garazi sanchez surf photos

Basque Country Surfer, Garazi Sanchez, 2018

Garazi Sanchez 2018 from Garazi Sanchez on Vimeo.


The ocean has always been my home
There, I’ve grown up
And learnt the most valuable lessons of life
That we are people who need dreams
And aspirations
That if I’m patient
I’ll be able to understand mother nature
That if I fight and don’t give up
My body and mind will become stronger
That those who follow their dreams are scared
And feel lonely
But at the end of the day, everything is worth it
That you will lose a lot
And you will want to quit
But you will continue
And that’s the most important part of the journey
That when you win
It’s not the medal that matters
But those you were with along the journey
Sport, surfing at the end
Is my way to become a better person
For me, it’s not only about achieving my dream
But about the person I become going for it

– Garazi Sánchez


Film & Edit By
@juanlabradora, @jorgelekunberri


garazi sanchez surf photos

Luiza Campos, Malibu - Golden State Series by LF Productions

Luiza Campos Surfs Malibu in The Golden State Series

The Golden State Series: Malibu from L/F productions on Vimeo.


Brazilian-born surfer, Luiza Campos, is one of our favorite photographers and while checking out some of her work online, we stumbled upon a surf session of hers in Malibu, California. This short film is part of Luiza and her husband, Stephan Figueiredo’s Golden State Series and touches on what most of us know we’ll be facing when we surf the iconic point break—-fun, peeling waves but out-of-this-world crowds.


Film Description
Continuing our ‘The Golden State Series’, we capture Luiza Campos during a sunny California afternoon riding the wave that gave birth to surfing on the west coast – Malibu.
This wave has it’s bittersweet moments. Flawless in every way, yet unbearably crowded. You can spend hours out there before you catch a one, and most likely you will be sharing it with five other people you have never seen before. But, there is always that one ride that makes it worth the effort.
As the world continues to get smaller and more people continue to flood to the same places, it’s hard not to let your mind wander to somewhere far away, where maybe there is another undiscovered Malibu with no one around.
Within the chaos and with much patience, Luiza finds her space amongst a sea full of strangers.


Luiza Campos – @luizadmcampos
Stephan Figueiredo – @stephanfigueiredo
Luiza Campos – @luizadmcampos
LF Productions
M83 – “Waves, Waves, Waves”


Luiza Campos frame grabs from The Golden State Series - Malibu by L/F Productions


Gil Ferreira, Brazilian surfer - Moana Filmes frame grabs - JettyGirl Surf Magazine

Gil Ferreira – Especialista em aéreos! A Surfing Edit by Moana Filmes

GIL FERREIRA – especialista em aéreos! from Moana Filmes on Vimeo.


While there has been much written about the “Brazilian Storm” in men’s surfing, women’s surfing in South America has flown a bit under the radar. We’ve often covered Silvana Lima and Sofia Mulanovich on JettyGirl over the years, but there are many other amazing surfers from the continent who haven’t been written about in North America’s surf publications. We’re setting out to change that. We won’t be able to cover everyone, but slowly but surely we will do our best to make known some surfers you may not have seen before. Case in point is Gilvanilta Ferreira, a surfer we hadn’t heard of before we saw some clips on her Instagram a few months back. With sick style and a solid bag of tricks, this will surely not be the last you hear about Gil’s surfing. We cant wait to see how much further she takes her airs into the future.
“I used to sell coconuts at the beach with my family. Since then I always watched the boys surfing, but I didn’t have a board. Instead, I used the cooler lids of the coconuts for surfing, but my mom was mad at me because I used to break all of them. Since those days, I just fell in love with surfing.”
Film Description
Apaixonada pelo surfe desde que usava a tampa da caixa de isopor em que sua família vendia coco para surfar, Gilvanilta Ferreira é uma das poucas mulheres que pode se orgulhar em carregar o status de aerialista.
Potiguar “rata de praia”, ela se sente à vontade para praticar as decolagens no quintal de casa, Ponta Negra (Natal, RN).


Moana Filmes
Gil Ferreira – @gilvaniltaferreiraatleta


Gil Ferreira, Brazilian surfer - Moana Filmes frame grabs - JettyGirl Surf Magazine


Holly Wawn surf film by Beau Mitchell and Chad Bolth

Holly Wawn – Filmed by Beau Mitchell & Chad Bolth


new and improved from holly wawn on Vimeo.


We love finding new clips! After seeing Holly Wawn’s backside hooks, we’re definitely fans of her surfing. Her commitment to the rail is especially refreshing. This girl has power! In this short edit, Holly is filmed surfing at home, on location in the Mentawai Islands, and in California.
Film/Edit By
Beau Mitchell & Chad Bolth
Holly Wawn – @hollywawn
“Hanging Around” – The Stranglers

Holly Wawn surf film by Beau Mitchell and Chad Bolth 

Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita - a film by Ed Fladung

Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita – Film by Ed Fladung


Lola Mignot Gypsy Princess of Sayulita from Ed Fladung on Vimeo.


“I felt like I was flying and I could see the whole sky …my feet, the water, the wave… it was amazing. I had never felt that way before. It made me so happy just to be able to fly on top of the wave.” – Lola Mignot
A short documentary on Lola Mignot, a longboarder chick from the little bohemian surf village of Sayulita, Mexico. Lola is fastly becoming one of the best longboard riders in Mexico. This video was filmed over the course of a few weeks in February and shows a tiny peek into her surfing practice, family life and personal style. Lola rides for Kassia Surf, Bing Surfboards and Seea.
Film/Edit By
Ed Fladung – Vimeo
Lola Mignot – @lolamignot
“Autochoral” – Benoit Pioulard
“Train Song” – Feist & Ben Gibbard
“Hiberner Toujours” – Stars of the Lid
“Telescope” – Mountains

Frame grabs from Ed Fladung's short film, Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita

Pauline Ado surfing in San Clemente. Surf video filmed and edited by Rémi Blanc

French Surfer, Pauline Ado, Surfs San Clemente – Filmed and Edited by Rémi Blanc



While rolling through California last summer for various ASP events, French surfer, Pauline Ado, scored some fun waves in San Clemente, California. Pauline’s smooth style flows perfectly with our local point breaks.

Film/Edit By
Rémi Blanc @riblanc

Pauline Ado – @paulineado

“Light & Amp” – Aerial

Frame Grabs of Pauline Ado surfing in San Clemente over the summer

"Single" featuring Dimity Stoyle. Filmed by Francesco Sili. Jettygirl Surf Magazine & Lifestyle Blog

Single. A Dimity Stoyle Edit, Filmed by Francesco Sili


Single. from Dimity Stoyle on Vimeo.


Although competitive surfing has its place, it’s still a blast to see the best Tour surfers ditch their jerseys and thrusters and experiment a little. Case in point is this just under two minute Dimity Stoyle edit. I can’t get enough of the smooth lines she draws on a short single fin. In Dimity’s own words… “This is a new model single fin I helped design with MS Surfboards and it’s the best Summer board EVER!!!!”

Filmed By
Francesco Thilo Sili

Dimity Stoyle – @dimity

Dimity Stoyle – Vimeo

Dimity Stoyle frame grab from her single fin surf video called Single