JettyGirl Visits with Kassia Meador

Beautiful cutback by Kassia Meador, surf photo by Chris GrantIn late 2009 Kassia Meador approached me about a project she was working on with Roxy Japan. Kassia was designing her first line of wetsuits for Roxy and needed some images for the first batch of samples that she had worked on. We recently caught up with Kassia to see if she'll be doing some more design work in the future. Here's what she had to say... JettyGirl: At the US Open last summer it seemed like every Roxy-sponsored surfer from around the globe was wearing your signature line of wetsuits. Was that a one-time thing or will you be designing more Roxy products in the future? Kassia Meador: That's awesome to hear! Yeah, it seems like people were pretty jazzed with my designs. Stoked because I just wanted to make something a little different and get people jazzed on what they were wearing in the water. It's been working so far. I just designed my second line a few months back and that should be coming out soon. I'm planning on doing two lines a year with Roxy from now on. It's a lot of fun and as long as people keep digging it then that's sweet! World Champion Sofia Mulanovich wearing a Kassia Meador Roxy wetsuit design, surf photo by Chris Grant2004 ASP World Champion Sofia Mulanovich is one of the many Roxy riders wearing Kassia Meador-designed wetsuits as seen here at Lower Trestles last summer. Kassia Meador in a wetsuit she designed for Roxy, photo by Chris GrantKassia Meador in blinding light, surf photo by Chris GrantKassia Meador testing out her own wetsuit designs on a beautiful, warm Southern California afternoon. JG: It's not easy to place Kassia Meador in one category. There's your surf career, your ever-growing blog, design work, and film and photography projects. Is there any one particular area that's more fulfilling than the others and if so, why? KM: For me it's a balance of everything that keeps me sane...hahaha. No, but I really need a lot of different things going on to keep me inspired and stoked. A one-dimensional existence just isn't me. I really feel that all my passions reflect each other and I find inspiration through everything for all my projects. JG: Given the chance to surf once-in-a-lifetime waves or to pick up your camera for a once-in-a-lifetime shoot, which would you choose and why? KM: It just really depends on my mood at the time. When I'm really amped on surfing of course I would choose that. But sometimes I'm just into shooting and not really caring what the waves are doing yeah, it would just depend on my head at the time and where I was at. Ten by Kassia Meador, surf photo by Chris GrantJG: Being that you're one of the most successful pro surfers of all-time, do you have any advice for young groms and surfer artists who are just starting out? KM: I don't know about that but thank you for the boost of confidence, ha. I dont know, the only thing I have to say is follow your bliss wherever that takes you. If you're coming from a genuine place, whatever you are doing will reflect the pure intention you put into it and it'll be rad! JG: In closing, do you have any noteworthy film projects, photo assignments or surf trips coming up in 2011? KM: I'm working on a film this year so that's been fun, also have a book project I'm working on with a good friend and mentor David Mushegain. It's a big undertaking so were hoping to be done in the next two years. As for everything else, I don't really plan ahead too much ...when rad things come up I'm into it and that's just how it goes....sweet!
Kassia Meador's alaia floater, surf photo by Chris Grant Kassia Meador's reflection, photo by Chris Grant Kick five by Kassia Meador, surf photo by Chris Grant Afternoon session with Kassia Meador, surf photo by Chris Grant Kassia Meador fly-by, surf photo by Chris Grant Afternoon gold with Kassia Meador, photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Ten toes by Kassia Meador, surf photo by Chris Grant of JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine Photo Credits: CHRIS GRANT / JETTYGIRL.COM