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Dear Sylvia, love Steph. Film/Edit by Morgan Maassen.

Dear Sylvia, love Steph. from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo. Dear Sylvia, love Steph. Description: Stephanie Gilmore enjoying perfect Central American pointbreaks. Film/Edit: Morgan Maassen Music: “Surfin’ in Rio” – Written and Performed by Sylvia Telles.   Additional

Jettygirl School of Sick Tricks: Fin First Takeoffs with Jennifer Smith

Jettygirl School of Sick Tricks:Fin-first Takeoffs with Jennifer Smith (2009) It’s time for a new edition of JettyGirl’s School of Sick Tricks and who better to provide a lesson than 2007 ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion, Jennifer

Surf Video: Circus Tricks with Sara Taylor

Surf video clip of Sara Taylor's death defying 540 degree spinning jump off the back of the wave!!! Circus Tricks with Sara Taylor.