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KL: How's riding for Volcom?
CB: I've been riding for Volcom since I was 16 and they've pretty much been a big, big part of my life and one of the main reasons why I'm here. I just love riding for a company who really lets me be me with no borders or boundaries. You really come out of your shell on the Volcom team, and that's what I'm about, not holding back.

KL: Who is the hottest person on My Space?
CB: Probably one of the 20 Kelly Slaters on there. They're all pretty hot.

KL: How do you balance being such a hater and a lover at the same time?
CB: It comes from both of my parents. My dad is just so intense and really negative at times, so I got really turned off being like him growing up. But he's just such a lover at the same time, and so passionate it trips me out. And my mother is just a saint, she's just pretty much perfect to me. So yeah, I have a lot of her in me, perfectness… no, just joking. But I have a lot of that really loving side, I just try to balance. I don't think it's about loving or hating but being really into what you're feeling at the time. Like, 'oh my god, I LOVE that, I HATE that.' It's more like being really passionate and intense, more than hating, 'cause I try to not hate too much, but people tend to set off that side when I'm in the surf, so that's when most of my hate comes out.

KL: If you snake me then I snake you back, will you get mad?
CB: Definitely not. When I'm with my girlfriends I try to tame the feisty, competitiveness that I get in the surf. I'm much more into hooting at my friends and watching them get waves. I'm not the type of person who is all about me out in the surf, unless it's a bunch of kooks out that I don't know.

KL: Who are you traveling with this year?
CB: Well I have a lot of good friends on the tour. I like traveling with Keala Kennelly and Rochelle Ballard, and hanging out with Serena (Brooke), Sophia (Mulanovich), Megan (Abubo) and Rebecca Woods. But I like to do my own thing, travel by myself, have my own space, and not get caught up in the tour drama. I find that easiest to do when I'm staying with the boys at the Volcom house.

KL: If you were put in charge of the world tour, what changes would you make?
CB: I would extend the tour and definitely get out-of-industry sponsors to sell our souls to the corporate world. I think there are a lot of untapped companies out there that we could be getting our hands on. I think 17 women on tour is not enough for the amount of talent out there. I'm not saying make it a top 48, but definitely add another 5 girls to it.

KL: What are some of the things that you like and dislike about America?
CB: I find the Americans to be very generous people. They're really eager to look after me, bring me into their world and represent me over here, I really like that. I like how fun the waves can be, and I like that there is a lot of money. Oz is really small and the companies aren't as quick to give you money and promote you. Besides that I'm pretty much all about Oz. And just to be quick, I don't like the pollution, the overpopulation, and the government. I come from the most unpopulated, unpolluted place on earth, but it still has all the benefits of a city, so I'm a bit biased, but everyone is about where they live.

KL: If you had never been a surfer, what type of career do you think you'd be interested in?
CB: Definitely some sort of pro athlete, tennis, skateboarding, snowboarding if there was snow. Something active. I don't like regretting though so I try to not think about what I could have been.

KL: Alright, well I know you secretly want to be a rap star, so how is your first big hit rap song gonna start?
CB: Haha, I actually really like rapping. I like writing, I like poems. I actually wrote something the other day, "Ain't Life Grand for a Bitch Like Me”. I really like all that foul mouth rap. Missy Elliot is my favorite. So something along those lines, something to get naked to and get crazy on the dance floor.

KL: You’re an animal lover huh? What kind?
CB: I love all animals but I'm definitely a dog lover. Since way back I see a dog and run up to it, "hi!". I was definitely a dog, well, I still am a bit of a bitch, but I was definitely a dog in my last life. I just have a connection with them and love them.

KL: Do you talk to your dog on the phone when you're gone?
CB: No, I don't talk to my dog on the phone 'cause I don't think dogs can really talk back, so I just look at photos, that's enough.


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