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marii sugiura oceanside portrait, surf photo by chris grant

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Welcome to JettyGirl.com. Jettygirl was developed in response to the popularity of the Boardfolio Girl category of Boardfolio.com: The Surfer's Directory. While that resource serves up plenty of surf links and destinations for female surfers, we wanted to offer something more substantial. With the recent closure of other women's surfing publications, we thought it was a great time to offer a girls-only site that would give in-depth coverage to one talented surfer each month of the year. We hope you enjoy this month's issue and that you'll make return visits throughout the year to read future JettyGirl editions. We welcome your feedback so feel free to drop us an email if you like.

Kyla LangenStories/Interviews by Kyla Langen

A top competitor on the ASP WQS, Kyla has her sights set on qualifying for the 2007 World Championship Tour. With her smooth, carving style and vertical backside attack, Kyla will be a major force to be reckoned with when she makes the WCT.

An accomplished writer, Kyla's had numerous stories and interviews published in SG Magazine and Surf Life for Women Magazine. We are stoked that Kyla has teamed with JettyGirl for surfer interviews and stories.


Chris GrantPhotos by Chris Grant

When Chris rode his first surfboard in 1981 his life was altered forever. Of those twenty-five surfing years, the past twenty have been spent working throughout the surf industry. Somewhere along the way Chris picked up both website development and photography and in 1998 his passions merged with the creation of Boardfolio.com: The Surfer's Directory. Along with Boardfolio.com, Chris' photos have been published in Disney Magazine, Popular Photography, Surfer Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Surf Life for Women and Surfshot Magazine. His clients include Roxy, Volcom Girls, O'neill, Gravis Footwear, Anarchy Eyewear, Aleeda Wetsuits, Surfride Boardshops, Surfline, Roxy Surf Camps, NSSA, and Linda Benson Surf Camps.

Image licensing available. Please inquire by email at jettygirl@boardfolio.com or by phone at 760-727-0868. We photograph many more surfers than you see here on the pages of JettyGirl so feel free to make requests when you call or write.

Chris would like to thank Murrays for the GATH helmet, Quiksilver for the insanely warm and comfortable Cell wetsuit, Epic Camera Housings for their fun and functional video housings, and Dale Kobetich for his innovative still camera water housings. Your support is deeply appreciated and helps make JettyGirl and Boardfolio.com possible. Many thanks!










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