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KL: Alright, women's surfing…
NG: Oh boy, here we go, let me get a drink of water…

KL: Fill in the blank. "The surf industry _______ me." (intrigues, frustrates or excites)
NG: Frustrates.

KL: Why is that?
NG: Just the politics, the fairness that goes down in the industry. It's frustrating, the image that the industry portrays of the women. You can either take it or leave it and I can leave it. It's just not me, I can't relate to the whole scene. What they expect a girl surfer to look like and act like, it's just not me. There are other industries that really support the girls and let them be themselves. Like the snowboarding industry, they are wild, they are crazy. Your average girl is afraid of the water, so the girls who do this are crazy, you've got to be a little on the edge to be good at it. And I don't think they support that. The girls just want to have fun too, but it can be such a boy club, and hey man, I want to play. It's frustrating because you have something that you're good at, you're talented at, and if you looked different, or played a different part, you could do it. But because I don't fit a mold I'm denied my dreams and what I'm good at. Anyone put in that situation would be frustrated.

KL: Our nation's last remaining girls surf magazine, Surf Life for Women, just went under, how is that affecting you?
NG: I wish I had done a lot more before they had to call it quits, taken more photos and that. Because now all the platforms are taken away and there's not that incentive now to take photos. But I think it's temporary. It's sad, Sunshine did an awesome thing and it was cool to be a part of it. It was a good magazine and its going to be missed in my heart.

KL: Do you understand why it failed?
NG: Well to quote Sunshine "Don't think you're the only game in town", that's what she was told. They're not interested in the girls who are surfing, they're interested in the numbers. I feel there could be a middle ground. Unfortunately, I feel like they're exploiting our lifestyle, they exploit us. We should be the ones holding the torch and making all the money, but we don't have the control. They just don't want to support female surfers.

KL: Do you understand why surf companies didn't want to advertise in the only girls surf magazine?
NG: No! I have no idea why they wouldn't want to. It makes absolutely no sense. It blows my mind, it's just an unfortunate, heartbreaking situation. I mean, who inspired us to surf? These companies we bought into our whole grommet years, right? Then you grow up to where you can express yourself and achieve, and they turn their back on you and say "sorry, you're not good enough, we like models and fashion." So here are these core companies that even claim to support the core publications, but that's just a straight up lie. But hopefully it will all come out in the wash and people will start to change. It could be something so amazing and spectacular. But right now the industry is just so oppressive. It's like, come on man, it's 2006, we're not in the 60's anymore. I feel like I'm fighting a civil liberties war. So yeah, that's one of the reasons I stopped competing and went to college.

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