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nicole grodesky, north san diego county, surf photo by chris grant, jettygirl.com

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KL: Do you believe in karma?
NG: Um, not really. Like I said, bad things happen to good people all the time, but I don't necessarily think it's cause they ever did something bad. I don't know if I believe in past lives or God for that matter. Eventually everything comes out in the wash; things work out in the end. Karma is just a way for man to try and explain why things happen and sometimes I think there isn't an answer, things just happen and you can't control it.

KL: Are you a spiritual or religious person?
NG: I go back and forth in my mind. I've done a lot of reading and looking into that. I was raised Catholic, then at a young age was introduced to a Native American culture and learned all about the medicine wheel, went to gatherings and that. I started reading more about the different teachings of Native Americans, how they look to animals for lessons in life. They saw that the Great Spirit was in everything, in the oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the earth, even in the people, so I guess where I find my spirituality is in the earth and in other people, and in the animals. I think religion is all about finding a purpose in life to find true happiness inside. I'm definitely a spiritual person in terms of seeking out happiness and finding it in all things.

KL: What's your favorite song to dance to?
NG: Oh, pretty much anything booty bumping, get on the floor, get it get it. No, just kidding, I'll dance to anything, whatever makes me move.

KL: Are there any photographers who have influenced your work?
NG: Of course. My biggest influence is probably Dan Jenkins, because I was in front of the lens with Dan for a while. He is just cool man, he knows a lot about photography and had no problems telling me what was up. Jon Steele definitely too, he's been a good friend of mine for a while and is really supportive. I like a lot of the artsy photographers, a lot of my peers. I just love people that make you see images or life from a totally different perspective. I like people who shoot other people. It's always inspiring when people can capture emotion. You know the old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, a good photographer can capture all those things that you couldn't find to say and that you just kind of feel. So any photographer that can do that is definitely influential to me.

KL: Film or digital?
NG: Film. Absolutely, film is still number one in my heart.

KL: What's your favorite picture you've taken?
NG: Oh, I have so many. I love my water shots. I have this one of morning glass at state park, where the lip is coming up and it's like anticipation. It's just perfection, that morning light and sheet glass. It invokes a need to go surfing. Check out some photos by Nicole

KL: Do you know how many car accidents in Canada are caused by a moose?
N: I have no idea and I've never thought about it.

KL: 0.3%
NG: Oh, that's not too bad.

KL: If you could meet anyone past present or future, who would it be?
NG: It would have been pretty cool to sit and talk with Charles Darwin, or Socrates.


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