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nicole grodesky throws tail in south orange county, surf photo by chris grant, jettygirl.com

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KL: How was life on tour?
NG: I have mixed emotions about it. Traveling is hard period. And traveling to a spot for a contest, to somewhere you've never surfed before, to compete against veterans that have surfed these places a million times and know the waves so well is definitely difficult. But the coolest part is traveling somewhere unique. I never thought I'd go to Europe to surf, I felt like it was a big feat to get sent there, coming from Florida. Also meeting all the awesome people who are doing the same thing is just priceless. I made friends I wouldn't have made otherwise.

KL: But now you're done competing? Do you miss it?
NG: Yeah. I kinda miss it, it was a big part of me, going down to the beach and hanging out with all the girls... that rivalry, talking smack, but you know, it really puts a risk in relationships, in friendships. And all the politics behind it all, I don't miss that part. I'll probably still do some one stars here and there just to hang out, surf some heats.

KL: What are you up to now??
NG: Ha, I work two jobs waiting tables, slave in a restaurant. It's good money, hard work, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm going to college, wanna get my degree in photo communications.

KL: Communicating through photos…kind of?
NG: Yeah, so not just an art degree. I'm not necessarily into studio work or fashion, but more so Photoshop, website building, marketing, that kinda stuff. I'll always shoot surfing for fun. But my main goal right now is to explore all the different areas of photography and get my degree.

KL: And once you get that degree…?
NG: Probably sell all my stuff and travel around for a while. That's what I really want to do. My heart is always pulled in so many different directions. I have a really good friend in Australia so I want to travel there, and I have another friend in Costa Rica I want to visit for a while. Most of my friends are like me, with surfing in their heart, so I want to take off and do what Chris is doing kinda, document them and the whole experience. So do that for a while, then maybe get a real job, work out a retirement plan, and buy a house somewhere warm.

KL: Nice, but for now it's table waiting. You like working in food service?
NG: It has its ups and downs, it's just really conducive to what I'm doing right now. It's temporary. I work in a couple really cool, non-corporate places. Miki, who owns the sushi bar I work at in Laguna Beach, she's an artist and a sushi chef. Se lets me sell my art in her store. She's really inspiring. So it's not so bad. Scraping plates and waiting on people kinda sucks, but it's worth it.

KL: Do you fake compliments to get better tips?
NG: Nooo. I tell people to chill the freak out man. Part of what's cool about my work is they understand that dealing with the general public is hard. You get all kinds of people. Sometimes you get really cool people and we have a really good time, you know that's kinda my job, to entertain people. If they're not having fun I just call them out on it, like "hey man, you're out to eat, let's have some fun, relax". People come in on a Friday and they're still stressed out, so I try to calm them down. I'm a people person, got that from my dad, so I really enjoy it, talking to people and making sure they're having a good time. If people are mean to me I just ignore them, so be nice to your waitress.

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