Alexa, Chloe, Kelsey & Number 1666

Chloe Buckley, Alexa Frantz and Number 1666, Photo © Chris Grant, JettyGirl.comThe day the rains came I met Alexa Frantz, Chloe Buckley and Kelsey Harris at dawn for a few waves before the holidays. We were greeted with small but rideable surf and an empty lineup. Despite the 38 degree air temp and oddly behaving flock of pigeons that kept dive bombing the girls, they were out of their warm cars and into the ice water within minutes. Nobody's going to score any cover shots out of a rainy day but it's still fun to set up the camera when there's a good crew with you. Momentary glimpses of sunlight, fighting gulls and crisp turns by the girls made the day worthwhile. -Chris Grant Photo at left: Thank you to all the men and women who selflessly protect the freedoms we enjoy...even frivolous ones like surfing. Chloe Buckley, Alexa Frantz and Number 1666.
Stormy skies over Oceanside Pier. Photo © Chris Grant, Stormy skies over Oceanside Pier
Chloe Buckley applying pressure. Photo © Chris Grant, Chloe Buckley on one of the few open faced waves
Backside snap by Chloe Buckley. Photo © Chris Grant / Backside snap by Chloe Buckley
Alexa Frantz cold water transition. Photo © Chris Grant / Fresh off the plane from Hawaii and back into freezing home waters, Alexa Frantz
Early morning pelican flight. Photo © Chris Grant / Some of my favorite surfers have wings
Kelsey Harris frontside floater. Photo © Chris Grant / Kelsey Harris' frontside floater
Chloe Buckley banking. Photo by Chris Grant, Chloe Buckley banking hard off the foam
Chloe Buckley lip smack. Photo by Chris Grant, Chloe Buckley smacks the lip near North Jetty
Seagulls fighting over food. Photo by Chris Grant, Greed, envy, lust ...the seagull in the background making plans
Alexa Frantz foam snap. Photo by Chris Grant, When the waves pick up, this is one of my favorite Alexa Frantz turns
Warm smiles and icy toes, Alexa Frantz. Photo by Chris Grant, Warm smiles and icy toes, Alexa Frantz