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KL: Having already had so much competitive success and received so much exposure, how do you keep motivated?
AA: To be honest, that’s one thing I’ve struggled with. Recently I’ve moved past that, but starting out younger I always had goals and wanted to do really good in contests. I worked so hard, surfed hours on end, I had that motivation. Then in 2003, 2004, I had been doing contests every year, weekend after weekend, I won nationals and wanted to become a professional. But at the same time I felt I was too young. I still wanted to experience being a teenager, and I was kind of burnt-out. So my senior year I took off from competing, did only one competition, and didn't do very well. It took that time and bad contest result to get the drive back. Also, seeing all the girls surfing so good makes me want to push myself to that level. I've recently realized how to keep motivated is to not compare yourself to other people, but just compare yourself to yourself.

KL: Goals for 2007?
AA: I'm gonna be surfing on the WQS tour, my first full year doing it. I really want to buckle down and do well and hopefully finish rated high and qualify for the WCT if all goes to plan. That's been a plan of mine for a while, but I took a year and a half off from competing and now I'm ready.

KL: What music gets you amped lately?
AA: I love music. Anything from rap, hip hop, R&B, pop, old skool, rock, more specifically I like Gwen Stefani, Fergie, She Wants Revenge, this new band called One Republic is really good too. The Shins, The Shy's, i have a huge range of music. Madonna of course.

KL: What is one thing you'd like the surfing world to know about Anastasia Ashley?
AA: Good question…that I'm really focused and lead a clean life. I don't do drugs or drink, and I really promote others to lead a clean lifestyle. And I'm dedicated.  

KL: True or False - Progress is the root of all evil?
AA: No, false.

KL: Money talks...
AA: True and false.

KL: Sex sells...
AA: False.

KL: You sure?
AA: Some things it does, some things it doesn't.

KL: Less is more?
AA: True.

KL: Only boring people get bored...
AA: Um, no, false. I get bored.

KL: Do you think posing in publications such as FHM, Femme Fatales, Askmen.com etc. ever sends the wrong message to young girls?
AA: No, I don't. 'Cause anytime I'm posing in one of the men's magazines, I'm promoting the fact that I'm a surfer, and I'm young and I have won accolades. And I think if I was a young girl and I saw someone in sports being promoted for being attractive and acclaimed, I think it would help. If you look at like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton, they're all very sexy women, but they are all very successful in what they do. I think ultimately that is what young girls can look up to – determination and success.  


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