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KL: Why do you think Australians have so much Ozzie pride?
CB: I think its 'cause we come from a really well balanced country. We all get along so well, we're so different and multi-cultural, but we all live together. Unlike here where you have your Asian community over here and the African Americans here and the white people here, in Australia we're all bunched together like little mongrels. And we all live along the beach; no one lives in the middle 'cause its desert, unless they're totally loony. I think that has a lot to do with it, people just being happy, it's not too crowded so people don't want to kill each other. We're really proud of what we have and we want everyone to know about it. But we don't because we don't want it getting too crowded.

KL: Who inspired you growing up?
CB: Kelly (Slater) and Lisa (Anderson). I definitely have them in my head. Rochelle as I got to know more about surfing and big waves, and Keala. And now they're my best friends on tour, it's quite funny. They're just grommies at heart so we all get along well. Kelly is just so consistent and Lisa is so graceful and beautiful and really good at surfing, so I aspired to be like them.

KL: If surf companies used male models or non-surfers in their ads, male surfers would write off that brand as a joke. But in the women's surf industry, using non-surfer models seems commonplace. Why do you think they don't use their team riders in the majority of their ad campaigns?
CB: It just depends what company you're represented by. I think that part comes out when the people working for the company either don't surf, or don't know anything about surfing, and they don't see the benefits of using their team riders. Or it's done by some man who just wants to see some T&A. It really bugs me, but I can almost understand it at times. I think too many people who don't understand our sport are in charge in that department, so yeah, I hope it grows out of that.

KL: When you're on a break from the tour and you're back home in Australia, what do you do on a typical day? ?
CB: Wake up, eat breakfast, sometimes I go back to sleep, 'cause usually I just wake up in the mornings because I'm hungry. Then I ride my bike the beach and surf, for three hours usually, them come back, eat again, hang on the internet, play with my dog, then pretty much watch TV until I go surfing again. I take my little nephews out in the afternoon usually, or my little brother, then come back and eat with the mama. It's pretty mellow, sometimes I work out, play tennis, go skating, anything that's fun and active. I'm pretty mellow in Perth.

KL: Have you always been mellow in Perth, or just since you started doing the tour?
CB: No, I pretty much have been wild since starting primary school. My high school years were just out of control, I was crazy. I never did any homework, just wrote off the teachers to their face, and was just out of control, in ways I wish I wasn't, but in ways I wish I could do again 'cause it was so damn fun. So when I left Perth to do the tour and was finally on my own and was earning money, I got a lot more serious. I think tour life has mellowed me out, because I respect my body a lot more. This is my job and I don't want to stuff it up.

KL: When the surf is huge and you're about to paddle out, do you pray to anything?
CB: Um, yeah, I'm not really a religious person, but that's the time, if ever that my religious side comes out. Something about Teahupoo, Sunset, and Pipeline makes you say, "Oh Lord, please look after me because it's really scary." It's just really personal, you just gotta be confident, go out and not hesitate and you'll be right.

KL: Are you a spiritual person at all?
CB: I'm definitely more spiritual than religious. I just kinda take the best of every religion and incorporate into my life. I try to lead a good life, and be good to my family and friends, treat others as I'd like to be treated, and respect the earth. I'm connected more to the earth than anything. I get heartbroken when I see bad things happening to the world. So yeah, I'm more like a hippy like you, but I'm not because I eat meat and shave my legs. Oh whoa, you shaved though! Just missed a little patch right there.

KL: Oops. What's your favorite food?
CB: Italian. I'd eat only Italian food for the rest of my life if I could, and maybe a little bit of sushi.

KL: Are your parents both Italian?
CB: No, but my mom is pretty much Italian, she has acquired the whole the Itlalian mama thing.

KL: How's your Italian?
CB: Not as good as it should be. In Italian class I thought I was just so much better than everyone else 'cause I knew all the swear words, so I thought I didn't have to learn anything more. I'd be a lot better if I listened in school and wasn't throwing food at the teacher.


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