this random place and took a little hike on the Oregon Coast.

Pixel gray Oregon Coast Hiking
Oregon Coast Hike

At the end of my first of many hikes on the road trip was this sweet hidden cove along the Oregon Coast.

Pixel gray Northern California
Northern California

I would have my first surf just south of the Oregon/California border in Crescent City. I have no idea what this place was called but it was one foot and super closed out with approximately 15 guys out. Perfect, I hadn't surfed in 3 months, was super out of shape, and more amped on surfing and life in general than ever! This session was one of the most fun sessions I've ever had.

Pixel gray Mill Creek Campground
Mill Creek Campground

After my surf I pulled into the Mill Creek Campground and picked out this sweet campsite. The campground was located right in the heart of the coastal redwoods and I couldn't stop smiling at the sight of all the huge trees. I mean....they're huge!

Pixel gray Damnation Trail
Damnation Trail

After reading the map the ranger lady had given me when I checked into the campground, I headed down Damnation Trail. A six mile roundtrip trek down a cliff to the beach. Here are some of those awesome redwoods along the trail.

Pixel gray Damnation Trail Vegetation
Damnation Trail Vegetation

Towards the end of the trail the vegetation gets a little shorter and the colors get slightly brighter seeing that there aren't giant trees to block out the sun.

Pixel gray Damnation Trail Meets Cobblestone Beach
Damnation Trail Meets Cobblestone Beach

At the end of Damnation Trail was a cobblestone beach and this rad rock in the sea. Looked like a window to another world.

Pixel gray Manchester State Park Campground
Manchester State Park Camp

After waking up and making my ritual cup of joe and some breakfast, I headed down the highway and stopped just north of San Francisco. Here's my campsite at Manchester State Park. When I got there a family of quail ran past my car and I took it as a sign of good luck.

Pixel gray Manchester State Park Surf Check
Manchester State Park Surf Check

Once I set up my camp, which only takes about five minutes because it only consists of popping up my tent and rolling out my sleeping bag; I walked a mile or so down to the beach to check the surf. It's probably hard to tell from this picture but it was massive. I didn't feel like drowning with my pencil arms I'd acquired in the cannery so I declined to surf and took a nap in the sand instead.

Pixel gray Northern California Barn
Northern California Barn

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, saw deer on the side of the road as I continued my drive, and stopped to take this picture of a barn. Thought I'd like to live in a barn house some day and couldn't resist the urge to stop and look at this one.

Pixel gray Quick Surf South of San Francisco
Quick Surf South of San Francisco

Didn't bother to stop in S.F. but did go for a really fun surf just south of it at this beach that had a Taco Bell on the sand. Yes, you can place your order while standing in your wetsuit. Surf was peaky reforms and packed but really fun for someone who's been staring at Salmon for 80 days.

Pixel gray San Simeon State Park
San Simeon State Park

Next stop was San Simeon State Park. All the campgrounds in Big Sur were full so I drove farther south and scored a spot at this campground a short distance from Hearst Castle. My neighbors were super cool, shared their fire and beer, and inspired me to keep saving my money for epic adventures.

Pixel gray Central Coast
Central Coast

Heading further south I stopped for a surf in the Central Coast. It was super side shore and only a couple of feet but fun and the water wasn't even that cold.

Pixel gray Baja Road Construction
Baja Road Construction

Having made it home and subsisting on V8 and rice noodle bowls, I was happy to be home and eating my dad's leftovers. Furthermore, I was even more excited when I got invited on a Baja trip with my dad and his buddies! Though typically the trip only takes about 4 hours, there was massive road construction which just added to the adventure.

Pixel gray The Casa
The Casa

Well here's the Baja casa, the final destination of our Mexico trip. A quaint little house about 20 feet from an epic little right point.

Pixel gray Fish & Me
Fish & Me

I decided to bring only one board with me on this trip and in was my 5 foot 2 inch twin fin fish shaped by my dad's good friend Mac. Although I don't typically ride boards like this, it worked like a charm in the little to no surf. Me and my fish in the front yard.

Pixel gray Shipwreck on the Point
Shipwreck on the Point

At the beginning of the point is a shipwreck. It used to be in one piece but has been deteriorating over the past 30 years. You can often find sharp pieces of metal from the ship in the reef. I think it's kind of rad, adds to the character of the spot!

Pixel gray Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin

There's also sea urchins in the reef/rocks too. Gnarly factor just went up again. Gotta love it.

Pixel gray Ship Session on the Fish
Ship Session on the Fish

This is my first of many ship sessions. A 4/3 but no booties for me. Just have to tread lightly I guess.

Pixel gray Pumping Down the Line
Pumping Down the Line

Pumping down the line on a set wave. Yep, this was one of the best waves of the trip. Unfortunately there was no swell but I still had a blast!

Pixel gray Pink House
Pink House

Once in awhile a wave will swing wide missing the point and break 50 yards farther down the point at a place called pink house. A little pink house nugget going unridden.

Pixel gray Twin Fin Fish
Twin Fin Fish

In the surf movie Searching For Tom Curren there's a part called the Fried Fish Experiment where Curren rides a twin fin fish at a right point at the Ranch. Well, not that I surf like Tom Curren or anything, but I felt like Tom Curren in that part of the movie. That's all.

Pixel gray Lobsters

After a couple of sessions at the ship it was time for lunch. Freshly caught lobster made for amazing quesadillas!

Pixel gray Cow Skull
Cow Skull

Freshly butchered cow made for some amazing carne asada burritos at dinner time too. Just kidding....we didn't butcher any cattle and this skull has it's own Mexico story. However, the carne asada burritos that night were bomb diggiddy.

Pixel gray Story Time
Story Time

One of my favorite things about being in the middle of nowhere is that you have to resort to old school methods of entertainment. Story time at cocktail hour every night before dinner. Classic.

Pixel gray Sunset at the Point
Sunset at the Point

The ship at dusk with nobody out. Does it get any better than that? I think not.

Pixel gray Baja Sunset
Baja Sunset

As the sun set not only that night but on our stay in Baja, I couldn't help but reflect on how lucky I am to be living such a privileged life. It is in the nature's moments of beauty that help me to realize my good fortune.

Pixel gray Secret Spot
Secret Spot

After returning from Baja, it was back to work for me at the San Elijo Camp Store for a few months. I started work everyday at 2:00pm which allowed for ample surf time before hand. Here's a not so secret spot in plain view from the Coast Hwy. Nobody out on a clear glassy morning while commuters whiz by on their way to work. People-free nuggets! Does it get any better than this?

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Artwork, Photos & Captions by Lauren Sweeney