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About JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine

Welcome to Jettygirl was developed in response to the popularity of the Boardfolio Girl category of The Surfer's Directory. While that resource serves up plenty of surf links and destinations for female surfers, we wanted to offer something more substantial. With the recent closure of other women's surfing publications, we thought it was a great time to offer a girls-only site that would give in-depth coverage to a deserving segment of the surfing culture. We welcome your feedback so feel free to drop us an email if you like.

:: Contributing Photographers ::

Shannon Switzer, Anthony Barbatto, Nikki Brooks, Jennifer Flanigan, Kim Mayer, Kassia Meador, John Slavin, Chris Grant

:: Contributing Writers ::

Holly Beck, Jennifer Flanigan, Prue Jeffries, Kyla Langen, Diamant Shaw, Shannon Switzer

:: Special thanks to all who have lent a hand ::

Kassia Meador, Prue Jeffries, Kelly Nicely, Jenni Flanigan, Summer Romero, Malia Fuertes, Kyla Langen, Shannon Switzer, Kim Mayer, Mary Bagalso, Linda Benson, Julie Cox, Sunshine Makarow, Sormarie Nieves, Shea Hodges, Jen Smith, Lauren Sweeney, Sara Taylor, Jenna Balester, Tammy-Lee Smith, Amee Donohoe, Rebecca Woods, Sarah Beardmore, Lyndsay Noyes, Kelly Sloan, Siri Cota, Anastasia Ashley, Holly Beck, Claire Bevilacqua, Chanelle Sladics, Darlene Conolly, Kaitlin Maguire, CJ Soto, Marii Sugiura, Annie Allegretti, Anna Garaway, "Reeker" from, Maggie from, Anne Beasley Weber, Shaney Jo, Dal Sarcos, The Renders, Adrianne Serna, Fiona Sand, The Shake, Amber Rubarth, Anya Marina, Lindsey Yung, Meghann Robinson, Beth Preston, Kym Campbell, The Love Bus, Alexandra Slate, Doba Caracol, Anthony Barbatto, Rob Keaton, Brandon Lomax, Marissa Graham, Heather Jordan, Mark Graham, Paul Amoy, Gene Levesque, Chris Okey, Aikane (RIP), Hotline Wetsuits, Roxy, Donna von Hoesslin of Betty Belts, Sticky Bumps, our hundreds of supporters from Facebook, the thousands of people whom I've forgotten to mention here, my family and of course God from whom all good things come.

:: About the Publisher ::

When Chris Grant rode his first surfboard in 1981 his life was altered forever. Of those twenty-eight surfing years, the past twenty-two have been spent working throughout the surf industry and educational fields. During a multi-year stint at a non-profit corporation (Books & Beyond in the Solana Beach School District), Chris focused on website development and in 1998 his passions of web design and photography merged with the creation of The Surfer's Directory. Along with and JettyGirl, Chris' photos have been published in Disney Magazine, Popular Photography, Surfer Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Surf Life for Women, MorSurf Magazine, Longboard Magazine, Surfwest Magazine, Pacific Beach Magazine, Encinitas Magazine, Surfshot Magazine, Lemonade Magazine, FOAM Magazine, Slack Magazine (Germany), and have been shown on air on both FuelTV and News 8 San Diego. His clients include Roxy, Volcom Girls, O'neill, Gravis Footwear, Insight, Fulcrum Surf, Hot Tuna, Katin, NK Surf Products, Osiris, Anarchy Eyewear, Honolua Surf Co., Aleeda Wetsuits, Surfride Boardshops, Surfline, Roxy Surf Camps, NSSA, and Linda Benson Surf Camps. Chris' videos have run on numerous websites and most recently in a museum exhibit for the Studio for Southern California History.

Image licensing available. Please inquire by email at We photograph many more surfers than you see here on the pages of JettyGirl so feel free to make requests when you call or write. Images available of the following surfers: Kassia Meador, Claire Bevilacqua, Jennifer Flanigan, Holly Beck, Lauren Sweeney, Kyla Langen, Paige Hareb, Rebecca Woods, Jessica Grimwood, Sara Taylor, Brittani Nicholl, Kelly Nicely, Jen Smith, Taylor Pitz, Amy Nicholl, Alexa Frantz, Kenzie Kessler, Sofia Mulanovich, Marissa Shaw, Courtney Conlogue, Stephanie Gilmore, Shelby Detmers, Rochelle Ballard, Megan Abubo, Heather Jordan, Jenna Balester, Sage Erickson, Lakey Peterson, Kaley Swift, Serena Brooke, Shea Hodges, Julie Cox, Ornella Pellizzari, Dr. Amber Puha, Danielle Burt, Summer Romero, Kaitlin Maguire, Diana Mattison, Karina Petroni, Jenny Quam, Lulu Erkeneff, Meah Collins, Ashley Lloyd, Prue Jeffries, Linda Benson, Bo Stanley, Nage' Melamed, Kelia Moniz, Chelsea Williams, Darlene Conolly, Chloe Buckley, Danielle Wyman, Marii Sugiura Bakker, Frankie Harrer, Sormarie Nieves, Cori Schumacher, Kim Mayer, Tammy-Lee Smith, Anastasia Ashley, Olivia Rohde, Amee Donohoe, Nikita Robb, Leah Dawson, Emily Wratschko, Lexi VonderLieth, CJ Soto, Kelly Sloan, Yuko Shimajiri, Jessica Rodgers, Schuyler McFerran, Lani Doherty, Kulia Doherty, Siri Cota, Christa Alves, Katherine Carter, Catherine Clark, Natalie Anzivino, Chanelle Sladics, Erica Hosseini, Hayley Conant, Lyndsay Noyes, Sunshine Makarow, Marissa Graham, Melanie Bartels, Malia Fuertes, Sarah Beardmore and many others.

Chris would like to thank Murrays for the GATH helmet, Kurtis USA for the surf goggles, Mike Waggoner of Essex Waterhousings for the excellent repair work on my 3rd party camera water housing and Scott Raisbeck (RAZ) of NK Surfboards for the insane surfboards that I occasionally get to ride when conditions aren't photo-worthy. Your support is deeply appreciated and helps make JettyGirl and possible. Many thanks!



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