Kyla Langen & the Fire Swell of 2007

These images were taken during the San Diego fires of October 2007. As dozens of firefighters raced down nearby streets, our family had packed away a small amount of treasures and documents for a quick escape from the flames which were two hillsides from our home. In the end, the winds shifted and smoke and ash rained down on us instead of burning embers. Sadly, hundreds of families in San Diego were not so lucky during this firestorm. As often happens in life, there are two sides to every coin. In this case, the same fires that wrecked people's lives resulted in atmospheric conditions that were a pleasure to shoot photos in. As the smoke subsided a bit I met up with Carlsbad's Kyla Langen to shoot a couple of evening sessions in the ever-changing, trippy colors. The surf was marginal so we didn't score a ton of surf photos but as is often the case, Kyla saved the day with a quick flip of her hair.
Kyla Langen against a skyline of smoke and ash, photo by Chris Grant Kyla Langen against a backdrop of smoke and ash
San Diego Fire of 2007 One last fire check to see if we should stay or flee
Kyla Langen backside blast in Oceanside, surf photo by Chris Grant Everywhere in San Diego was covered in a hue of gold
Bottom turn in Oceanside, Kyla Langen photo by Chris Grant Kyla Langen off the bottom with eyes fixed on treasures down the line
Kyla Langen frontside snap at Oceanside Pier, surf photo by Chris Grant Kyla's frontside snap at Oceanside Pier
Kyla Langen beachside stroll, photo by Chris Grant Footsteps
Kyla Langen backside barrel, surf photo by Chris Grant A clean backside barrel to close out the swell, Kyla Langen